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: Nostalgia is a powerful weapon. It can stir emotions that change minds, sway opinions, even win …

: Active listening

: The “break-up email” in this SDR sequence is sure to at least get some replies. But I’m not sure it …

: Product-led vs. Sales-led isn’t a mutually exclusive choice. See this example from Toggl, who …

: Problem Marketing > Product Marketing People don’t wake up in the morning excited to buy tools. …

: Sales-Led or Product-Led? Why not both?

: Looking to start a @shopify eCommerce store after being out of the game for several years. My …

: Do as I say, not as I do.

: The best reps KNOW THEIR CUSTOMERS. Those reps? Restaurant servers who bring the kid’s meals out …

: Product marketing is about giving your customers a clear story and the words to use to describe your …

: 70mm

: Prediction: the frontier of the web is “Identity”. Twitter used to be a de facto standard for ones …

: Some good ideas here for replicating the impromptu real-time mentoring missing from distributed …

: A Company’s Single Store of Knowledge

: On buying software: I’ve been on so many calls with robot SDR’s who probably mean well but their …

: Copywriting and StoryTelling

: How to Craft Better ChatGPT Prompts

: 🪜 The Product Marketing Ladder Feature ⬇️ Product ⬇️ Platform ⬇️ Market ⬇️ Category ⬇️ Mission ⬇️ …

: The Least Bad Path

: How things work around here

: If you are in product marketing at a company that has apps, you are going to want to check this out. …

: Apple mentioned that the Vision Pro is their first 3D camera. Stands to reason that a yet to be …

: I’m over there now too.

: Just saw an ad for a “Product Led Email” platform. The whole X-Led-Y messaging has completely lost …

: my LinkedIn strategy

: While others zig, there’s a way for some customer-centric companies to zag and not seek to “replace” …

: Two ears. One mouth.

: The marketing team when the third CMO in a year rolls in.

: Innovative product marketing is about putting words into your potential customers mouths. Discover …

: Closing the sale NOT THE FINISH LINE. If you offer true value to your customers, you know this to be …

: “Finally, you can replace this thing that you despise” is a powerful marketing message. “Finally, …

: let me ai that for you.

: free ebook

: cog in the machine

: one pagers

: Lifetime Value

: With all the tools to help people crank out undifferentiated text; it’s probably a good time to …

: Product Marketing in Reverse

: Maybe Boston will have some halfway decent tacos now?

: Getting internal buy-in for your feature. #productmanagement #productmarketing

: I guess it’s bedtime.

: slides don’t sell

: Helpers, not chasers.

: Documentarians

: Seems like a reallly good time for bootstrapped startup innovation.

: The night before launch for a product marketer. #productmarketing

: Leadership is not a title. Leadership means clearing the path. Leadership means rolling up your …

: If you meet with people virtually, it’s important to consider THEIR experience. Are you hard to hear …

: Inside the Slack DM’s of a Product Marketer. #productmarketing

: Thinking about making a coffee table book with the hundreds of these pictures I have.

: If it isn’t working… Are we following the process? If so, change the process. If not, why not? …

: “Still Open” and “Ready to Ship” are important differentiators in times like these.

: Pro tip: Be yourself.

: Three Slack Channels Every Marketing Team Needs to Make Now

: Study Human Behavior and you won’t need to focus on hacks, tips, or tricks anymore. The best …

: We really are all living in the world of Franchise IP.

: Keep your receipts.

: I’m currently working on a big culture project at my company. We’re developing new values, …

: The Rehearsal on HBO Max is a singular experience.

: Your job as a product marketer is to gather and share knowledge. Of course there’s more to it, but …

: Almost no one published podcasts on Saturday morning. But that’s the day I have the most free time.

: 11:35 AM. On a Tuesday. Put in the work early on what you know works so you can spend the rest of …

: Best laundry basket I’ve ever known. It’s the right height to fly under the dryer door. …

: Brand can buy your offering a “fast pass” to the consideration set. Lack of brand can …

: A penny saved is a penny earned. A penny invested in providing value to your customers earns you 3:1 …

: Most SDR outreach is wayyyy too needy.

: Customers and prospects don’t typically care that the quarter is about to close.

: Spend time getting internal buy-in for your launch strategy. Ask for feedback and involve more …

: Friction is the enemy of adoption.

: Yesterday was a rare day. Not that many meetings. But my calendar was still full of things that are …

: Jargon Surgery in Meetings

: Time is more valuable than money. Defend it.

: So much of early stage marketing success relies on “hand to hand” stuff. The stuff that …

: This $200 IKEA whiteboard will instantly upgrade your work life, especially if you work from home. …

: Sometimes Product Marketing is communicating simplicity, and setting expectations on how long setup …

: When writing copy, it’s always worth going back and performing some jargon surgery. Acronyms, …

: Demand Generation is a myth. Eugene Schwartz taught us that you can’t create demand out of thin air, …

: The Sandwich Method for Internal Marketing and Enablement

: Does this person have a problem? Do they know they have that problem? Do they want to fix the …

: Next-level copywriting.

: Microcopy adds so much to the experience and is so often overlooked. #wedontneedroads

: Growth Hacking gone wrong. “Get the GoToWebinar app to add it to your calendar” I …

: Curriculum looks like: Make the Logo Bigger 101 Advanced Clip Art How to Ignore Kerning Minimester …

: Lazy Sunday so far. I’m trying to learn to recharge and slow down every now and then.

: Make sure the Wet Bandits are accounted for.


: Resolutions don’t have to start on January 1st. They can, but resolve means nothing without …

: Any DisneyWorld tips?

: Sunset tonight in Fort Worth, TX.

: Do you put stickers on your device?

