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Jun 20, 2024: Progress is slow, but steady if you keep at it. Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten …

Jun 10, 2024: Today is the biggest day of the year for Apple software. It’s called #WWDC and they are about to lay out all the updates. I have some thoughts on how …

May 17, 2024: Change in the world of AI Hey there. I want to share some thoughts I’ve had this week on change. These are based on things I’m seeing in the market and how quickly …

May 17, 2024: I’ve been using this guide on how to make oven bacon for many years. Thank you to Dan Benjamin. “MAKE PERFECT CRISPY BACON EVERY TIME“ Read …

May 9, 2024: We’ve been running some tests to optimize this checkout flow and when we switched to one of them, results tanked. It led to a late night working …

May 8, 2024: I saw a debate on LinkedIn over whether or not it’s “dated” for the sales rep dress up for sales calls. Most people who chimed in are sales reps that …

May 6, 2024: There’s a real difference in mindset and results between those folks who see Closed Won as the destination vs. those that see it for what it is. A …

Apr 29, 2024: Product-led Pipeline? Incentives matter… and there’s an “incentive paradox” at play when product-led meets sales-led. When you are doing a great …

Apr 27, 2024: When asked for a discount… The first instinct for some sales reps is to reduce prices to close deals. People aren’t always asking because they can’t afford it. Prospect: …

Apr 23, 2024: In-app Product Nudges Based on Actual Usage Most feature launches land with a thud… … even the truly valuable ones… and it’s no mystery why. 👇 They are often left to …

Apr 12, 2024: Thinking of adding a passive aggressive “Do Nothing” plan to the pricing page. 🤣 WDYT? Do Nothing Free Forever. Cancel Anytime. Perfect …

Apr 11, 2024: What if companies put an equal amount of effort into the 30 days after the sale… as they do the 30 days before the sale?

Apr 10, 2024: Build products and features that get better the more you use them them.

Apr 9, 2024: If you have an update or a new feature that people are going to want, sometimes all you have to do is tell them about it. B2B sometimes gets too …

Apr 5, 2024: tfw the feature starts to get some legs with customers. #productmarketing

Apr 1, 2024: IKEA's Three Customers and Why You Should Care Anyone in product needs to consider this and how these segments apply to their own customers. B2B, B2C, B2C2B or any other acronym. “As a 31-year …

Mar 29, 2024: I bought a domain. Again.

Feb 26, 2024: Product Marketing and Sales Enablement at their finest.

Feb 20, 2024: The HELP Method for creating product marketing content. I used to struggle every time I sat down to create a product marketing asset. I needed HELP. Now I use The HELP Method for creating product marketing …

Nov 29, 2023: I’m no expert, but I do have some product marketing experience and I’ve never seen the “shame customers into buying a product they don’t want” …

Nov 8, 2023: Onboarding Segmentation as Product Marketing and Customer Education “Hey, look, I actually might want to use this for my team.”  Person who didn’t already have team usage in mind. Notion provides a …

Oct 24, 2023: Every Product Maketing hire should go through onboarding as a sales rep before (or concurrently with) anything else. ⬇️ You need to understand their …

Oct 12, 2023: Amazon’s packages aren’t “easy-open”. They are “frustration-free”. Lead with the problem, not the benefit. #productmarketing

Oct 6, 2023: Launching any product without social proof is ill advised. Giving early adopters a “backstage pass” to how the product is made, and giving them a …

Oct 4, 2023: The best product marketing teams need to drive three things: Help the product team build what sells. Help the sales team sell what we build. Help …

Oct 4, 2023: Product Marketing Fail Just saw a product reposition themselves as: “The all-in-one platform for businesses, Now with AI” It may sound good in the echo chamber of your zoom …

Oct 2, 2023: How to stop the hoarding of knowledge Knowledge hoarding is the biggest problem in the workplace today. And it’s not always intentional on the employees part. Building a culture of …

Aug 30, 2023: Nostalgia is a powerful weapon. It can stir emotions that change minds, sway opinions, even win elections… Use it for good. Not evil.

Aug 30, 2023: Active listening Active listening is such an important topic. I have tried to work on it and get better over time. I’m convinced it’s a skill everyone needs to get …

Aug 29, 2023: The “break-up email” in this SDR sequence is sure to at least get some replies. But I’m not sure it works as they intended. It would be much better as …

Aug 25, 2023: Product-led vs. Sales-led isn’t a mutually exclusive choice. See this example from Toggl, who understands that different buyers have different …

Aug 23, 2023: Problem Marketing > Product Marketing People don’t wake up in the morning excited to buy tools. They wake up in the morning excited to solve …

Jul 31, 2023: Sales-Led or Product-Led? Why not both?

Jul 31, 2023: Looking to start a @shopify eCommerce store after being out of the game for several years. My thought is that it should serve a specific audience with …

Jul 26, 2023: Do as I say, not as I do. Do as I say, not as I do. 🚴 🪖 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Every day I ride my bike along the Trinity River in Fort Worth, TX. Every day I see inevitably see a family out …

Jul 25, 2023: The best reps KNOW THEIR CUSTOMERS. Those reps? Restaurant servers who bring the kid’s meals out ASAP and drop the check with the meal. How can we …

Jul 24, 2023: Product marketing is about giving your customers a clear story and the words to use to describe your product. How are we feeling about this clarity?

Jul 23, 2023: 70mm

Jul 22, 2023: Prediction: the frontier of the web is “Identity”. Twitter used to be a de facto standard for ones online identity. They blew it. The next big battle …

Jul 20, 2023: Some good ideas here for replicating the impromptu real-time mentoring missing from distributed workforces. Is Forcing Employees Back to the Office …

Jul 16, 2023: A Company’s Single Store of Knowledge The best thing a product marketing team can do for a sales team is give them ONE PLACE TO LOOK & SEARCH for the things they need. When you have a …

Jul 14, 2023: On buying software: I’ve been on so many calls with robot SDR’s who probably mean well but their incentives don’t allow them to have human …

Jun 23, 2023: Copywriting and StoryTelling I found my love of copywriting and storytelling way back when I worked in an eBay store making $6.50 per hour. It’s my view that if you can …

Jun 16, 2023: How to Craft Better ChatGPT Prompts I was asked a question on LinkedIn about how to craft better prompts for ChatGPT. There are A LOT of thread people on Twitter sharing nonsense tips. …

Jun 15, 2023: 🪜 The Product Marketing Ladder Feature ⬇️ Product ⬇️ Platform ⬇️ Market ⬇️ Category ⬇️ Mission ⬇️ Vision Everything has to ladder back down to the …

Jun 15, 2023: The Least Bad Path The hardest (well, one of them anyway) part about product marketing is choosing how to spend your time to make the most impact. Everyone wants a …

Jun 14, 2023: How things work around here Something I’ve learned over time (and it’s something i should have learned much earlier). “How things work around here” should be very evident in the …

Jun 12, 2023: If you are in product marketing at a company that has apps, you are going to want to check this out. If you aren’t, you still are. Apple is likely to …

Jun 5, 2023: Apple mentioned that the Vision Pro is their first 3D camera. Stands to reason that a yet to be released iPhone Pro will be the second 3D camera.

Jun 3, 2023: I’m over there now too.

May 23, 2023: Just saw an ad for a “Product Led Email” platform. The whole X-Led-Y messaging has completely lost its meaning at this point. While I still believe in …

May 18, 2023: my LinkedIn strategy On what i share on LinkedIn: I used to be all in with just sharing updates about the company I worked for and found that I lost my audience entirely. …

May 13, 2023: While others zig, there’s a way for some customer-centric companies to zag and not seek to “replace” customer service, but augment it. Sam Altman: …

May 3, 2023: Two ears. One mouth. Two ears. One mouth. I led a Product Positioning workshop this morning with a startup I advise. When you are on a virtual meeting whether it’s …

Apr 29, 2023: The marketing team when the third CMO in a year rolls in.

Apr 26, 2023: Innovative product marketing is about putting words into your potential customers mouths. Discover this, a whole new world of opportunity opens up. …

Apr 25, 2023: Closing the sale NOT THE FINISH LINE. If you offer true value to your customers, you know this to be true. You know that ClosedWon is when the real …

Apr 22, 2023: “Finally, you can replace this thing that you despise” is a powerful marketing message. “Finally, you can replace this thing that you love” is not. …

Apr 21, 2023: let me ai that for you. We have all worked with people who don’t know how to use Google for basic things, am I right? In fact, being great at Google has been a superpower for …

Apr 19, 2023: free ebook Most marketing I see is mindnumbingly boring and completely devoid of soul. What do you STAND for? I get it. It’s easier to just go with the flow and …

Apr 15, 2023: cog in the machine Ok I’m ready share a bit more about my learnings in #AI. Most people are getting it wrong. Most people are being conditioned by headlines to think of …

Apr 12, 2023: one pagers See Frank in the photo there. He is in product marketing and just got asked for another one pager. “We need a one-pager for this.” Is that something …

Apr 10, 2023: Lifetime Value “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.” In a world of subscriptions and SaaS, it’s easy to forget that some of the best products are built to LAST …

Apr 7, 2023: With all the tools to help people crank out undifferentiated text; it’s probably a good time to double down on video/audio content.

Apr 3, 2023: Product Marketing in Reverse A list of Questions 👇 I’ve found that if you work backwards from what success looks like you will end up identifying gaps in your Go-to-market …

Mar 22, 2023: Maybe Boston will have some halfway decent tacos now?

Mar 19, 2023: Getting internal buy-in for your feature. #productmanagement #productmarketing

Mar 18, 2023: I guess it’s bedtime.

Mar 15, 2023: slides don’t sell No slide deck in the world can help you sell if you can’t do two things: Listen: Understand their world before you tell them about yours. Ask human …

Mar 15, 2023: Helpers, not chasers. I guarantee that this is the future of SaaS selling. Good companies have understood that chat as a sales channel on a website should be embraced. Many …

Mar 13, 2023: Documentarians A company’s memory is typically very short. That’s why you need to build a team of documentarians. Slack messages drift off the screen, emails get …

Mar 10, 2023: Seems like a reallly good time for bootstrapped startup innovation.

Feb 24, 2023: The night before launch for a product marketer. #productmarketing

Feb 14, 2023: Leadership is not a title. Leadership means clearing the path. Leadership means rolling up your sleeves. Leadership means celebrating wins in public. …

Jan 13, 2023: If you meet with people virtually, it’s important to consider THEIR experience. Are you hard to hear ? I’ve met with people with really nice and fancy …

Nov 13, 2022: Inside the Slack DM’s of a Product Marketer. #productmarketing

Nov 12, 2022: Thinking about making a coffee table book with the hundreds of these pictures I have.

Nov 9, 2022: If it isn’t working… Are we following the process? If so, change the process. If not, why not?

Nov 8, 2022: “Still Open” and “Ready to Ship” are important differentiators in times like these.

Oct 27, 2022: Pro tip: Be yourself.

Oct 5, 2022: Three Slack Channels Every Marketing Team Needs to Make Now There are three Slack channels every marketing team needs. (We set it up this way at Crux.) #marketing This channel is for anyone and everyone at …

Oct 3, 2022: Study Human Behavior and you won’t need to focus on hacks, tips, or tricks anymore. The best part is that the syllabus is all around you. At the …

Sep 23, 2022: We really are all living in the world of Franchise IP.

