The hardest thing to do in content marketing is stay on track with a publishing schedule.

The important thing is to pick something and start with it to see how it goes. Experiment once you have a control group. A status quo other than “nothing” or “occasionally”

If you don’t have a current editorial strategy for each week. I’ll give you one here… and it’s worthy of the Fonz.

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days,

Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days,

Thursday, Friday, Happy Days

Saturday, what a day

Groovin' all week with you

Your Weekly Editorial Calendar

Publish Sunday, promote Monday, discuss as long as its hot.

Publish Tuesday, promote Wednesday, discuss as long as its hot.

Publish Thursday, promote Friday, discuss as long as its hot.

Email Saturday.

Happy Days.


We will cover what to publish in another post.

Publish is paired with a link share on real time social platforms.

Example: blog post goes up; employees (and company page) share link with a quick note on Twitter or LinkedIn. “New post on the blog: “The Happy Days Content Marketing Calendar” LINK


Promote means writing a bite-sized “commercial” for your post, to be used as a native update/post on other platforms.

You can drop these out on successive days if it makes sense.


Email is a roundup newsletter of the weeks posts or a call to action to check them out.

This can be automated or you can do it manually. I suggest you automate it if you think you may not follow through every week at the same time.

Reply as long as you get responses and engagement.


When people comment or reply to you, you should comment or reply back.

Most folks don’t comment because they are somewhat timid in putting themselves out there.

You should encourage them and never make them feel like their comment fell on deaf ears.


You don’t have to do the above, but do something, and stick to it.

Feel free to time-shift the above Days and make it work for your audience. The truth is there is no perfect day or time to do/send/publish anything.

I was speaking with a client last week about when to send an email, and whether or not Friday afternoon was a good idea. I asked that we consider the audience. I suggested against it as it was a high value email that included a video.

My first thought was that the target audience wouldn’t make time to sit down and watch it on the way out of work. But, you never know until you try. The audience might be open to an email on Friday afternoon. I do think we should test it.

So get started with something. Stick to it for a while. Then start experimenting with the style and order of things when you get a solid rhythm.

Just don’t jump the shark.