: Ready for the AirTag

: A prison of our own making. Why did we do this to ourselves? When do we bust out? Shoutout to all …

: Currently re-reading: Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz 📚 #nowreading

: Are you making presentation slides and wondering if you need that much text? No. The answer is no.

: Currently re-reading: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of …

: Hangin with the big guy. AMA.

: I keep thinking about this trend of people talking about logistics and customer experience. …

: I had never seen this setting before in Zoom. Allow others to advance slides in Keynote & …

: What would you choose?

: Cold Calling Finally Dead For Real

: For #Dadcember, I’ll share some ways to level up your Dad game. This smart outdoor plug makes your …

: If the question is “Does my internal presentation have enough GIFs?”… The answer …

: Next time you feel the need to say “can you hop on a quick call?”… Try …

: Remote work is great but it’s always good to have some FaceTime for a productivity boost.

: It’s a great time to re-read a classic. Currently reading: Crossing the Chasm, 3rd Edition by …

: I highly recommend this HomeKit/Alexa garage door opener conversion kit. Takes 20 minutes to easily …

: Love this insert Morning Brew added to the newsletter. Just because people don’t click, …

: Getting a head start on thxgiving dinner

: Found this gem on my desk today. Must be getting close to Turkey Day.

: Why product marketers HAVE to talk about their “competitors”.

: We often smash zero or yell “agent” at automated systems, but is talking with a human always what we …

: Product marketing

: Closed Lost is often the best place to look for new opps to Closed Win.

: Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated.

: Changing the title of your Chief Revenue Officer or SVP Sales to “Chief Customer …

: Connecting marketing to revenue is the white whale for most companies. If this is really in play, it …

: One last gift from Ed Asner. 🙏

: Culture 𝗔𝗱𝗱 > Culture 𝘍𝘪𝘵

: You can’t even read a single article on the Dallas Morning News without paying. Maybe …

: A 3pm all hands meeting does not pick up the kids from school and take them to dance practice.


: I love this huge sign on the inside of my garage door. I challenge anyone to look at this every day …

: How do Apple and Twitter introduce features to current customers? These two in-app prompts are for …

: “Work from Home” is a bad term. We all work online. Show me your “home …

: Most work meetings are fleeting, ephemeral wastes of time. Collaborative documents are long-lasting, …

: My secret weapon for copywriting is not an AI that writes copy. It’s a thesaurus to find …

: Digital-first will be the preference for the next (and most of the current) generation of top …

: I have decided to pursue 501 days next.


: Dad hacks vol 1.

: Have a great day!

: I don’t even want to know what Facebook looks like right now.

: The best way to cold email is to get genuinely and thoughtfully engaged in a community and never …

: This email from my daughter’s kindergarten teacher proves that emails to an audience …

: I can do 99 more. Might as well.

: The truth(s) about webinars.

: This is a fantastically well-put together post on 7 steps to hit your 2020 revenue goal via …

: B2C is all about selling the thing. B2B is all about selling free starter versions of the thing or …

: Clients meeting with me in Zoom. Excuse the glitter. #dadlife

: I miss the old days when we could get together in crowds! #christmas

: New Home Screen

: New Home Screen.

: The struggle is real.

: On my fridge currently

: 66 smart people (and also me) share thoughts in this article on the @databoxHQ Blog Cleanup Your Bad …

: How come we had caller ID in the 90’s for landlines but not in 2020 for …

: You are only limited by the stories you tell yourself about yourself.

: Thank you Siri. #sleepingin

: People in B2B often act like B2C or local business marketing is something entirely different and …

: Big moon tonight

: skynet is online

: Winners never chase results. Winners drive action. Action drives results.

: Just organized the switch and accessories. Should I use days, hours, or minutes as a unit for the …

: Weston nominates all his delegates for Puppy.

: Enthusiasm, curbed.

: The view right now in Texas.

: Blew right past two hundred days without realizing

: Spotted in Fort Worth. Turn Texas Blue.

: Just overheard the 5 year old saying “Today must be Wednesday!” and I honestly have no evidence to …

: When there are only 1-2 pieces of new content per month. This regular feature becomes much easier to …

: If you are a tinkerer and entrepreneur, you might consider something besides Wordpress for your …

: Netflix is pushing this one hard. Ads everywhere.

: Just went in and turned some domains off of auto renew and I feel lighter than air. #letitgo

: Thanks to @macgenie for my new sticker!

: Writing in books is cool.

: If you plan to have children, say goodbye to your algorithms.

: it’s Thursday and it’s about to be turned up

: Frank and I

: Mondays

: Switch trends for July

: Wow. Strong move.

: ‪Trying to get the two year old to sleep. He’s just exclaiming “moo goo gai pan” …

: There is now a law where everyone has to be a restaurant server for a year before they work in an …

: Frank & Camille

: social distancing

: #onejob

: sometimes all cylinders are firing at our place

: why I was late to our zoom sorry not sorry

: Captain Toad is maybe the best game of all time.

: My sons.

: I get up for five minutes

: found this on the walking trails near my house and there is no way pennywise isn’t in there

: Life moves pretty fast…

: 5pm. My House. Can anyone relate?

: The team that designed the craigslist website should get a design award. The damn thing still works …

: This is my friendly reminder for you that you too can make great salsa on this Fourth of July.

: Spider-Man wears a mask to protect the ones he loves.

: I have to say that I didn’t expect this throwback on Sonos Kid’s Rock Radio; but …

: Trolls World Tour

: ok apple tv remote now you are just trolling me

: Husbands everywhere searching for android phonez.

: 150 days so far. Might as well keep it up a while longer.

: ❤️

: Super Mario 2

: Hey is coming out strong.

: Yeti in my spaghetti.