Sep 19, 2022: Keep your receipts.

Sep 6, 2022: I’m currently working on a big culture project at my company. We’re developing new values, behaviors, and onboarding. These three books have been very …

Sep 3, 2022: The Rehearsal on HBO Max is a singular experience.

Aug 31, 2022: Your job as a product marketer is to gather and share knowledge. Of course there’s more to it, but in the end you have to be a journalist working a …

Aug 20, 2022: Almost no one published podcasts on Saturday morning. But that’s the day I have the most free time.

Aug 9, 2022: 11:35 AM. On a Tuesday. Put in the work early on what you know works so you can spend the rest of the day experimenting and creating new value. …

Jul 29, 2022: Best laundry basket I’ve ever known. It’s the right height to fly under the dryer door. It’s light and easy to stow away. And it …

Jul 27, 2022: Brand can buy your offering a “fast pass” to the consideration set. Lack of brand can buy your offering a “fast pass” for the …

Jul 16, 2022: A penny saved is a penny earned. A penny invested in providing value to your customers earns you 3:1 LTV:CAC. #productmarketing #saas

Jul 9, 2022: Most SDR outreach is wayyyy too needy.

Jul 6, 2022: Customers and prospects don’t typically care that the quarter is about to close.

Jun 24, 2022: Spend time getting internal buy-in for your launch strategy. Ask for feedback and involve more people in the process as you refine your message. …

Jun 22, 2022: Friction is the enemy of adoption. Friction is the enemy of adoption. Along with the broader marketing group, it’s on folks in product marketing and demand generation specifically …

Jun 11, 2022: Yesterday was a rare day. Not that many meetings. But my calendar was still full of things that are important to me. If you don’t prioritize your …

Jun 2, 2022: Jargon Surgery in Meetings Time for some more jargon surgery. Acronyms and BizSpeak in meetings are the worst. But not for the reason you might think. Most people aren’t going …

May 27, 2022: Time is more valuable than money. Defend it.

May 26, 2022: So much of early stage marketing success relies on “hand to hand” stuff. The stuff that the “will it scale?” people can often …

May 12, 2022: This $200 IKEA whiteboard will instantly upgrade your work life, especially if you work from home. It can serve multiple purposes: off the cuff …

May 8, 2022: Sometimes Product Marketing is communicating simplicity, and setting expectations on how long setup will take. I love this touch in the @Sonos app. I …

Apr 20, 2022: When writing copy, it’s always worth going back and performing some jargon surgery. Acronyms, industry terms, and other biz speak must be …

Apr 16, 2022: Demand Generation is a myth. Eugene Schwartz taught us that you can’t create demand out of thin air, but you can identify, understand, and harness …

Mar 16, 2022: The Sandwich Method for Internal Marketing and Enablement Tell them what you are going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you told them. That’s the sandwich method for internal marketing and …

Feb 28, 2022: Does this person have a problem? Do they know they have that problem? Do they want to fix the problem? Can I help them with the problem? Do they want …

Feb 15, 2022: Next-level copywriting.

Feb 12, 2022: Microcopy adds so much to the experience and is so often overlooked. #wedontneedroads

Jan 18, 2022: Growth Hacking gone wrong. “Get the GoToWebinar app to add it to your calendar” I imagine putting the “add to calendar” behind …

Jan 13, 2022: Curriculum looks like: Make the Logo Bigger 101 Advanced Clip Art How to Ignore Kerning Minimester

Jan 9, 2022: Lazy Sunday so far. I’m trying to learn to recharge and slow down every now and then.

Jan 4, 2022: Make sure the Wet Bandits are accounted for.

Jan 2, 2022:

Jan 1, 2022: Resolutions don’t have to start on January 1st. They can, but resolve means nothing without commitment.

Jan 1, 2022: Any DisneyWorld tips?

Dec 30, 2021: Sunset tonight in Fort Worth, TX.

Dec 23, 2021: Do you put stickers on your device?

Dec 20, 2021: Ready for the AirTag

Dec 20, 2021: A prison of our own making. Why did we do this to ourselves? When do we bust out? Shoutout to all the other inmates of cell block “Elf on a …

Dec 18, 2021: Currently re-reading: Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz 📚 #nowreading

Dec 15, 2021: Are you making presentation slides and wondering if you need that much text? No. The answer is no.

Dec 13, 2021: Currently re-reading: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience by Carmine Gallo 📚 So many amazing …

Dec 11, 2021: Hangin with the big guy. AMA.

Dec 10, 2021: I keep thinking about this trend of people talking about logistics and customer experience. I’ve heard it a lot lately. People just want their …

Dec 9, 2021: I had never seen this setting before in Zoom. Allow others to advance slides in Keynote & Powerpoint. Could be a gamechanger for team meetings, …

Dec 4, 2021: What would you choose?

Dec 3, 2021: Cold Calling Finally Dead For Real Why do we think this is and what are the implications for go-to-market teams? The reality is that if you aren’t in a person’s contacts, …

Dec 1, 2021: For #Dadcember, I’ll share some ways to level up your Dad game. This smart outdoor plug makes your Christmas lights (or a bounce house, or anything) a …

Dec 1, 2021: If the question is “Does my internal presentation have enough GIFs?”… The answer is probably not.

Nov 30, 2021: Next time you feel the need to say “can you hop on a quick call?”… Try @SlackHQ’s audio message feature. Sometimes the thing …

Nov 27, 2021: Remote work is great but it’s always good to have some FaceTime for a productivity boost.

Nov 26, 2021: It’s a great time to re-read a classic. Currently reading: Crossing the Chasm, 3rd Edition by Geoffrey A. Moore 📚

Nov 26, 2021: I highly recommend this HomeKit/Alexa garage door opener conversion kit. Takes 20 minutes to easily install and then you can open the garage door with …

Nov 24, 2021: Love this insert Morning Brew added to the newsletter. Just because people don’t click, doesn’t mean they don’t read.

Nov 23, 2021: Getting a head start on thxgiving dinner

Nov 21, 2021: Found this gem on my desk today. Must be getting close to Turkey Day.

Nov 18, 2021: Why product marketers HAVE to talk about their “competitors”.

Nov 9, 2021: We often smash zero or yell “agent” at automated systems, but is talking with a human always what we really want?

Oct 30, 2021: Product marketing

Oct 29, 2021: Closed Lost is often the best place to look for new opps to Closed Win.

Sep 3, 2021: Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated.

Sep 2, 2021: Changing the title of your Chief Revenue Officer or SVP Sales to “Chief Customer Officer” does not make your org more customer-focused. …

Sep 1, 2021: Connecting marketing to revenue is the white whale for most companies. If this is really in play, it would be a super smart move, and a well deserved …

Sep 1, 2021: One last gift from Ed Asner. 🙏

Aug 29, 2021: Culture 𝗔𝗱𝗱 > Culture 𝘍𝘪𝘵

Aug 27, 2021: You can’t even read a single article on the Dallas Morning News without paying. Maybe marketing strategy this is working for them, but I suspect …

Aug 27, 2021: A 3pm all hands meeting does not pick up the kids from school and take them to dance practice.

Aug 26, 2021:

Aug 24, 2021: I love this huge sign on the inside of my garage door. I challenge anyone to look at this every day for a year and say that they won’t be …

Aug 23, 2021: How do Apple and Twitter introduce features to current customers? These two in-app prompts are for two very different apps, but they both share one …

Aug 20, 2021: “Work from Home” is a bad term. We all work online. Show me your “home workstation”.

Aug 20, 2021: Most work meetings are fleeting, ephemeral wastes of time. Collaborative documents are long-lasting, and save far more time than they consume.

Aug 20, 2021: My secret weapon for copywriting is not an AI that writes copy. It’s a thesaurus to find simpler words. Here’s the one I use several times …

Aug 18, 2021: Digital-first will be the preference for the next (and most of the current) generation of top talent. While the competition worries about and plans …

Jun 6, 2021: I have decided to pursue 501 days next.

Mar 10, 2021:

Mar 8, 2021: Dad hacks vol 1.

Dec 9, 2020: Have a great day!

Nov 4, 2020: I don’t even want to know what Facebook looks like right now.

Oct 20, 2020: The best way to cold email is to get genuinely and thoughtfully engaged in a community and never email cold.

Oct 19, 2020: This email from my daughter’s kindergarten teacher proves that emails to an audience don’t need to be overthought. The subject line is …

Oct 15, 2020: I can do 99 more. Might as well.

Oct 13, 2020: The truth(s) about webinars. I’ve run more than 500 🎬 webinars. Here are some surprising, counterintuitive, and hard-earned truths I’ve learned along the way… 👇 …

Oct 10, 2020: This is a fantastically well-put together post on 7 steps to hit your 2020 revenue goal via @ethanteng

Oct 8, 2020: B2C is all about selling the thing. B2B is all about selling free starter versions of the thing or meetings to talk about the thing.

Sep 30, 2020: Clients meeting with me in Zoom. Excuse the glitter. #dadlife

Sep 25, 2020: I miss the old days when we could get together in crowds! #christmas

Sep 23, 2020: New Home Screen

Sep 17, 2020: New Home Screen.

Sep 15, 2020: The struggle is real.

Sep 10, 2020: On my fridge currently

Sep 9, 2020: 66 smart people (and also me) share thoughts in this article on the @databoxHQ Blog Cleanup Your Bad CRM Data Like the Pros Do

Sep 8, 2020: How come we had caller ID in the 90’s for landlines but not in 2020 for “smartphones”?

Sep 7, 2020: You are only limited by the stories you tell yourself about yourself.

Sep 6, 2020: Thank you Siri. #sleepingin

Sep 3, 2020: People in B2B often act like B2C or local business marketing is something entirely different and that the same exact things wont work. But they’re all …

Sep 2, 2020: Big moon tonight

Aug 31, 2020: skynet is online

Aug 27, 2020: Winners never chase results. Winners drive action. Action drives results.

Aug 27, 2020: Just organized the switch and accessories. Should I use days, hours, or minutes as a unit for the Over/Under on total chaos?

Aug 24, 2020: Weston nominates all his delegates for Puppy.

Aug 23, 2020: Enthusiasm, curbed.

Aug 21, 2020: The view right now in Texas.

Aug 18, 2020: Blew right past two hundred days without realizing

Aug 15, 2020: Spotted in Fort Worth. Turn Texas Blue.

Aug 15, 2020: Just overheard the 5 year old saying “Today must be Wednesday!” and I honestly have no evidence to dispute her claim.

Aug 15, 2020: When there are only 1-2 pieces of new content per month. This regular feature becomes much easier to write. Just list ‘em all.

Aug 15, 2020: If you are a tinkerer and entrepreneur, you might consider something besides Wordpress for your website. There are too many distractions in there. …

Aug 14, 2020: Netflix is pushing this one hard. Ads everywhere.

Aug 14, 2020: Just went in and turned some domains off of auto renew and I feel lighter than air. #letitgo

Aug 11, 2020: Thanks to @macgenie for my new sticker!

Aug 10, 2020: Writing in books is cool.

Aug 5, 2020: If you plan to have children, say goodbye to your algorithms.

Aug 5, 2020: it’s Thursday and it’s about to be turned up

Aug 3, 2020: Frank and I

Aug 3, 2020: Mondays

Aug 1, 2020: Switch trends for July

Aug 1, 2020: Wow. Strong move.