: Bad take. This is like saying “I ran shitty ads for a week and they didn’t work so no ads will ever …

: We got to check out the International Space Station as it went over Texas tonight. The “Night Sky” …


: The entire story of me napping through a space rocket launch in one image.

: Flipping between channel this Saturday morning there is nothing but bad news. I stopped to escape …

: This morning I found myself looking up the definition of “presidential”. The truth is …

: My two year old spends more time as a nudist in this lockdown than actual nudists.

: So far here are the results on my LinkedIn poll. Not terribly surprising distribution, and it is …

: One of Harper’s masterpieces. 🎨

: There is no keyboard shortcut to leave a zoom meeting.

: Question for #Texas Internet: Am I still Texan if I haven’t put on my boots in over two months?

: Siri suggestions will not let you pretend. It knows your priorities.

: This is a fantastic movie that almost no one has seen.

: Someone at Google is pulling out all the subject line inbox tricks to get my eyes on Google Meet. …

: I ate half the sticker on the apple.

: Hijinks.

: Y’all be careful there are animals taking over the road look at this emu

: Frank is all of us right now.

: In this wacky game, Yeti is just chillin' on the noodles… but as you remove them one by one …

: All these tablets and tv’s and all they do is play Trolls. Just a bunch of Troll watching …

: tfw you realize your algorithm has been hijacked by a 2 year old.

: Sending this over from iA Writer

: Sending this over from iA Writer 2

: My daughter is Class of 2033. 😮

: Serenity now.

: This is something only parents are likely to get in their Spotify.

: Check this out @manton stretch goals for the team plan. Medium does a great job of showing …

: ✌️

: Want to be able to predict the future of America? Futurists always say to look to Asia.

: Not one. Not two. But THREE porch/driveway parties spotted on my neighborhood walk tonight. Not a …

: An important lesson for #marketers. The traditional channels have changed, and it sometimes extends …

: My two children have had multiple zoom calls with both Spider-Man and Ariel. We live in weird times.

: Leaders need to stop in their tracks. Right now. And spend some time in their own customer …

: 😷 The Apple Watch should unlock the FaceID iPhone/iPad the same way it unlocks my Mac. #maskproblems

: 100 days with no booze so far. Not near as bad as I thought it’d be. I’ll keep going and …

: I took Frank for a walk through the neighborhood tonight and then OMG Bonkers birthday party crowded …

: no question the best flavor

: Hot take: Panic at the DIsco! Should be removed from the Frozen 2 soundtrack because it is the …

: The world may end. You’re right. But that’s not a reason to be scared. None of us know what will …

: Invaders

: Caption this. 🤣

: Here’s a copy of the Open Texas Plan PDF.

: Good reminder from Jonah Berger How to Persuade People to Change Their Behavior

: Frank & Weston (left to right) on a 😎 afternoon. #westonshashtag #frank

: COVID-19 Dashboards for North Texas

: #winning

: Got a new app.

: #Doga

: The Westworld “previously on"s are exactly like the Mad Men “next time on"s in …

: Nostalgia is a powerful drug. The biggest pushers are going to lean on it hard with all this going …

: The Twitter app has surprisingly robust keyboard shortcuts on iOS. Well done.

: Somehow it feels more real when I see the spring events getting removed from the calendar.

: tfw someone is on the cell you need in Google Sheets.

: Crafts

: Alexa, play Joe Cocker

: My favorite Bill Withers song #RIP

: Ok I think we’re good on the Zoom tips. Got it.

: I would get up but…

: Sick 🎵 needle drop on last night’s “Devs” on FX on Hulu. Free - Oh I Wept

: If Apple launched FaceTime for Android (with Group FaceTime) it would change the landscape of this …

: We went ahead and busted out the Christmas mat. Moving the holidays up a few months because why the …

: “It’s the same old story T-Rex, five after and they still haven’t started the …

: It’s never been more apparent how the world isn’t just small. It’s tiny. And …

: Cool to see @notarize on this list of work apps in the App Store. Great service and people.

: Some more learning apps featured in the App Store.

: Heed my daughter’s warning. #beonthelookout

: For parents looking to do something with your kids. Gesundheit! on the iPad is well worth your time, …

: “Berkeley” Awesome ad #copywriting for one of the neighborhoods I grew up in in Fort Worth. …

: I did it!

: Corporate Takeover.

: Finally setting up the real version of the home office. #boomarm

: Just assembled this bad boy for the home school.

: #socialdistancing

: Camille does not seem to mind all this hanging around the house.

: Now that we are all home school parents, I have a thought. Despite us needing to also get work done …

: All y’all can keep hoarding your toilet paper. Just got me a Tushy Classic for less than the …

: Got this Poang chair for the kids so they’d have a chair Camille wouldn’t want to sit …

: If you don’t have one of these logtech webcams, i suggest that you invest as soon as they come …

: Pulled Pork Carnitas on the Big Green Egg

: Handy Roasted Salsa Recipe & Ingredients

: Smart intent keyword targeting from the Bloomberg Campaign. I have tried variations and he’s …

: A #marketing framework for deciding how to treat any given person who comes to your website.

: Where is the Apple TV remote?

: Frank has really been enjoying this week at the office. #frank

: ➚ Jason Isbell will team with Jay Buchanan and David Crosby on new album “Due May 15th, Reunions …

: There’s a place between good enough and perfect that you have to make the decision to ship …

: Dear caucuses and primaries, I’d like to introduce you to my friend… Mr. Scantron

: Google Maps got a new do and I don’t recognize it.

: Goat!

: Bunch of crooks.

: Watch your six.

: It happens like clockwork every 25 yrs. Live chase. Then, OJ. Now, cow.