Jul 27, 2020: ‪Trying to get the two year old to sleep. He’s just exclaiming “moo goo gai pan” over and over.‬

Jul 26, 2020: There is now a law where everyone has to be a restaurant server for a year before they work in an office. The world is now… { fill in the blank …

Jul 26, 2020: Frank & Camille

Jul 26, 2020: social distancing

Jul 23, 2020: #onejob

Jul 23, 2020: sometimes all cylinders are firing at our place

Jul 23, 2020: why I was late to our zoom sorry not sorry

Jul 22, 2020: Captain Toad is maybe the best game of all time.

Jul 22, 2020: My sons.

Jul 18, 2020: I get up for five minutes

Jul 13, 2020: found this on the walking trails near my house and there is no way pennywise isn’t in there

Jul 9, 2020: Life moves pretty fast…

Jul 8, 2020: 5pm. My House. Can anyone relate?

Jul 8, 2020: The team that designed the craigslist website should get a design award. The damn thing still works great.

Jul 3, 2020: This is my friendly reminder for you that you too can make great salsa on this Fourth of July.

Jul 1, 2020: Spider-Man wears a mask to protect the ones he loves.

Jul 1, 2020: I have to say that I didn’t expect this throwback on Sonos Kid’s Rock Radio; but I’m glad it came up.

Jun 28, 2020: Trolls World Tour

Jun 26, 2020: ok apple tv remote now you are just trolling me

Jun 22, 2020: Husbands everywhere searching for android phonez.

Jun 21, 2020: 150 days so far. Might as well keep it up a while longer.

Jun 21, 2020: ❤️

Jun 20, 2020: Super Mario 2

Jun 18, 2020: Hey is coming out strong.

Jun 15, 2020: Yeti in my spaghetti.

Jun 6, 2020: Bad take. This is like saying “I ran shitty ads for a week and they didn’t work so no ads will ever work.” The Results Are In for Remote Learning: It …

Jun 5, 2020: We got to check out the International Space Station as it went over Texas tonight. The “Night Sky” app is amazing to help you find anything in the …

Jun 2, 2020:

May 30, 2020: The entire story of me napping through a space rocket launch in one image.

May 30, 2020: Flipping between channel this Saturday morning there is nothing but bad news. I stopped to escape for a bit on #theocho.

May 29, 2020: This morning I found myself looking up the definition of “presidential”. The truth is that it’s about acting in a such a way that is …

May 28, 2020: My two year old spends more time as a nudist in this lockdown than actual nudists.

May 28, 2020: So far here are the results on my LinkedIn poll. Not terribly surprising distribution, and it is very close to the results I saw in my neighborhood …

May 28, 2020: One of Harper’s masterpieces. 🎨

May 27, 2020: There is no keyboard shortcut to leave a zoom meeting.

May 27, 2020: Question for #Texas Internet: Am I still Texan if I haven’t put on my boots in over two months?

May 26, 2020: Siri suggestions will not let you pretend. It knows your priorities.

May 26, 2020: This is a fantastic movie that almost no one has seen.

May 26, 2020: Someone at Google is pulling out all the subject line inbox tricks to get my eyes on Google Meet. #email #marketing

May 20, 2020: I ate half the sticker on the apple.

May 19, 2020: Hijinks.

May 17, 2020: Y’all be careful there are animals taking over the road look at this emu

May 16, 2020: Frank is all of us right now.

May 16, 2020: In this wacky game, Yeti is just chillin' on the noodles… but as you remove them one by one (be careful!), Yeti could fall into the bowl, and …

May 15, 2020: All these tablets and tv’s and all they do is play Trolls. Just a bunch of Troll watching machines.

May 13, 2020: tfw you realize your algorithm has been hijacked by a 2 year old.

May 13, 2020: Sending this over from iA Writer Sending this over from iA Writer.

May 13, 2020: Sending this over from iA Writer 2 Sending this over from iA Writer. It doesn’t look like untitled posts are possible.

May 12, 2020: My daughter is Class of 2033. 😮

May 11, 2020: Serenity now.

May 10, 2020: This is something only parents are likely to get in their Spotify.

May 9, 2020: Check this out @manton stretch goals for the team plan. Medium does a great job of showing author/publication.

May 9, 2020: ✌️

May 9, 2020: Want to be able to predict the future of America? Futurists always say to look to Asia.

May 8, 2020: Not one. Not two. But THREE porch/driveway parties spotted on my neighborhood walk tonight. Not a mask in sight. People overheard talking about their …

May 8, 2020: An important lesson for #marketers. The traditional channels have changed, and it sometimes extends your reach beyond to go an unorthodox route. “All …

May 8, 2020: My two children have had multiple zoom calls with both Spider-Man and Ariel. We live in weird times.

May 4, 2020: Leaders need to stop in their tracks. Right now. And spend some time in their own customer experiences or ignore it at their own peril.

May 2, 2020: 😷 The Apple Watch should unlock the FaceID iPhone/iPad the same way it unlocks my Mac. #maskproblems

May 2, 2020: 100 days with no booze so far. Not near as bad as I thought it’d be. I’ll keep going and see how it goes.

May 2, 2020: I took Frank for a walk through the neighborhood tonight and then OMG Bonkers birthday party crowded in someone’s garage and driveway with …

May 2, 2020: no question the best flavor

Apr 30, 2020: Hot take: Panic at the DIsco! Should be removed from the Frozen 2 soundtrack because it is the worst.

Apr 29, 2020: The world may end. You’re right. But that’s not a reason to be scared. None of us know what will happen. Don’t spend time worrying about it. Make the …

Apr 29, 2020: Invaders

Apr 28, 2020: Caption this. 🤣

Apr 27, 2020: Here’s a copy of the Open Texas Plan PDF.

Apr 25, 2020: Good reminder from Jonah Berger How to Persuade People to Change Their Behavior

Apr 24, 2020: Frank & Weston (left to right) on a 😎 afternoon. #westonshashtag #frank

Apr 21, 2020: COVID-19 Dashboards for North Texas Last Updated 4/28 The state dashboard did not provide enough granularity for proper decision-making locally. So I put these together using the …

Apr 21, 2020: #winning

Apr 20, 2020: Got a new app.

Apr 15, 2020: #Doga

Apr 13, 2020: The Westworld “previously on"s are exactly like the Mad Men “next time on"s in that they are incoherent montages and also that …

Apr 11, 2020: Nostalgia is a powerful drug. The biggest pushers are going to lean on it hard with all this going on. Don’t let them fool you.

Apr 10, 2020: The Twitter app has surprisingly robust keyboard shortcuts on iOS. Well done.

Apr 9, 2020: Somehow it feels more real when I see the spring events getting removed from the calendar.

Apr 4, 2020: tfw someone is on the cell you need in Google Sheets.

Apr 4, 2020: Crafts

Apr 4, 2020: Alexa, play Joe Cocker

Apr 3, 2020: My favorite Bill Withers song #RIP

Apr 2, 2020: Ok I think we’re good on the Zoom tips. Got it.

Mar 31, 2020: I would get up but…

Mar 27, 2020: Sick 🎵 needle drop on last night’s “Devs” on FX on Hulu. Free - Oh I Wept

Mar 27, 2020: If Apple launched FaceTime for Android (with Group FaceTime) it would change the landscape of this zoom//webex/hangouts situation.

Mar 27, 2020: We went ahead and busted out the Christmas mat. Moving the holidays up a few months because why the hell not.

Mar 27, 2020: “It’s the same old story T-Rex, five after and they still haven’t started the @zoom_us meeting.” Welcome to the rest of your …

Mar 27, 2020: It’s never been more apparent how the world isn’t just small. It’s tiny. And we’re all just a bunch of dudes and gals …

Mar 24, 2020: Cool to see @notarize on this list of work apps in the App Store. Great service and people.

Mar 24, 2020: Some more learning apps featured in the App Store.

Mar 24, 2020: Heed my daughter’s warning. #beonthelookout

Mar 24, 2020: For parents looking to do something with your kids. Gesundheit! on the iPad is well worth your time, and will teach physics at the same time.

Mar 23, 2020: “Berkeley” Awesome ad #copywriting for one of the neighborhoods I grew up in in Fort Worth. #marketing

Mar 21, 2020: I did it!

Mar 19, 2020: Corporate Takeover.

Mar 17, 2020: Finally setting up the real version of the home office. #boomarm

Mar 17, 2020: Just assembled this bad boy for the home school.

Mar 15, 2020: #socialdistancing

Mar 14, 2020: Camille does not seem to mind all this hanging around the house.

Mar 13, 2020: Now that we are all home school parents, I have a thought. Despite us needing to also get work done throughout the day, we also have a responsibility …

Mar 13, 2020: All y’all can keep hoarding your toilet paper. Just got me a Tushy Classic for less than the price of TP on Amazon. #bidet

Mar 9, 2020: Got this Poang chair for the kids so they’d have a chair Camille wouldn’t want to sit in. Life finds a way.

Mar 9, 2020: If you don’t have one of these logtech webcams, i suggest that you invest as soon as they come back in stock. They’ll upgrade your …

Mar 8, 2020: Pulled Pork Carnitas on the Big Green Egg Get Boston Butt (Pork Shoulder) 5-6 lbs. Place in bowl, Soak in Claude’s Fajita Marinade. Salt & Black Pepper Put in fridge overnight. Go to …

Mar 8, 2020: Handy Roasted Salsa Recipe & Ingredients This is my salsa. I usually make a batch with no serranos and lighter on the jalapeños for folks that like “medium” salsa. Group A …

Mar 3, 2020: Smart intent keyword targeting from the Bloomberg Campaign. I have tried variations and he’s always there.

Mar 2, 2020: A #marketing framework for deciding how to treat any given person who comes to your website.

Feb 16, 2020: Where is the Apple TV remote?

Feb 12, 2020: Frank has really been enjoying this week at the office. #frank

Feb 11, 2020: ➚ Jason Isbell will team with Jay Buchanan and David Crosby on new album “Due May 15th, Reunions once again pairs Isbell with producer Dave Cobb, who …

Feb 10, 2020: There’s a place between good enough and perfect that you have to make the decision to ship something you are working on. Learning to recognize …

Feb 7, 2020: Dear caucuses and primaries, I’d like to introduce you to my friend… Mr. Scantron

Feb 7, 2020: Google Maps got a new do and I don’t recognize it.

Feb 6, 2020: Goat!

Jan 31, 2020: Bunch of crooks.

Jan 31, 2020: Watch your six.

Jan 30, 2020: It happens like clockwork every 25 yrs. Live chase. Then, OJ. Now, cow.

Jan 30, 2020: Do any other copywriter types watch the Draper lucky strike scene as much as Christmas types watch Charlie Brown? #itstoasted

Jan 28, 2020: The only thing more fun in #copywriting than writing 30 headlines in really short period of time is blasting back through fo the second pass to find …

Jan 19, 2020: Nap futures are up.

Jan 8, 2020: Unpopular Opinion: People who post “Hot Takes” on Twitter have never realy thought it through. Period. Nuff said. #unpopularopinion

Jan 2, 2020: Camille played Pretty Pretty Princess with #harpershashtag

Jan 1, 2020: If you’re looking to improve your Overcast experience.

Dec 30, 2019: Love all the companies in my emails burying their privacy policy updates.

Dec 30, 2019: Maybe it’s finally time.