: Do any other copywriter types watch the Draper lucky strike scene as much as Christmas types watch …

: The only thing more fun in #copywriting than writing 30 headlines in really short period of time is …

: Nap futures are up.

: Unpopular Opinion: People who post “Hot Takes” on Twitter have never realy thought it …

: Camille played Pretty Pretty Princess with #harpershashtag

: If you’re looking to improve your Overcast experience.

: Love all the companies in my emails burying their privacy policy updates.

: Maybe it’s finally time.

: I got one of these Brydge keyboards for my iPad Pro 11 and it makes me want to yell at all of the …

: I was told to “get ready” for some assembly on Christmas Eve. If last year’s all nighter toy fest is …

: Oven Bacon 🥓 > Pan Bacon #nofilter

: When writing marketing copy, every line’s job is to get you to read the next line. To get you …

: The real litmus test for “Kid Friendly” is if the place have a changing station in the …

: If you know anyone with a MacBook or iPad Pro… they need this USB-C Hub in their stocking. …

: Thank the makers for real time amazon delivery notifications. Need this bad boy as soon as it comes …

: Frank the dog is at the office with me today. Ask him anything.

: This amazing piece of kit is on sale for Black Friday. Maybe the most valuable thing in my bag. …

: Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?

: No way. I’m immediately calling on all brands who are advertising on Facebook to stop until …

: In any market, there are always the two top brands vs everyone else. And for everyone else, they …

: All this y’all about WeWork. Check out the happy tenant in our webinar studio.

: You know the game is getting harder when you see the trades start to stray from their beat…

: These Gemini Man (Today Will Smith v 90’s Fresh Prince era Smith) trailers have turned my …

: They always talk about age discrimination. (For the record, not for it.) However, could some extra …

: Noted.

: The Struggle is Real.

: Today’s lineup.

: This is why I have to get the iPhone pro. Because they removed the zoom lens from the base phone. …

: tfw you actually have purple glitter on and in everything in your life #daddin

: There’s so much bullshit out there. Most of it really. Figure out where you are riding with …

: It’s the little improvements you make every day that push you forward. Never let today go …

: Hot take: The majority of people don’t care about super awesome cameras. If they put the …

: Apple really wants you to use their music app and not to bal to “airplay 2” other …

: Missed it again!

: Hey Google. We need “Verified” checkmarks for news sources that are legit. “The …

: It’s so interesting that Medium kind of didn’t really (i know it was popular, but follow …

: Although everyone knows the frisbee was invented at Camp Longhorn, there hasn’t been a Sal-O …

: Sadly, I believe that this is likely. Sad, but true. “Trump is more likely to be reelected …

: Drift’s new Automation product is a great way to scale your ability to HOLD conversations. But …

: The value of using Voice Assistants like #Alexa, #GoogleAssistant, or #Siri to play music is in …

: Take your daughter to work day. #camilleshashtag

: How will the EU’s Strong Customer Authentication (#SCA) Law’s affect #SAAS #Retention? …

: Untitled.

: Must have looked more comfortable than the bench seat. #camilleshashtag Frank looking on… …

: “I expect to find the information I need to make a buying decision readily available.“ Read more: …

: ➚ Online marketing vs. marketing online | Seth’s take on Clouds and Dirt The strategy needs to …

: 🥺 tfw the app “has not yet built an integration on Zapier” and you can’t automate …

: Remember when you only had 2 kids and scoffed at the idea of an au pair when doing Dad alone with …

: This just in: 14% of your prospects Love Forms! “‘I hope I can spend a lot of time asking …

: the insanity of definition

: All Eyez on Weston

: how to lose your audience with bad push notifications.

: I go to Carrot Weather for the jokes. Plus, Bonus Weather! CARROT Weather’s forecast for Fort …

: If your cold email/call starts with “I was just hoping to…” Start over.

: Frank + Camille want to be your friend.

: ➚ Ryan Deiss on Dan Kennedy's Impact

: Does any person think to themselves they want to become a lead from your campaign? Probably not. But …

: Has anyone else noticed album art “video?” on Spotify? Well, I have and it reminds me of …

: Is there a #raspberrypi area of Micro.Blog?

: Franklin L. Ocean Cheerio Handy

: Big day for Camille+Frank. Shoutout to all those who said hello.

: I wonder how the newsletter team would feel if they experienced this. The subscribe box is covered …

: What if Twitter changed this to “Let’s create your first moment.”? #microcopy

: Move over Plan 9 from Outer Space… I submit to you for the worst 🎥 movie ever made: The Lion …

: Say hello to Camille & Frank..

: This will be good for product managers and product marketers to work together. Unifying app and web …

: #B2B marketers should stay tuned to what’s being celebrated here at the @Digiday Technology …

: Alexa stop. 🛑 That is not at all what I wanted. You’ve disappointed me greatly. Now, …

: Gave the ol' chatbot for @ClosedWon a makeover. Meet Otis.

: When #SlackDown, the real work happens.

: Monday morning. Let’s go!

: “Attitudes are caught, not taught.” Fred Rogers

: One of my favorite (and expected) things is Dark Mode. But when Twitter just asked me if I wanted it …

: Seth on surveys (and how I disagree with one point)

: Hypothetically… if this young man were to become my son… what should his name be? Fill …

: Showdown!!!! Quilting vs. Knitting: It don’t get much betta than this.

: If you find yourself typing “Fwd:” in the subject line of an email (mass or 1-1) just …

: Spotted an Alice Cooper fan.

: Dad tip #1066: Pirates of the Carabiner Keep at least one on the backpack strap.