Dec 23, 2019: I got one of these Brydge keyboards for my iPad Pro 11 and it makes me want to yell at all of the #B2B #SaaS apps and websites that just don’t play …

Dec 23, 2019: I was told to “get ready” for some assembly on Christmas Eve. If last year’s all nighter toy fest is any indication, something tells me I better pick …

Dec 21, 2019: Oven Bacon 🥓 > Pan Bacon #nofilter

Dec 19, 2019: When writing marketing copy, every line’s job is to get you to read the next line. To get you more invested in reading the piece. So much so …

Dec 18, 2019: The real litmus test for “Kid Friendly” is if the place have a changing station in the Men’s Bathroom. It could be a makeshift table …

Dec 13, 2019: If you know anyone with a MacBook or iPad Pro… they need this USB-C Hub in their stocking. Just got mine and it’s fantastic. …

Dec 12, 2019: Thank the makers for real time amazon delivery notifications. Need this bad boy as soon as it comes off the truck.

Dec 9, 2019: Frank the dog is at the office with me today. Ask him anything.

Nov 29, 2019: This amazing piece of kit is on sale for Black Friday. Maybe the most valuable thing in my bag. : Osprey UltraLight Padded Organizer, …

Nov 18, 2019: Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?

Oct 14, 2019: No way. I’m immediately calling on all brands who are advertising on Facebook to stop until this policy is lifted. End of story. I’ll …

Oct 11, 2019: In any market, there are always the two top brands vs everyone else. And for everyone else, they have to answer “What can YOU do for ME?”

Oct 2, 2019: All this y’all about WeWork. Check out the happy tenant in our webinar studio.

Sep 24, 2019: You know the game is getting harder when you see the trades start to stray from their beat…

Sep 22, 2019: These Gemini Man (Today Will Smith v 90’s Fresh Prince era Smith) trailers have turned my suspicion into a prediction. There will be no new …

Sep 22, 2019: They always talk about age discrimination. (For the record, not for it.) However, could some extra measure of safety be put in place say… …

Sep 18, 2019: Noted.

Sep 16, 2019: The Struggle is Real.

Sep 15, 2019: Today’s lineup.

Sep 14, 2019: This is why I have to get the iPhone pro. Because they removed the zoom lens from the base phone. I’m across the room and it is acceptable, but …

Sep 14, 2019: tfw you actually have purple glitter on and in everything in your life #daddin

Sep 12, 2019: There’s so much bullshit out there. Most of it really. Figure out where you are riding with the herd. Step off for a minute and look at that …

Sep 10, 2019: It’s the little improvements you make every day that push you forward. Never let today go undone. If tomorrow never comes. That’s why I …

Sep 10, 2019: Hot take: The majority of people don’t care about super awesome cameras. If they put the “Ultra Wide Angle” Lens on the Selfie …

Sep 7, 2019: Apple really wants you to use their music app and not to bal to “airplay 2” other sources on the Sonos it seems. If you’ve used …

Sep 6, 2019: Missed it again!

Sep 5, 2019: Hey Google. We need “Verified” checkmarks for news sources that are legit. “The Washington Examiner” is not. But showing up in …

Sep 5, 2019: It’s so interesting that Medium kind of didn’t really (i know it was popular, but follow along…) take because the iPhone allows …

Sep 5, 2019: Although everyone knows the frisbee was invented at Camp Longhorn, there hasn’t been a Sal-O like this one. Aerobie is my favorite flying disc …

Sep 5, 2019: Sadly, I believe that this is likely. Sad, but true. “Trump is more likely to be reelected than anyone realizes” - Rolling Stone …

Sep 5, 2019: Drift’s new Automation product is a great way to scale your ability to HOLD conversations. But it still does not help you START more …

Sep 5, 2019: The value of using Voice Assistants like #Alexa, #GoogleAssistant, or #Siri to play music is in “time to music”. Listen to the Sonos CEO …

Sep 4, 2019: Take your daughter to work day. #camilleshashtag

Sep 3, 2019: How will the EU’s Strong Customer Authentication (#SCA) Law’s affect #SAAS #Retention? It might be alright. Depending on… The bank. …

Sep 1, 2019: Untitled.

Aug 31, 2019: Must have looked more comfortable than the bench seat. #camilleshashtag Frank looking on… #franklinshashtag

Aug 30, 2019: “I expect to find the information I need to make a buying decision readily available.“ Read more: @ClosedWon: B2B Consumer’s Manifesto

Aug 30, 2019: ➚ Online marketing vs. marketing online | Seth’s take on Clouds and Dirt The strategy needs to drive the tactics, which you can absolutely make …

Aug 30, 2019: 🥺 tfw the app “has not yet built an integration on Zapier” and you can’t automate the thing.

Aug 27, 2019: Remember when you only had 2 kids and scoffed at the idea of an au pair when doing Dad alone with the kids night? Remember when you added two puppies …

Aug 27, 2019: This just in: 14% of your prospects Love Forms! “‘I hope I can spend a lot of time asking this business question,” is a sentence no one’s ever …

Aug 27, 2019: the insanity of definition Do you remember the good ol' days when ______ #marketing worked like it was supposed to? They’re gone and they’re not coming back. …

Aug 22, 2019: All Eyez on Weston

Aug 22, 2019: how to lose your audience with bad push notifications. I just sent in this feedback to the DFW NBC app team NBC Dallas Fort-Worth (Mobile App) Feedback The push notification camel has scoliosis at this …

Aug 22, 2019: I go to Carrot Weather for the jokes. Plus, Bonus Weather! CARROT Weather’s forecast for Fort Worth 😮

Aug 22, 2019: If your cold email/call starts with “I was just hoping to…” Start over.

Aug 21, 2019: Frank + Camille want to be your friend.

Aug 21, 2019: ➚ Ryan Deiss on Dan Kennedy's Impact A really nice tribute to a marketing legend. I’ve read a lot of both Ryan and Dan’s work and it’s influenced many of the things …

Aug 21, 2019: Does any person think to themselves they want to become a lead from your campaign? Probably not. But I still see people and brands posting links to …

Aug 20, 2019: Has anyone else noticed album art “video?” on Spotify? Well, I have and it reminds me of the Winamp visualizations from back on the day. …

Aug 20, 2019: Is there a #raspberrypi area of Micro.Blog?

Aug 18, 2019: Franklin L. Ocean Cheerio Handy

Aug 17, 2019: Big day for Camille+Frank. Shoutout to all those who said hello.

Aug 17, 2019: I wonder how the newsletter team would feel if they experienced this. The subscribe box is covered up by the ad. I wonder if an ad click is more …

Aug 17, 2019: What if Twitter changed this to “Let’s create your first moment.”? #microcopy

Aug 17, 2019: Move over Plan 9 from Outer Space… I submit to you for the worst 🎥 movie ever made: The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. #terrible

Aug 14, 2019: Say hello to Camille & Frank..

Aug 14, 2019: This will be good for product managers and product marketers to work together. Unifying app and web measurement

Aug 14, 2019: #B2B marketers should stay tuned to what’s being celebrated here at the @Digiday Technology Awards “Now in their fifth year, the Digiday …

Jul 31, 2019: Alexa stop. 🛑 That is not at all what I wanted. You’ve disappointed me greatly. Now, let’s try this again… Play Hootie & the …

Jul 30, 2019: Gave the ol' chatbot for @ClosedWon a makeover. Meet Otis.

Jul 29, 2019: When #SlackDown, the real work happens.

Jul 29, 2019: Monday morning. Let’s go!

Jul 28, 2019: “Attitudes are caught, not taught.” Fred Rogers

Jul 27, 2019: One of my favorite (and expected) things is Dark Mode. But when Twitter just asked me if I wanted it automatically at night, I didn’t know how …

Jul 27, 2019: Seth on surveys (and how I disagree with one point) One of the rare times I disagree with Seth Godin. “At the conclusion of the endless surveys when they ask you if you have anything else to add, don’t …

Jul 26, 2019: Hypothetically… if this young man were to become my son… what should his name be? Fill in the blanks: ______ ______ Handy

Jul 26, 2019: Showdown!!!! Quilting vs. Knitting: It don’t get much betta than this.

Jul 24, 2019: If you find yourself typing “Fwd:” in the subject line of an email (mass or 1-1) just STOP. It’s a lie. You know it. They’ll …

Jul 22, 2019: Spotted an Alice Cooper fan.

Jul 20, 2019: Dad tip #1066: Pirates of the Carabiner Keep at least one on the backpack strap.

Jul 19, 2019: So they can see the swimmers…

Jul 13, 2019: 10x Björner

Jul 11, 2019: Customer Journeys are Out of Order The problem with “customer journeys" has been that marketers think about them as a single long linear path that one goes on. The truth is that a …

Jul 11, 2019: Copy > Crayons Controversial Opinion: The greatest work in marketing can be written out on a napkin. It’s plain ol' text. #textsells Not pictures. You can draw …

Jul 8, 2019: Despite past experience, and many signs. I’ve never broken my 100% fail rate to reach the lobby on the first go. #designfail

Jul 7, 2019: ➚ ‘Scrappy’ is not the same as ‘crappy’ | Seth’s Blog “Ship scrappy.“

Jul 1, 2019: I’ve been a fan of Jamie Cullum for a long time. This new album is the first time he’s really made me realize like he’s come into his own with his own …

Jun 17, 2019: ♾ Om Malik on The Problem With “Content” It really is all about mindset.

Jun 13, 2019: The Medium is the Message You don’t do long division by hand. You use excel. To eliminate the possibility of errors and save time. You don’t manually send emails to …

Jun 13, 2019: Dads and grads y’all. Dads and grads.

Jun 13, 2019: Have an Apple Watch? Get Sleep++ and wear it while you sleep. (Charge while getting ready.) You will improve your sleep habits (performance) over time …

Jun 13, 2019: When this client stopped focusing on a hands-off chatbots only approach and increased the level of care when speaking with people on their website, …

Jun 4, 2019: Within 6 months, many Enterprise/Business SAAS apps will have native iPad and Mac apps. Within 12 months, those company’s web apps will start to be …

May 30, 2019: Successssss

May 23, 2019: I believe they call this Conversion Rate Optimization. #CRO

May 23, 2019: 🤔 How much company business communication do you think gets done over iMessage or WhatsApp as opposed to email (or even @Slack)?

May 22, 2019: perfect

May 20, 2019: I found Drogon. #gameofthrones

May 18, 2019: Well, I’m not halfway through my first article of the day and I can’t figure out how to X out your pop up, The New Yorker. So I am afraid for that …

May 18, 2019: This is shaping up to be a must-listen episode of The Knowledge Project.

May 17, 2019: Dear diary, Went to the Zoo tonight. Met an emu and a few giraffes. Hung with an 80’s hair band and I also saw a gator from a distance.

May 16, 2019: Behind every warning sign, there is a story. This one sounds like it was written by David Allan Coe. (at the dealer service department in Fort Worth, …

May 15, 2019: So many scary things in the world. But this is way up there… The president is clearly building an email marketing list of scorned people that …

May 14, 2019: ➚ nothing new in the world Wisdom in this post by @nickusborne. “Most of the “new” copywriting and marketing techniques are little more than old …

May 12, 2019: Mark Schaefer on your corporate progress ➚ Being normal is not a point of differentiation Great stuff from the Schaef here. No one cares about your …

May 10, 2019: The Daily Scorecard. A daily report on the inputs and outputs that lead to success. I’m making some adjustments to what I’m tracking for my business …

May 5, 2019: I’ve been doing a lot more work from my iPad. Keyboard Shortcuts are the key. The biggest ones? Cmd-tab to switch apps; space and shift-space to …

May 4, 2019: Weston’s first viewing. #perfectmovie

May 1, 2019: The new @WeWork Commerce in #FortWorth opened today and they did a great job. Overlooking Sundance Square, It’s nice to have the studio be downtown …

May 1, 2019: ➚ Shane Parrish on How Our Brains Lie Because we love a good story Our brains are stubborn… “ Nobel Prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman …

May 1, 2019: What’s the formula to put my 18 month old to sleep? Ingredients list: 1 Son 1 Dad 1 Baby Bjorn (laces out) 1/3 of a Record on the Alexa (Repave by …

Apr 30, 2019: Data is noise. Information is interesting, Knowledge is power. Insight is invaluable.

Apr 29, 2019: Everyone distracted by streaming services, device share, social dominance, etc.. is forgetting that Bezos now owns their corporate bathroom’s share of …

Apr 29, 2019: What would we do in the world without hosts at restaurants? Have you ever been to a restaurant and no one worked the host or hostess stand? It seemingly takes forever to get anyone’s attention – because …

Apr 28, 2019: How to use emoji like Slack in any app on the Mac If you find yourself looking for an easy way to use emoji on your Mac, you owe yourself a few minutes to check this out. It makes emoji selection as …

Apr 25, 2019: ➚ inessential: The Under-Appreciated Awesomeness of Apple Events (the Technology) In other words, great design… the absolute genius was …

Apr 24, 2019: Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.2 | WebKit ➚ This will change how #martech and #adtech for the better. Important read here… As of ITP 2.2, …

Apr 24, 2019: Go out and get it.

Apr 23, 2019: James Holzhauer: Why the ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Is Bad TV (Column) – Variety ➚ James is only the T-1000 of Jeopardy. There will be more T-1000s of …

Apr 23, 2019: how to get more work done in less time ✅ Make Do Not Disturb work for you! Watch this #minutetutorial

Apr 22, 2019: How I’ve Been Approaching Podcast Recording In this episode, I’ll describe how I’ve been making podcast episodes for both this podcast and the one at The workflows are very different. …

Apr 21, 2019: I don’t know what this is trying to say, but I do know it is indicative of the decline of the movie theater.

Apr 20, 2019: Of course the kids got their photos too…

Apr 19, 2019: Her last invitation didn’t have a Google “meet” link, and Bethany didn’t change settings. It has a business feel, and seems to have shown up after the …

Apr 19, 2019: The True Cost of Customer Response via Seth Godin ➚ Waiting an extra day to get back to just one person probably costs you more than the entire day’s …

Apr 18, 2019: Ending Robocalls. Game changer right here. My phone rings 1/10 of the time now. And I can see who it doesn’t let through. …

Apr 18, 2019: In the news of things no one wants: Facebook is working on a voice assistant to rival the likes of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and the Google …

Apr 17, 2019: The first three episodes of our new business podcast Dialog . fm have dropped. Check them out and let me know what you think? #conversationalmarketing …

Apr 15, 2019: Why isn’t Amazon turning Audible into the best podcast app? Half of podcasts feature Audible ads, and/or authors talking about their book. Seems …

Apr 14, 2019: #AlbumSunday 1 Real quick though. This is important. volcano choir - repave (2013)

Apr 14, 2019: It’s GoT Time.

Apr 14, 2019: Texas. Home.

Apr 13, 2019: Wise words from John Bonini on Twitter Don’t blog. Write. Don’t promote. Share. Don’t post. Publish. Don’t blast. (Ever.) …

Apr 13, 2019: Interesting that this suggestion is from 2011. I wonder if Jack read it then. Twitter, 140 characters: Why the microblogging service should expand to …

Apr 13, 2019: How do startups actually get their content marketing to work? | TechCrunch 🔗 Even the best growth marketers fail to get content marketing to work. …

Apr 13, 2019: The new podcasts ( and deep thoughts) are now Spotified.

Apr 12, 2019: Intuit CIO: Be Strategic About the Bots You Build - WSJ Don’t just go with the default settings or turn on all the things you think are going to work. Be more thoughtful about finding what works …

Apr 12, 2019: A typical scene for a Handy Home in the aftermath of morning.

Apr 12, 2019: Great listen (non-partisan segment) at 14:36 of Knowledge at Wharton Podcast on the Fed nominees

Apr 11, 2019: YouTube TV isn’t grandfathering the early customers in (I’ve been sitting at an early price of 35 and the current plan has been 40.) Now it’s …

Apr 11, 2019: Rarely can anyone or anything actually jump straight to 10x improvement in reality. How about trying to 2x it before we go for 10xing it? You only …

Apr 11, 2019: Hey, I Have A New Business Podcast: Dialog What I want to tell you about today is a new podcast we have over on Now Dialog is a podcast about marketing in the age of the customer and …

Apr 8, 2019: Brackets

Apr 5, 2019: Underwater Hippos

Apr 2, 2019: Changing scenery can be the best way to #GSD.

Mar 31, 2019: Deep Thoughts #2 just released. Are you subscribed yet? It’s the new weekly email you can’t miss. If you find the typo, I’ll …

Mar 28, 2019: As scary as this sounds… it actually doesn’t sound that far off from where we are headed. #judgementday #t1000 The Next Battlefield: Connected, …

Mar 27, 2019: Here is a picture of me in a hat with my son and it is his hat and he wants it back like pretty much as soon as I’m done.

Mar 27, 2019: I highly recommend Osprey’s products and accessories and they are on sale over at Amazon today. I’m picking up a roll organizer.

Mar 27, 2019: Swipe my Alfred Workflow for Drafts for Mac - Drafts for Mac - Drafts Community If you’ve just gotten Drafts for Mac and also use Alfred, you might …

Mar 26, 2019: “Hey Siri. Play Snow White on the Apple TV.” I am now a dad 🧙‍♂️.

Mar 26, 2019: Doing the work beats shortcuts and automation every time.

Mar 25, 2019: iOS 12.2 has huge implication for enterprise marketers and advertisers. privateisthenewblack

Mar 25, 2019: What’s your favorite “marketing” movie?

Mar 24, 2019: Deep Thoughts #0 - The World’s Largest Quarter Hello and welcome to Deep Thoughts. I am Chris Handy. It’s episode zero and issue zero of this newsletter that is going to be coupled with a …

Mar 22, 2019: The first issue of Deep Thoughts (my personal newsletter) is coming out Sunday. Are you going to get the first edition? Subscribe here »

Mar 22, 2019: I changed the Twitter handle to @chrishandyblog.

Mar 21, 2019: All the Prospect Dialer SAAS Apps You Use Are In Trouble High Velocity outbound sales teams have made a habit lately of using apps that sit on top of their CRM like Salesforce to smile and dial all day. …

Mar 17, 2019: Good night, Tex.

Mar 16, 2019: Great article here on GarageBand from Rolling Stone. For better or worse, Garageband lets anyone from a veteran sound engineer to a novice teenager …

Mar 15, 2019: Thinking of Tex tonight.

Mar 14, 2019: Life finds a way… The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is Google Docs - The Atlantic Chatting via Google Docs doesn’t just fool teachers; it also …

Mar 14, 2019: When Corporate America Joins In the Podcast Craze, ‘It Gets Boring Fast’ - WSJ You can’t fake it. from When Corporate America Joins In the Podcast Craze, ‘It Gets Boring Fast’ - WSJ… Gino Matias, who works part time at a …

Mar 14, 2019: Currently reading: Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer 📚

Mar 13, 2019: GO GO GO Beto Joins the Race

Mar 13, 2019: The meaningful stuff. The good stuff behind their success. Is right here. Sketch raises $20m in Series A funding from Benchmark

Mar 13, 2019: 👍

Mar 13, 2019: Can you move all the old tweets to I’m loving having this as home base!

Mar 13, 2019: 🏠

Feb 26, 2019: Worlds Largest Quarter

Feb 12, 2019: #snowman

Dec 24, 2018: In 1966, Andy Dufresne escaped from Shawshank prison.

Dec 3, 2018: Velveteen Rabbit #harpershashtag #westonshashtag

Nov 22, 2018:

Nov 22, 2018:

Nov 15, 2018: What is this stuff?

Oct 28, 2018: Pumpkin Boy #westonshashtag

Oct 13, 2018: Good morning #westonshashtag

Sep 30, 2018: #harpershashtag #westonshashtag

Sep 22, 2018: Those Handy boys from Texas. #westonshashtag

Sep 3, 2018: Stuff finally showing up

Sep 1, 2018: Swingin’ with #harpershashtag and #westonshashtag

Aug 11, 2018: Crew. #harpershashtag #westonshashtag

Aug 11, 2018: Crew. #harpershashtag #westonshashtag

Jun 18, 2018: Ask for what you want. You might get it.

Jun 17, 2018: Happy Father’s Day!

Jun 17, 2018: Response Time

Jun 17, 2018: Good stuff in Is your customer the unifying thread? How to do martech right - MarTech Today if you are going to “Do martech” right, you need to …

Jun 16, 2018: I was able to spend a good amount of time with a Bjorn on today. Good times.

Jun 16, 2018: Product development  

Jun 16, 2018: Squirrel

Jun 16, 2018: Howdy y’all!

Jun 14, 2018: Sturgill Simpson- Welcome to Earth (Pollywog) (Live at HSB 2017)

Jun 14, 2018: Crew.

Jun 14, 2018: Awesome for #eventmarketing…

Jun 13, 2018: Bethany is a superhero and makes our world go round. She was featured in DFW Child Magazine profile this Month. If you pick up a copy, you’ll notice …

Jun 8, 2018: In the peanut gallery with westonshashtag at Princess Camp for #harpershashtag recital.

Jun 6, 2018: Taco Wednesday

Jun 2, 2018: Empire Business. #harpershashtag

May 24, 2018: Man v. Beast #westonshashtag

May 20, 2018: #westonshashtag #delfie #selfiewithdad

May 13, 2018: #harpershashtag, #westonshashtag, and #mom

May 10, 2018: #harpershashtag milk mustache

May 9, 2018: My son, on FaceTime. Wild Hair.

Apr 29, 2018:

Apr 28, 2018: #westonshashtag sporting a #fresh new hat.

Apr 7, 2018:

Apr 6, 2018: A clipboard and a discerning look will get you backstage anywhere. Training my son. #westonshashtag

Apr 6, 2018: I’m working with Evan Brandt from Cal Lutheran this week on his company FamWe for the Richard and Barrentine Values and Ventures Business Plan …

Apr 1, 2018: The struggle is real.

Mar 25, 2018: #product

Mar 25, 2018: I forgot to post this a while back. I’m really enjoying our new @closedwon office at @wework.

Mar 18, 2018: I finally set up my desk in our WeWork Office. Need to upgrade this “command center” to standing desk and I’ll be all set!

Mar 16, 2018: Aunt Peggy and #westonshashtag

Mar 14, 2018: #westonshashtag hanging with @handybethany and smiling at his Dad.