: So they can see the swimmers…

: 10x Björner

: Customer Journeys are Out of Order

: Copy > Crayons

: Despite past experience, and many signs. I’ve never broken my 100% fail rate to reach the lobby on …

: ➚ ‘Scrappy’ is not the same as ‘crappy’ | Seth’s Blog “Ship scrappy.“

: I’ve been a fan of Jamie Cullum for a long time. This new album is the first time he’s really made …

: ♾ Om Malik on The Problem With “Content” It really is all about mindset.

: The Medium is the Message

: Dads and grads y’all. Dads and grads.

: Have an Apple Watch? Get Sleep++ and wear it while you sleep. (Charge while getting ready.) You will …

: When this client stopped focusing on a hands-off chatbots only approach and increased the level of …

: Within 6 months, many Enterprise/Business SAAS apps will have native iPad and Mac apps. Within 12 …

: Successssss

: I believe they call this Conversion Rate Optimization. #CRO

: 🤔 How much company business communication do you think gets done over iMessage or WhatsApp as …

: perfect

: I found Drogon. #gameofthrones

: Well, I’m not halfway through my first article of the day and I can’t figure out how to X out your …

: This is shaping up to be a must-listen episode of The Knowledge Project.

: Dear diary, Went to the Zoo tonight. Met an emu and a few giraffes. Hung with an 80’s hair band and …

: Behind every warning sign, there is a story. This one sounds like it was written by David Allan Coe. …

: So many scary things in the world. But this is way up there… The president is clearly …

: ➚ nothing new in the world Wisdom in this post by @nickusborne. “Most of the “new” copywriting and …

: Mark Schaefer on your corporate progress ➚ Being normal is not a point of differentiation Great …

: The Daily Scorecard. A daily report on the inputs and outputs that lead to success. I’m making some …

: I’ve been doing a lot more work from my iPad. Keyboard Shortcuts are the key. The biggest ones? …

: Weston’s first viewing. #perfectmovie

: The new @WeWork Commerce in #FortWorth opened today and they did a great job. Overlooking Sundance …

: ➚ Shane Parrish on How Our Brains Lie Because we love a good story Our brains are stubborn… …

: What’s the formula to put my 18 month old to sleep? Ingredients list: 1 Son 1 Dad 1 Baby Bjorn …

: Data is noise. Information is interesting, Knowledge is power. Insight is invaluable.

: Everyone distracted by streaming services, device share, social dominance, etc.. is forgetting that …

: What would we do in the world without hosts at restaurants?

: How to use emoji like Slack in any app on the Mac

: ➚ inessential: The Under-Appreciated Awesomeness of Apple Events (the Technology) In other words, …

: Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.2 | WebKit ➚ This will change how #martech and #adtech for the …

: Go out and get it.

: James Holzhauer: Why the ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Is Bad TV (Column) – Variety ➚ James is only the …

: how to get more work done in less time ✅ Make Do Not Disturb work for you! Watch this …

: How I’ve Been Approaching Podcast Recording

: I don’t know what this is trying to say, but I do know it is indicative of the decline of the movie …

: Of course the kids got their photos too…

: Her last invitation didn’t have a Google “meet” link, and Bethany didn’t change settings. It has a …

: The True Cost of Customer Response via Seth Godin ➚ Waiting an extra day to get back to just one …

: Ending Robocalls. Game changer right here. My phone rings 1/10 of the time now. And I can see who it …

: In the news of things no one wants: Facebook is working on a voice assistant to rival the likes of …

: The first three episodes of our new business podcast Dialog . fm have dropped. Check them out and …

: Why isn’t Amazon turning Audible into the best podcast app? Half of podcasts feature Audible …

: #AlbumSunday 1 Real quick though. This is important. volcano choir - repave (2013)

: It’s GoT Time.

: Texas. Home.

: Wise words from John Bonini on Twitter Don’t blog. Write. Don’t promote. Share. …

: Interesting that this suggestion is from 2011. I wonder if Jack read it then. Twitter, 140 …

: How do startups actually get their content marketing to work? | TechCrunch 🔗 Even the best growth …

: The new podcasts ( and deep thoughts) are now Spotified.

: Intuit CIO: Be Strategic About the Bots You Build - WSJ

: A typical scene for a Handy Home in the aftermath of morning.

: Great listen (non-partisan segment) at 14:36 of Knowledge at Wharton Podcast on the Fed nominees

: YouTube TV isn’t grandfathering the early customers in (I’ve been sitting at an early price of 35 …

: Rarely can anyone or anything actually jump straight to 10x improvement in reality. How about trying …

: Hey, I Have A New Business Podcast: Dialog

: Brackets

: Underwater Hippos

: Changing scenery can be the best way to #GSD.

: Deep Thoughts #2 just released. Are you subscribed yet? It’s the new weekly email you can’t miss. …

: As scary as this sounds… it actually doesn’t sound that far off from where we are headed. …

: Here is a picture of me in a hat with my son and it is his hat and he wants it back like pretty much …

: I highly recommend Osprey’s products and accessories and they are on sale over at Amazon today. …

: Swipe my Alfred Workflow for Drafts for Mac - Drafts for Mac - Drafts Community If you’ve just …

: “Hey Siri. Play Snow White on the Apple TV.” I am now a dad 🧙‍♂️.

: Doing the work beats shortcuts and automation every time.

: iOS 12.2 has huge implication for enterprise marketers and advertisers. privateisthenewblack

: What’s your favorite “marketing” movie?

: Deep Thoughts #0 - The World’s Largest Quarter

: The first issue of Deep Thoughts (my personal newsletter) is coming out Sunday. Are you going to get …

: I changed the Twitter handle to @chrishandyblog.

: All the Prospect Dialer SAAS Apps You Use Are In Trouble

: Good night, Tex.