Mar 14, 2018: π Day at Casa Handy ends in the kitchen. #harpershashtag #weechef

Mar 10, 2018:

Mar 7, 2018: The #Merch this year is going to be amazing.

Feb 28, 2018: March 1st. In your podcast player. Search “Drift to go”

Feb 27, 2018: I picked up a very forgetful excel spreadsheet that I’ll not ever carry with me in the real world. I named it Dumbo for all kinds of reasons. …

Feb 23, 2018: My Daughter, The Horse #daddydaughterdance #photobooth #harpershashtag

Feb 23, 2018: I’ll post the same pic next week when it’s done. @wework taking shape in Fort Worth.

Feb 22, 2018:

Feb 14, 2018: #westonshashtag #yeti #bff

Feb 14, 2018: #harpershashtag gave me the best valentine ever. She’s never written out a word before this. 👧💕

Feb 11, 2018: #harpershashtag #westonshashtag

Feb 4, 2018: Unapologetic Papyrus font usage. No tzaziki sauce involved.

Feb 1, 2018: #westonshashtag #facetime

Jan 30, 2018: I slipped on a banana peel, fell over, and accidentally crocheted this collage of family photos. #harpershashtag #westonshashtag

Jan 30, 2018: He’s clearly dreaming of the Power Glove scene from 1989’s ‘The Wizard’ #westonshashtag #powerglove #itssobad

Jan 28, 2018: Princess Fielder #harpershashtag

Jan 26, 2018: #dt4life

Jan 24, 2018:

Jan 24, 2018:

Jan 24, 2018:

Jan 23, 2018: Alexa, Play Frozen Music Those are the words I heard tonight coming from the monitor in my 2 year old girl's room just as the opening song "Frozen Heart" started to play from …

Jan 21, 2018:

Jan 21, 2018:

Jan 21, 2018:

Jan 20, 2018: #westonshashtag

Jan 19, 2018: #HIRED #harpershashtag to help a bit with #westonshashtag

Jan 6, 2018: Handy Family Portrait (Left to Right: #libbyistrending, #harpershashtag, @handythinks, @handybethany, #westonshashtag, #texisabear)

Dec 30, 2017: Someone must have split a quark. My son is my lost twin. #westonshashtag #spacetimecontinuum #sonisdadstwinparadox

Dec 22, 2017: #harpershashtag showing off #westonshashtag

Dec 22, 2017: Next Year Baby Lyrics by Jamie Cullum Next year, Things are gonna change, Gonna drink less beer And start all over again Gonna pull up my socks Gonna clean my …

Dec 21, 2017: Enough with all the Slack teams! Am I right? Now don't get me wrong, I love Slack. But do I need to be on 22 teams? I have to admit that I am guilty of some of this. I have participated in …

Dec 15, 2017: What is the Consumer Knowledgeability Index (CKI)? The Consumer Knowledgeability Index (CKI) represents a buyer’s access to purchase-relevant information for a particular company or in a particular …

Dec 11, 2017: I’m sorry, son. #westonshashtag

Dec 7, 2017: WTH is in my kitchen? What is Ghee?

Nov 30, 2017: Santa Understands Consumer Preference Better than Your Business Santa knows what you want. He's always known what you want. People don’t want to write letters anymore. They also don’t want to wait in …

Nov 27, 2017:

Nov 27, 2017:

Nov 23, 2017:

Nov 23, 2017:

Oct 29, 2017: #burgertechnique #harpershashtag

Oct 15, 2017: Lazy Sunday #harpershashtag

Oct 4, 2017: This photo is titled: “In 2017, Tex Handy escaped from Shawshank prison. All they found of him was a muddy set of prison clothes, a bar of soap, and …

Sep 27, 2017: My buddy @salvaton is hopping around stage and dropping some knowledge at #INBOUND17

Sep 26, 2017: So let me get this straight @handybethany. When you decided to realize my lifelong dream of picking pumpkin, did you know that you’d be pulling the …

Sep 14, 2017:

Sep 7, 2017: Waiting for Weston #harpershashtag #babybrother

Aug 15, 2017: Libby caught me by surprise during an attempted dual self portrait.

Aug 6, 2017: #harpershashtag was delighted to be with the fam recently on G.G.’s birthday.

Aug 4, 2017: Should I use personalized "smart content" on this website page? A simple litmus test before you start pulling your hair out. If you are considering using HubSpot's COS smart content feature (or any website …

Jul 22, 2017: On the way! #harpershashtag

Jul 4, 2017:

Jul 4, 2017:

Jun 27, 2017: Summertime with #harpershashtag

Jun 17, 2017:

Jun 17, 2017:

Jun 14, 2017:

May 31, 2017: The "Lead Status" is HubSpot's Most Little Used Superhero I see a lot of dusty HubSpot machines. When I first look at HubSpot accounts that have been actively used in a company for a while, there is a common …

May 21, 2017: On the weekends, Harper throws caution to the wind. #harpershashtag

May 18, 2017: If we are choosing sides, I’ve always been more of a Pitted Google Cherry man.

Apr 20, 2017: I am meeting lots of incredible socially conscious undergraduate entrepreneurs at the Values & Ventures Reception.

Apr 17, 2017: "Why 'Sales Cures All' is… "Why 'Sales Cures All' is Dangerous" by @lincolnmurphy

Apr 13, 2017: "Toothpaste is peddled with far… "Toothpaste is peddled with far more sophistication than all of the world's life-saving causes." - Nicholas Kristof h/t cc: …

Apr 13, 2017:

Apr 13, 2017:

Apr 12, 2017: Do you know when your… Do you know when your team gets the most @Drift messages?

Apr 7, 2017: ⚡ instant messaging is changing… ⚡ instant messaging is changing how we talk with companies. messaging : email :: email : snail mail

Apr 5, 2017: How would you describe your… How would you describe your company blog in two words?

Apr 5, 2017: I'll be at the first… I'll be at the first annual @Drift conference this fall See you there? #hypergrowth

Apr 4, 2017: Some quotes from Starbucks alumni Howard Behar I was invited to listen to Howard Behar, former President of Starbucks speak this morning. He said: People are the ultimate driver of success in any …

Apr 4, 2017: I was invited to listen to Howard Behar, former President of @starbucks speak this morning. He said, “People are the ultimate driver of success …

Apr 4, 2017: Why Sales and Support Should… Why Sales and Support Should be Friends, not Foes - #medium

Mar 30, 2017:

Mar 30, 2017:

Mar 30, 2017:

Mar 30, 2017:

Mar 30, 2017:

Mar 14, 2017: What once took “forever” can… What once took “forever” can now happen instantly. Yet, many smart business leaders I speak with; act like the world is still disconnected.

Mar 9, 2017: It’s another birthday for @handybethany. Here’s a slice of insight into what goes on in that wonderful brain of hers. I received this on …

Mar 5, 2017: The next superstar out of Texas Motor Speedway, NASCAR’s featherweight champion of the world with more touchdowns than any other battter, …

Feb 28, 2017: Evernote should have newsjacked the Amazon S3 Outage Evernote needs a new north star for public relations. On February 28th, an Amazon S3 outage cause half the Internet to go down. I wasn't able to fully …

Feb 26, 2017:

Feb 26, 2017:

Feb 26, 2017:

Feb 26, 2017:

Feb 26, 2017:

Feb 26, 2017:

Feb 26, 2017:

Feb 21, 2017: RT @jackperkins22: Don't strive to… Don't strive to win, strive to not lose. Doing just enough to win isn't enough, put the work in so that you don't lose. - Coach Tim

Feb 21, 2017: If everyone on the road… If everyone on the road is going to be staring at their devices, devices should watch the road. Autonomous vehicles can't come soon enough.

Feb 16, 2017: Read the screenshot, then the article Read the screenshot, then the article. — @Mallikarjunan

Feb 15, 2017: New HubSpot To Go Pod… New HubSpot To Go Pod ? Episode 243: Tracking #Ungated PDFs with a @HubSpot CTA

Feb 15, 2017: What should you wear for live video? I got a funny question today. Someone asked me about fashion. Now I have to say that I am a very dapper gentleman, there are some who might disagree. …

Feb 15, 2017: Which #harpershashtag school photo takes the blue ribbon? #iflookscouldkill 1, 2, or 3?

Feb 8, 2017: It’s Picture Day for #harpershashtag, but we had to get a head start.

Feb 3, 2017: All My Children. #harpershashtag #instalibby #texgram

Jan 29, 2017: #lazysunday

Jan 11, 2017: Shady character #harpershashtag

Jan 9, 2017: Curious George, Serious Harper #harpershashtag

Jan 7, 2017: Harper always helps us keep our year end books from being a mess. #beancounter #harpershashtag

Dec 31, 2016: Happy New Year from the Handy Family. #2017 #harpershashtag

Dec 31, 2016: Fireworks at “midnight” #harpershashtag

Dec 30, 2016: The First Daughter #libbyshashtag

Dec 24, 2016: Waiting for Santa. #harpershashtag

Dec 23, 2016: Behold @handybethany & #harpershashtag: Captains of Christmas

Dec 21, 2016: Pictured here is #harpershashtag and I, about to conquer the world. All you need is a clipboard. Photo credit: @handybethany

Dec 11, 2016: handybethany & #harpershashtag light the tree.

Nov 26, 2016: “Alexa, assemble this bed” did not work. #smartbedframe #falseadvertising

Nov 23, 2016: Rudolph with @handybethany and #harpershashtag

Nov 14, 2016: Tidbits on Google and Mobile Search Business owners often ask me how to get to #1 in Google. The answer is sometimes shocking to them. There is no longer a #1 in Google. The reality is …

Nov 12, 2016: Cheese. #harpershashtag

Nov 3, 2016: The thought bubble says, “I’ve got an idea so crazy that it just might work.” #harpershashtag

Nov 1, 2016: Should you silence your employees? I think it's really a shame when people’s voices aren’t amplified by their company. An article I read exemplifies the problem: Unlike Facebook and …

Oct 26, 2016: Food for thought on negotiation and expectations How Sheryl Sandberg negotiated for a position as a negotiator In this HBR article, you learn a little bit about how Sheryl Sandberg, of Facebook, …

Oct 25, 2016: Harper prefers organic, even when she throws caution to the wind. #recklessabandon #doyouhaveorganicthough #harpershashtag

Oct 23, 2016: How to read reviews I know that one of the first things I do when evaluating buying anything is to read the reviews. Especially on Amazon. What is so great about reading …

Oct 20, 2016: Is it OK to expose your own flaws in business? Many folks I speak with insist on their business being a superhero with no flaws to speak of. They are always on-time, on-target, mobile, social, and …

Oct 16, 2016: Is it time to lift my personal boycott on Walmart? I've been avoiding shopping at Walmart for years. Years. Part of the reason has been that I hate to see employees treated like they don’t …

Oct 16, 2016: We’re BOTH so demonstrably excited WE can barely contain OURSELVES. #harpershashtag

Oct 15, 2016: Experience - Practice Makes Know-how It's easy to read something in a book and call it knowledge; but only when you get your feet wet trying it can you really know it well. I’ve …

Oct 14, 2016: Is email dead for communication in favor of chat/texting apps? My friend, John, asked this question on Facebook: Let's talk about email. Is it dead? Why would anyone use it for official communication? Marketing? …

Oct 13, 2016: For real though... stop pitching over email As a leader in a marketing oriented firm, I get a whole lot of cold email. I’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth highlighting …