: Great article here on GarageBand from Rolling Stone. For better or worse, Garageband lets anyone …

: Thinking of Tex tonight.

: Life finds a way… The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is Google Docs - The Atlantic Chatting via …

: When Corporate America Joins In the Podcast Craze, ‘It Gets Boring Fast’ - WSJ

: Currently reading: Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer 📚

: GO GO GO Beto Joins the Race

: The meaningful stuff. The good stuff behind their success. Is right here. Sketch raises $20m in …

: 👍

: Can you move all the old tweets to I’m loving having this as home base!

: 🏠

: Worlds Largest Quarter

: #snowman

: In 1966, Andy Dufresne escaped from Shawshank prison.

: Velveteen Rabbit #harpershashtag #westonshashtag



: What is this stuff?

: Pumpkin Boy #westonshashtag

: Good morning #westonshashtag

: #harpershashtag #westonshashtag

: Those Handy boys from Texas. #westonshashtag

: Stuff finally showing up

: Swingin’ with #harpershashtag and #westonshashtag

: Crew. #harpershashtag #westonshashtag

: Crew. #harpershashtag #westonshashtag

: Ask for what you want. You might get it.

: Happy Father’s Day!

: Response Time

: Good stuff in Is your customer the unifying thread? How to do martech right - MarTech Today if you …

: I was able to spend a good amount of time with a Bjorn on today. Good times.

: Product development

: Squirrel

: Howdy y’all!

: Sturgill Simpson- Welcome to Earth (Pollywog) (Live at HSB 2017) …

: Crew.

: Awesome for #eventmarketing…

: Bethany is a superhero and makes our world go round. She was featured in DFW Child Magazine profile …

: In the peanut gallery with westonshashtag at Princess Camp for #harpershashtag recital.

: Taco Wednesday

: Empire Business. #harpershashtag

: Man v. Beast #westonshashtag

: #westonshashtag #delfie #selfiewithdad

: #harpershashtag, #westonshashtag, and #mom

: #harpershashtag milk mustache

: My son, on FaceTime. Wild Hair.


: #westonshashtag sporting a #fresh new hat.


: A clipboard and a discerning look will get you backstage anywhere. Training my son. #westonshashtag

: I’m working with Evan Brandt from Cal Lutheran this week on his company FamWe for the Richard and …

: The struggle is real.

: #product

: I forgot to post this a while back. I’m really enjoying our new @closedwon office at @wework.

: I finally set up my desk in our WeWork Office. Need to upgrade this “command center” to standing …

: Aunt Peggy and #westonshashtag

: #westonshashtag hanging with @handybethany and smiling at his Dad.

: π Day at Casa Handy ends in the kitchen. #harpershashtag #weechef


: The #Merch this year is going to be amazing.

: March 1st. In your podcast player. Search “Drift to go”

: I picked up a very forgetful excel spreadsheet that I’ll not ever carry with me in the real world. I …

: My Daughter, The Horse #daddydaughterdance #photobooth #harpershashtag

: I’ll post the same pic next week when it’s done. @wework taking shape in Fort Worth.


: #westonshashtag #yeti #bff

: #harpershashtag gave me the best valentine ever. She’s never written out a word before this. 👧💕

: #harpershashtag #westonshashtag

: Unapologetic Papyrus font usage. No tzaziki sauce involved.

: #westonshashtag #facetime

: I slipped on a banana peel, fell over, and accidentally crocheted this collage of family photos. …

: He’s clearly dreaming of the Power Glove scene from 1989’s ‘The Wizard’ #westonshashtag #powerglove …

: Princess Fielder #harpershashtag

: #dt4life




: Alexa, Play Frozen Music




: #westonshashtag

: #HIRED #harpershashtag to help a bit with #westonshashtag

: Handy Family Portrait (Left to Right: #libbyistrending, #harpershashtag, @handythinks, …

: Someone must have split a quark. My son is my lost twin. #westonshashtag #spacetimecontinuum …

: #harpershashtag showing off #westonshashtag

: Next Year Baby

: Enough with all the Slack teams! Am I right?

: What is the Consumer Knowledgeability Index (CKI)?

: I’m sorry, son. #westonshashtag

: WTH is in my kitchen? What is Ghee?

: Santa Understands Consumer Preference Better than Your Business





: #burgertechnique #harpershashtag

: Lazy Sunday #harpershashtag

: This photo is titled: “In 2017, Tex Handy escaped from Shawshank prison. All they found of him was a …

: My buddy @salvaton is hopping around stage and dropping some knowledge at #INBOUND17

: So let me get this straight @handybethany. When you decided to realize my lifelong dream of picking …


: Waiting for Weston #harpershashtag #babybrother

: Libby caught me by surprise during an attempted dual self portrait.

: #harpershashtag was delighted to be with the fam recently on G.G.’s birthday.

: Should I use personalized "smart content" on this website page?

: On the way! #harpershashtag



: Summertime with #harpershashtag




: The "Lead Status" is HubSpot's Most Little Used Superhero

: On the weekends, Harper throws caution to the wind. #harpershashtag

: If we are choosing sides, I’ve always been more of a Pitted Google Cherry man.

: I am meeting lots of incredible socially conscious undergraduate entrepreneurs at the Values & …

: "Why 'Sales Cures All' is…

: "Toothpaste is peddled with far…



: Do you know when your…

: ⚡ instant messaging is changing…

: How would you describe your…

: I'll be at the first…

: Some quotes from Starbucks alumni Howard Behar

: I was invited to listen to Howard Behar, former President of @starbucks speak this morning. He said, …

: Why Sales and Support Should…






: What once took “forever” can…

: It’s another birthday for @handybethany. Here’s a slice of insight into what goes on in …

: The next superstar out of Texas Motor Speedway, NASCAR’s featherweight champion of the world …

: Evernote should have newsjacked the Amazon S3 Outage








: RT @jackperkins22: Don't strive to…

: If everyone on the road…

: Read the screenshot, then the article

: New HubSpot To Go Pod…

: What should you wear for live video?