Oct 12, 2016: My Grandmother Rule or How to Stop Worrying and Love Social Media and the Fact That Nothing We Say Is Ever Private I often speak with folks who are afraid of social …

Oct 11, 2016: Are your managers halting innovation in favor of inner office politics? Oliver Hart of Harvard split this year’s No­bel Prize in eco­nomics for his work on incomplete contracts. Imag­ine an in­ven­tor who needs to …

Oct 10, 2016: When you get home and everybody’s already fast asleep. Except for Lambie. #HanginwithLambie

Oct 10, 2016: Helps customers buy, so they can do some selling for you Marketers and salespeople get a bad rap sometimes. It's mostly from folks who have had a bad experience. But most people I speak to can recall far …

Oct 9, 2016: Are you making it hard for your customers to buy? Have you had your customer stand in front of you, card in hand, and not allowed them to buy? There’s an annual art festival in my neighborhood. It has …

Oct 8, 2016: Priorities Last week, I realized I had bit off more than I could chew. I had put one (probably more than that) too many things on my plate and had to let one go. …

Oct 7, 2016: “There is so much bad in the world… and then there is Harper.” - @handybethany on #harpershashtag

Oct 7, 2016: This pony’s name is Cowboy. #harpershashtag

Oct 7, 2016: Say it with fewer, simpler words when possible. Essential tips on writing for clarity. This is an email I received from one of my Professors in my MBA program. I now share this with you. Single …

Oct 6, 2016: The “Field of Dreams” Fallacy and Inbound Marketing Myths If you build it, they may not even know… Are you waiting on Shoeless Joe? Are you taking the “Field of Dreams” approach to inbound or content …

Oct 5, 2016: Does your business communication sound like a human speaking? It might be time to stop pretending that your business was built by some kind of brand entity without flaws. If your website reads like a robot wrote …

Oct 4, 2016: The choices our customers make, and the choices we make Fifty years ago, there wasn't much choice. Relatively, anyway. Let’s just look at how a customer might have become aware of our business in …

Oct 3, 2016: A reminder to design things for the customer, not your CEO I think we often build sales and marketing materials more for ourselves, our competitors, or our egos than we do our customers. Sometimes we are more …

Oct 2, 2016: Empower all your employees to contribute knowledge and reap rewards It's a simple idea. Hand your employee the keys and allow them to share their knowledge on the internet. Your customers will get better and more …

Oct 1, 2016: Is this what the Fort Worth Facebook Data Center will look like? In a recent post on Facebook, Zuckerberg shared pictures from inside the Luleå Data Center in Sweden.… It’s …

Oct 1, 2016: UTA Fort Worth Campus this morning

Sep 30, 2016: Bon Iver's new album has me skipping back to tracks 8 and 9.

I am a full album guy. I typically listen to albums from artists like Bon Iver all the way through. But Bon Iver's new album just dropped, and I keep …

Sep 30, 2016: How I fell prey to curse of knowledge I have messed up our company messaging in the past and it took me a long time to understand how and why it happened... In my business, I have people …

Sep 29, 2016: Who is coming to eat your lunch? Disruption is one of those words being thrown around like Halloween candy these days. So much so that you might start to ignore it and take your place …

Sep 28, 2016: The idea of hiding until it's perfect is a fool's game. I was listening to a podcast recently, and I heard Simon Sinek say something that everyone needs to hear. I jotted it down on Twitter so I …

Sep 27, 2016: #harpershashtag

Sep 27, 2016: The Happy Days Content Marketing Calendar The hardest thing to do in content marketing is stay on track with a publishing schedule. The important thing is to pick something and start with it …

Sep 26, 2016: How would your customers describe it? Say it that way instead. How would your customers describe it? Say it that way instead. Are you and your customers on a different planet? I’m always amazed at how folks refer …

Sep 26, 2016: How would your customers describe it? Say it that way instead. Are you and your customers on a different planet? I’m always amazed at how folks refer to their own stuff in so much jargon. But I forget that I …

Sep 25, 2016: Bias To understand others, you must understand yourself. One of most overlooked factors I see when I look at company website and messaging is bias. You’ll …

Sep 25, 2016: The History of Email - Eager Blog Mostly because it seemed like a neat idea. There was no directive to ‘go forth and invent e-mail. — Ray Tomlinson, answering a question about why he …

Sep 24, 2016: Be human, helpful, and handy. In a recent report to marketers, Forrester gave tips on how to engage with customers in direct messaging platforms. With chat apps on the rise (and …

Sep 23, 2016: Publish or Perish Does the academic adage apply to business? If I asked you if you consider yourself a decent business communicator, what would you say? There’s …

Sep 23, 2016: How to customize LinkedIn Connection requests on your phone You learn something new every day. I've accidentally hit the connect button on my phone many times and cringed, knowing the request wouldn't be …

Sep 22, 2016: Salespeople need to create their own case studies and content The following is an excerpt from an article from Pete Caputa of HubSpot: Hopefully, your company prioritizes the publication of case studies. (HubSpot …

Sep 21, 2016: A Great Ogilvy Quote Ogilvy’s advice to the copywriter below is extremely important for anyone who communicates. Especially marketers, copywriters, and salespeople. …

Sep 20, 2016: Some general tips on PowerPoint presentations. A lesson in communication from B-school. Re: Some general tips on PowerPoint presentations. That was the subject line of the email I got today from a …

Sep 20, 2016: My Weird Friend I love you so much, Harper. Stay silly.

Sep 20, 2016: Marketing Lessons from Dr. Nash - Andrew Frank You’ll want to read this article about the marketing lessons from the game theory discoveries of John Nash (A Beautiful Mind). Here are a couple …

Sep 19, 2016: For the person considering content marketing for their business: Stop polishing your rock. Hit publish. I did it again. I published something on the internet. This time I happened to do it from my phone. Last night …

Sep 19, 2016: I hung out with Princess Jordi LaForge yesterday. #harpershashtag

Sep 17, 2016: #harpershashtag and I sharing a moment of shock and aww.

Sep 10, 2016: Nobody knows me like my babe(s). I got home on a late flight from being out of town all week the other day. There is nothing I would have wanted more …

Aug 31, 2016: Harper doing her best Keanu

Aug 7, 2016: I think I’m getting the hang of this Pokemon game. Got two in a row on our morning walk with @handybethany and #harpershashtag

Jul 18, 2016: #harpershashtag

Jul 13, 2016: Behind every great woman, there is a Dad… and a llama. #harpershashtag #centerstage #LlarytheLama

Jul 9, 2016: #harpershashtag

Jul 4, 2016: 🇺🇸

Jul 2, 2016: #harpershashtag doing her best Harry - “Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… …

Jul 2, 2016: Grape Juice Tasting in Sonoma last week with #harpershashtag and @handybethany and #whoisthatguy

Jun 30, 2016: Visited my buddy Ryder in #SF last week.

Jun 4, 2016: Watch live as #harpershashtag acquires a taste (extremely quickly) for @alchemypops intriguing and delicious strawberry flavor #quicklearningpalate …

May 21, 2016: Sometimes you find the most amazing things in the bathroom. #founditems #dadlife #harpershashtag

May 11, 2016: Bedtime for #harpershashtag

May 10, 2016: #harpershashtag #fampic

May 8, 2016: #harpershashtag and @handybethany make a great team.

May 7, 2016: #delfie #harpershashtag #libby #tex

May 3, 2016: #borntobjörn #harpershashtag

Apr 18, 2016: Reading with #harpershashtag

Apr 2, 2016: #harpershashtag

Mar 26, 2016: Tex is a gamer. He is dressed up for a #harpershashtag Easter “t” party. No complaints from this big guy.

Mar 20, 2016: Choosing the right bike at the bike share station. The struggle is real. #toughcall #harpershashtag

Mar 14, 2016: An unexpected blueberry treat from @alchemypops Thank you @mrscarolynphillips

Mar 13, 2016: #harpershashtag tickling the ivories like a champ. Photo credit: @handybethany

Mar 6, 2016: Must be on their way to see P.T. Barnum. Spotted this act on our Magnolia stroll with @handybethany and #harpershashtag

Feb 24, 2016: #Delfie with #harpershashtag

Feb 12, 2016: Doing our best Trump impressions. She wins. #harpershashtag

Jan 17, 2016: Harper’s first Carnival. Banking up those Merits. #futurebigheadstockholder #harpershashtag #attawaytogo

Jan 9, 2016: My son, Tex.

Jan 4, 2016: Forget Waldo, Where’s Harper? #harpershashtag

Jan 1, 2016: #harpershashtag #llarythellama #handynewyears

Dec 25, 2015: #harpershashtag #santa #llarythellama #gimothythegiraffe #teepee

Dec 17, 2015: #harpershashtag #dearsanta

Dec 11, 2015: #harpershashtag Holiday Reading

Nov 28, 2015: Already preparing for her first visit from Santa. #harpershashtag

Nov 23, 2015: #harpershashtag #cousins

Nov 15, 2015: #harpershashtag

Oct 31, 2015: #harpershashtag #handyhalloween

Sep 6, 2015: #harpershashtag

Sep 5, 2015: #harpershashtag

Aug 24, 2015: It was so good to see you @_abby. #harpershashtag was delighted to meet you.

Aug 16, 2015: Standing only for @joshua_weathers at the Live Oak. W/ @handybethany

Aug 13, 2015: #harpershashtag

Aug 6, 2015: #chickenbomb #harpershashtag

Jul 25, 2015: Choices.

Jul 19, 2015: Sunday Funday Brunch Aftermath #harpershashtag

Jul 16, 2015: Harper and GG (her great grandmother) #harpershashtag

Jul 14, 2015: #rosebud #citizenkane #harpershashtag

Jun 30, 2015: 8

Jun 27, 2015: #harpershashtag

May 30, 2015: Typecast in Hollywood and in life, Dustin Diamond longs for his own identity. To the world, he’ll always just be #Screech.

May 26, 2015: That’s one smart lady. #harpershashtag

May 13, 2015: I went with the Mario mustache as the present I gave Bethany for my birthday. Harper likes it! #harpershashtag

May 12, 2015: Birthday gift from Harper. #harpershashtag

May 5, 2015: #cincodemayo #threemonths #fiesta #harpershashtag

Apr 30, 2015: Tex got a haircut.

Apr 27, 2015: #harpershashtag

Apr 26, 2015: Dan Pink Interview - Ideas To Go Sales and the Art of Motivational Interviewing I recently had a conversation with Dan Pink for Inbound To Go. We spoke about: Motivational …

Apr 12, 2015: Baby exchange program #harpershashtag #itshaleygirl

Apr 4, 2015: Easter with the Handy’s #harpershashtag

Mar 30, 2015:

Mar 28, 2015: Life imitates art.

Mar 27, 2015: Clear the calendar!

Mar 21, 2015: #FaceTime

Feb 19, 2015:

Feb 14, 2015:

Dec 22, 2014:

Aug 16, 2014:

Aug 12, 2014:

Aug 2, 2014:

Aug 2, 2014: What’s that Flamingo? … OK, got it.

Aug 2, 2014: Lo real.

Jul 24, 2014:

Jul 24, 2014:

Jun 15, 2014: Just mowed our “lawn” with this bad boy. Way easier than dealing with a big gas monster.

May 26, 2014:

May 22, 2014: Found this picture of Tex from when he travelled back to 1885 with Doc Brown.