: Which #harpershashtag school photo takes the blue ribbon? #iflookscouldkill 1, 2, or 3?

: It’s Picture Day for #harpershashtag, but we had to get a head start.

: All My Children. #harpershashtag #instalibby #texgram

: #lazysunday

: Shady character #harpershashtag

: Curious George, Serious Harper #harpershashtag

: Harper always helps us keep our year end books from being a mess. #beancounter #harpershashtag

: Happy New Year from the Handy Family. #2017 #harpershashtag

: Fireworks at “midnight” #harpershashtag

: The First Daughter #libbyshashtag

: Waiting for Santa. #harpershashtag

: Behold @handybethany & #harpershashtag: Captains of Christmas

: Pictured here is #harpershashtag and I, about to conquer the world. All you need is a clipboard. …

: handybethany & #harpershashtag light the tree.

: “Alexa, assemble this bed” did not work. #smartbedframe #falseadvertising

: Rudolph with @handybethany and #harpershashtag

: Tidbits on Google and Mobile Search

: Cheese. #harpershashtag

: The thought bubble says, “I’ve got an idea so crazy that it just might work.” …

: Should you silence your employees?

: Food for thought on negotiation and expectations

: Harper prefers organic, even when she throws caution to the wind. #recklessabandon …

: How to read reviews

: Is it OK to expose your own flaws in business?

: Is it time to lift my personal boycott on Walmart?

: We’re BOTH so demonstrably excited WE can barely contain OURSELVES. #harpershashtag

: Experience - Practice Makes Know-how

: Is email dead for communication in favor of chat/texting apps?

: For real though... stop pitching over email

: My Grandmother Rule

: Are your managers halting innovation in favor of inner office politics?

: When you get home and everybody’s already fast asleep. Except for Lambie. #HanginwithLambie

: Helps customers buy, so they can do some selling for you

: Are you making it hard for your customers to buy?

: Priorities

: “There is so much bad in the world… and then there is Harper.” - @handybethany on …

: This pony’s name is Cowboy. #harpershashtag

: Say it with fewer, simpler words when possible.

: The “Field of Dreams” Fallacy and Inbound Marketing Myths

: Does your business communication sound like a human speaking?

: The choices our customers make, and the choices we make

: A reminder to design things for the customer, not your CEO

: Empower all your employees to contribute knowledge and reap rewards

: Is this what the Fort Worth Facebook Data Center will look like?

: UTA Fort Worth Campus this morning

: Bon Iver's new album has me skipping back to tracks 8 and 9.

: How I fell prey to curse of knowledge

: Who is coming to eat your lunch?

: The idea of hiding until it's perfect is a fool's game.

: #harpershashtag

: The Happy Days Content Marketing Calendar

: How would your customers describe it? Say it that way instead.

: How would your customers describe it? Say it that way instead.

: Bias

: The History of Email - Eager Blog

: Be human, helpful, and handy.

: Publish or Perish

: How to customize LinkedIn Connection requests on your phone

: Salespeople need to create their own case studies and content

: A Great Ogilvy Quote

: Some general tips on PowerPoint presentations.

: My Weird Friend

: Marketing Lessons from Dr. Nash - Andrew Frank

: For the person considering content marketing for their business:

: I hung out with Princess Jordi LaForge yesterday. #harpershashtag

: #harpershashtag and I sharing a moment of shock and aww.

: Nobody knows me like my babe(s). I got home on a late flight from being out of town all week the …

: Harper doing her best Keanu

: I think I’m getting the hang of this Pokemon game. Got two in a row on our morning walk with …

: #harpershashtag

: Behind every great woman, there is a Dad… and a llama. #harpershashtag #centerstage …

: #harpershashtag

: 🇺🇸

: #harpershashtag doing her best Harry - “Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any …

: Grape Juice Tasting in Sonoma last week with #harpershashtag and @handybethany and #whoisthatguy

: Visited my buddy Ryder in #SF last week.

: Watch live as #harpershashtag acquires a taste (extremely quickly) for @alchemypops intriguing and …

: Sometimes you find the most amazing things in the bathroom. #founditems #dadlife #harpershashtag

: Bedtime for #harpershashtag

: #harpershashtag #fampic

: #harpershashtag and @handybethany make a great team.

: #delfie #harpershashtag #libby #tex

: #borntobjörn #harpershashtag

: Reading with #harpershashtag

: #harpershashtag

: Tex is a gamer. He is dressed up for a #harpershashtag Easter “t” party. No complaints …

: Choosing the right bike at the bike share station. The struggle is real. #toughcall #harpershashtag

: An unexpected blueberry treat from @alchemypops Thank you @mrscarolynphillips

: #harpershashtag tickling the ivories like a champ. Photo credit: @handybethany

: Must be on their way to see P.T. Barnum. Spotted this act on our Magnolia stroll with @handybethany …

: #Delfie with #harpershashtag

: Doing our best Trump impressions. She wins. #harpershashtag

: Harper’s first Carnival. Banking up those Merits. #futurebigheadstockholder #harpershashtag …

: My son, Tex.

: Forget Waldo, Where’s Harper? #harpershashtag

: #harpershashtag #llarythellama #handynewyears

: #harpershashtag #santa #llarythellama #gimothythegiraffe #teepee

: #harpershashtag #dearsanta

: #harpershashtag Holiday Reading

: Already preparing for her first visit from Santa. #harpershashtag

: #harpershashtag #cousins

: #harpershashtag

: #harpershashtag #handyhalloween

: #harpershashtag

: #harpershashtag

: It was so good to see you @_abby. #harpershashtag was delighted to meet you.