Dec 14, 2013: Only at Cracker Barrel

Dec 1, 2013:

Nov 30, 2013: Early Christmas Gift from B. Epic Alan Jackson Afghan

Nov 27, 2013: I don’t care what my desk looks like. I’m taking off for the week. #thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2013: Getting in some extra work so we can take Thxgiving off

Nov 14, 2013:

Nov 2, 2013:

Oct 12, 2013: Successful @ArtsGoggle - thanks for all the visitors and great company.

Sep 25, 2013: Out back #Grilling Prime Strip and Asparagus.

Sep 24, 2013: Where I spend a big piece of my day.

Sep 22, 2013: Fajitas and #BreakingBad with @handybethany. Nice little Sunday.

Sep 15, 2013:

Sep 15, 2013: Hacky Sack

Sep 11, 2013: Luke Wade

Sep 8, 2013: Putting together a new collaborative workspace in the office.

Aug 30, 2013: I learn something new every day here!

Aug 24, 2013: Garage Sale Finds.

Aug 23, 2013: Glad to be home from #inbound13 because of these guys.

Aug 22, 2013: Exploring Boston Common

Aug 18, 2013:

Aug 16, 2013: Well, I’m pretty sure that’s what we were after. I think our work is done here.

Aug 16, 2013: Hatch Chili Sweet Potato Hash

Aug 15, 2013:

Aug 15, 2013:

Aug 3, 2013:

May 30, 2013:

Apr 28, 2013: All three.

Apr 28, 2013:

Apr 28, 2013:

Apr 26, 2013: Old Fashioned Lounge Singing.

Apr 26, 2013: What to do.

Apr 26, 2013: The Doctor is in.

Apr 26, 2013: ZydeCajun

Mar 28, 2013: Tex is going to be so excited. He loves his Amazon Prime membership.

Mar 14, 2013: #thinkcreateshare

Mar 2, 2013: Ad we did for Magnolia Make Believe in the Weekly.

Mar 1, 2013: Coordinating campaigns for three wonderful new clients today! I love my job.

Feb 14, 2013: Libby

Feb 14, 2013: Little T.

Feb 9, 2013:

Jan 31, 2013: Possibly swayed by the brilliantly clear packaging of Simply Orange, I had steered clear of other OJ’s for a while now. Until now. Trader …

Nov 25, 2012:

Nov 25, 2012:

Nov 25, 2012:

Nov 25, 2012:

Nov 25, 2012:

Nov 25, 2012:

Nov 25, 2012: It’s a Texas Christmas Tree Experience!

Sep 9, 2012: Found 1981 TVS Yearbook at Old Home Supply. Great Mr. Fleming Photo!

Sep 9, 2012: Watching a planned building implosion. This skyline is about to change.

Sep 8, 2012: Studying up for the big day!

Sep 5, 2012: That’s right. It’s a sock monkey.

Jul 16, 2012: Thought we would capture a moment of a little web traffic analytics education.

Jul 13, 2012:

Jul 10, 2012: Introducing the brand new #thinksouthsidejobs section. Apply to be the bassist for this garage band on literally any telephone pole along Magnolia. ;)

Jul 6, 2012:

Jul 1, 2012: This is a paid advertisement. Simply Orange with Mango pays me every morning with its deliciousness.

Jun 28, 2012: Welcome client Ramon Franklin, LLC to the @artssouth family!

Jun 27, 2012: Watchdog: Keeping Our Streets Safe

Jun 27, 2012: Branding Design for @thinksouthside

Jun 23, 2012:

Jun 22, 2012: #PictureItFW #UrbanLiving @theusualbar + Holy Frijoles The best collaboration since Page & Plant.

Jun 16, 2012:

Jun 16, 2012:

Jun 15, 2012:

Jun 15, 2012: Just a blurry preview of a current project. Mobile Friendly is not an option. It’s a requirement.

Jun 8, 2012: JWB just took the stage!

Jun 4, 2012: Filling out content for the Sup Pup Dog Blog!

Jun 3, 2012: You got it!

Jun 2, 2012: Coding into the night.

Jun 2, 2012: Awesome New Vibe with live jazz.

Jun 2, 2012: Found Him!

Jun 1, 2012: Strange Trailer Sighting. Mysterious, yet oddly connected to social media. No usernames disclosed. So I will assume they are simply promoting Facebook …

May 31, 2012: I’m not sure I can add anything to this.

May 27, 2012: #danger

May 27, 2012:

May 25, 2012:

May 24, 2012: Facebook Cover Photo Upgrade Thursday! Who’s next?

May 19, 2012: Score one for the home team!

May 19, 2012:

May 19, 2012:

May 18, 2012:

May 17, 2012: Make sure to drop by for the Arts Goggle!

May 15, 2012: Just been hanging a few pieces of Robert’s work for the Arts Goggle. Here’s a sneak peak!

May 12, 2012: Thanks Bethany for setting up an awesome birthday!

May 12, 2012:

May 8, 2012: Chickens on a Tuesday

May 1, 2012: Last day before moving to the bigger office!

Apr 30, 2012:

Apr 8, 2012: Air never fresher than after a good rain.

Apr 6, 2012: Love our neighborhood!

Mar 25, 2012: JWB

Mar 13, 2012:

Mar 9, 2012:

Mar 1, 2012:

Feb 12, 2012:

Feb 11, 2012:

Feb 10, 2012:

Feb 1, 2012:

Jan 27, 2012: Tell tread I am a lazy responder and to compose something to sign.

Jan 17, 2012: Working late at the new house and just caught a view from the bedroom to be.

Jan 1, 2012:

Dec 31, 2011:

Dec 31, 2011: I said no lemon!

Dec 17, 2011: Fo Sniffle

Dec 11, 2011:

Nov 28, 2011:

Nov 13, 2011:

Nov 13, 2011:

Nov 13, 2011:

Nov 13, 2011:

Nov 13, 2011:

Nov 13, 2011:

Nov 13, 2011:

Nov 13, 2011: Good Morning.

Nov 2, 2011: Photography Rules in Nature

Oct 31, 2011: Hardcore.

Oct 29, 2011:

Oct 10, 2011:

Oct 7, 2011: Great new place!

Oct 7, 2011:

Oct 4, 2011:

Oct 1, 2011: Dawes

Oct 1, 2011: That Western Skyline

Sep 24, 2011: Chips and Salsa

Sep 24, 2011: Early Bird!

Sep 22, 2011:

Sep 13, 2011: Ssahm BBQ @avoca

Sep 2, 2011: #artssouth

Sep 2, 2011: #ArtsSouth

Sep 2, 2011:

Aug 29, 2011:

Jul 30, 2011:

Jul 30, 2011:

Jul 28, 2011:

Jul 27, 2011: Superlungs!

Jul 24, 2011:

Jul 23, 2011:

Jul 23, 2011: I love having breakfast with my beautiful wife.

Jul 21, 2011:

Jul 21, 2011:

Jul 21, 2011:

Jul 18, 2011:

Jul 18, 2011:

Jul 17, 2011:

Jul 17, 2011:

Jul 17, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011: Rivaling Port of Call in Junkiness

Jul 16, 2011: Eggs Benedict served on a waffle.

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 16, 2011:

Jul 15, 2011: Take comfort that this exists.

Jul 15, 2011:

Jul 15, 2011:

Jul 14, 2011: Palapa

Jul 14, 2011:

Jul 14, 2011: Friday in May

Jul 14, 2011:

Jul 14, 2011:

Jul 12, 2011:

Jul 8, 2011:

Jul 8, 2011:

Jul 8, 2011: Breakfast tacos at YES!

Jul 4, 2011:

Jul 3, 2011:

Jul 3, 2011:

Jul 3, 2011: It is important that we embrace our roots. Future generations need to know about our Royalty!

Jul 3, 2011: Another day.

Jul 3, 2011: Faced with the biggest decision of my life. I feel like Hamlet.

Jul 3, 2011:

Jul 3, 2011:

Jul 3, 2011:

Jul 2, 2011:

Jul 2, 2011:

Jul 2, 2011:

Jul 2, 2011: It’s a beautiful morning for a stroll!

Jul 2, 2011:

Jul 1, 2011: Danger awaits

Jul 1, 2011:

Jul 1, 2011: #artssouth

Jul 1, 2011:

Jun 30, 2011:

Jun 26, 2011:

Jun 26, 2011: Beef Burrito

Jun 25, 2011:

Jun 25, 2011:

Jun 25, 2011:

Jun 25, 2011:

Jun 24, 2011: On Belet Mayor Mike!

Jun 24, 2011: #ArtsSouth

Jun 22, 2011:

Jun 19, 2011:

Jun 19, 2011:

Jun 19, 2011:

Jun 19, 2011:

Jun 19, 2011:

Jun 19, 2011:

Jun 18, 2011:

Jun 18, 2011: Go ahead. Take a seat.

Jun 17, 2011:

Jun 16, 2011: Stairway To Heaven

Jun 16, 2011: Waiting

Jun 15, 2011: Has everyone discovered the secret patio at the Usual?

Jun 13, 2011: Look Ma! No Hands!

Jun 13, 2011:

Jun 11, 2011:

Jun 11, 2011: Easy there killer.

Jun 11, 2011:

Jun 9, 2011: Congratulations to our Dallas Mavericks on another Win! One more to go!

Jun 9, 2011:

Jun 7, 2011:

Jun 5, 2011: Go Mavs! Down with LeBron

Jun 5, 2011: Guisado

Jun 5, 2011: Thrilling times at the CB.

Jun 4, 2011: Just hit the east side of the ESP

May 30, 2011: More!

May 17, 2011: Flashes of ‘Wet Hot American Summer’

May 16, 2011:

May 15, 2011: It’s so bad.

May 15, 2011:

May 15, 2011:

May 15, 2011: Tacos

May 15, 2011:

May 10, 2011:

May 8, 2011: Some Assembly Required

May 7, 2011: Paper St?

May 7, 2011: Choices

May 7, 2011:

May 7, 2011:

May 7, 2011: Please steal me

May 7, 2011:

May 7, 2011:

May 7, 2011: Old media.

May 7, 2011:

May 7, 2011:

May 7, 2011: Good Morn

May 7, 2011:

May 6, 2011: Oui

May 6, 2011:

May 1, 2011:

May 1, 2011:

May 1, 2011: Game table

May 1, 2011:

May 1, 2011:

May 1, 2011:

Apr 30, 2011: Mane

Apr 30, 2011:

Apr 30, 2011:

Apr 30, 2011:

Apr 30, 2011: Harvey Dent

Apr 30, 2011: Culture

Apr 30, 2011: Jazz Fest.

Apr 30, 2011:

Apr 29, 2011:

Apr 29, 2011:

Apr 29, 2011: DRY

Apr 28, 2011: Timothy

Apr 28, 2011: Swamp

Apr 28, 2011: Crunch

Apr 28, 2011:

Apr 28, 2011: Bear

Apr 28, 2011: Ro-Ads

Apr 28, 2011: Tron

Apr 27, 2011: Downturn

Apr 24, 2011:

Apr 24, 2011:

Apr 24, 2011:

Apr 24, 2011:

Apr 19, 2011: Dedication.

Apr 18, 2011: Cartography

Apr 18, 2011: Chicken…

Apr 18, 2011: Gator Tamer