: Standing only for @joshua_weathers at the Live Oak. W/ @handybethany

: #harpershashtag

: #chickenbomb #harpershashtag

: Choices.

: Sunday Funday Brunch Aftermath #harpershashtag

: Harper and GG (her great grandmother) #harpershashtag

: #rosebud #citizenkane #harpershashtag

: 8

: #harpershashtag

: Typecast in Hollywood and in life, Dustin Diamond longs for his own identity. To the world, …

: That’s one smart lady. #harpershashtag

: I went with the Mario mustache as the present I gave Bethany for my birthday. Harper likes it! …

: Birthday gift from Harper. #harpershashtag

: #cincodemayo #threemonths #fiesta #harpershashtag

: Tex got a haircut.

: #harpershashtag

: Dan Pink Interview - Ideas To Go

: Baby exchange program #harpershashtag #itshaleygirl

: Easter with the Handy’s #harpershashtag


: Life imitates art.

: Clear the calendar!

: #FaceTime







: What’s that Flamingo? … OK, got it.

: Lo real.



: Just mowed our “lawn” with this bad boy. Way easier than dealing with a big gas monster.


: Found this picture of Tex from when he travelled back to 1885 with Doc Brown.

: Only at Cracker Barrel


: Early Christmas Gift from B. Epic Alan Jackson Afghan

: I don’t care what my desk looks like. I’m taking off for the week. #thanksgiving

: Getting in some extra work so we can take Thxgiving off



: Successful @ArtsGoggle - thanks for all the visitors and great company.

: Out back #Grilling Prime Strip and Asparagus.

: Where I spend a big piece of my day.

: Fajitas and #BreakingBad with @handybethany. Nice little Sunday.


: Hacky Sack

: Luke Wade

: Putting together a new collaborative workspace in the office.

: I learn something new every day here!

: Garage Sale Finds.

: Glad to be home from #inbound13 because of these guys.

: Exploring Boston Common


: Well, I’m pretty sure that’s what we were after. I think our work is done here.

: Hatch Chili Sweet Potato Hash





: All three.



: Old Fashioned Lounge Singing.

: What to do.

: The Doctor is in.

: ZydeCajun

: Tex is going to be so excited. He loves his Amazon Prime membership.

: #thinkcreateshare

: Ad we did for Magnolia Make Believe in the Weekly.

: Coordinating campaigns for three wonderful new clients today! I love my job.

: Libby

: Little T.


: Possibly swayed by the brilliantly clear packaging of Simply Orange, I had steered clear of other …







: It’s a Texas Christmas Tree Experience!

: Found 1981 TVS Yearbook at Old Home Supply. Great Mr. Fleming Photo!

: Watching a planned building implosion. This skyline is about to change.

: Studying up for the big day!

: That’s right. It’s a sock monkey.

: Thought we would capture a moment of a little web traffic analytics education.


: Introducing the brand new #thinksouthsidejobs section. Apply to be the bassist for this garage band …


: This is a paid advertisement. Simply Orange with Mango pays me every morning with its deliciousness.

: Welcome client Ramon Franklin, LLC to the @artssouth family!

: Watchdog: Keeping Our Streets Safe

: Branding Design for @thinksouthside


: #PictureItFW #UrbanLiving @theusualbar + Holy Frijoles The best collaboration since Page & …




: Just a blurry preview of a current project. Mobile Friendly is not an option. It’s a …

: JWB just took the stage!

: Filling out content for the Sup Pup Dog Blog!

: You got it!

: Coding into the night.

: Awesome New Vibe with live jazz.

: Found Him!

: Strange Trailer Sighting. Mysterious, yet oddly connected to social media. No usernames disclosed. …

: I’m not sure I can add anything to this.

: #danger



: Facebook Cover Photo Upgrade Thursday! Who’s next?

: Score one for the home team!




: Make sure to drop by for the Arts Goggle!

: Just been hanging a few pieces of Robert’s work for the Arts Goggle. Here’s a sneak …

: Thanks Bethany for setting up an awesome birthday!


: Chickens on a Tuesday

: Last day before moving to the bigger office!


: Air never fresher than after a good rain.

: Love our neighborhood!









: Tell tread I am a lazy responder and to compose something to sign.

: Working late at the new house and just caught a view from the bedroom to be.



: I said no lemon!

: Fo Sniffle










: Good Morning.

: Photography Rules in Nature

: Hardcore.



: Great new place!



: Dawes

: That Western Skyline

: Chips and Salsa

: Early Bird!


: Ssahm BBQ @avoca

: #artssouth

: #ArtsSouth






: Superlungs!



: I love having breakfast with my beautiful wife.



























: Rivaling Port of Call in Junkiness

: Eggs Benedict served on a waffle.


















: Take comfort that this exists.



: Palapa


: Friday in May






: Breakfast tacos at YES!




: It is important that we embrace our roots. Future generations need to know about our Royalty!

: Another day.

: Faced with the biggest decision of my life. I feel like Hamlet.







: It’s a beautiful morning for a stroll!


: Danger awaits


: #artssouth




: Beef Burrito





: On Belet Mayor Mike!

: #ArtsSouth









: Go ahead. Take a seat.


: Stairway To Heaven

: Waiting

: Has everyone discovered the secret patio at the Usual?

: Look Ma! No Hands!



: Easy there killer.


: Congratulations to our Dallas Mavericks on another Win! One more to go!



: Go Mavs! Down with LeBron

: Guisado

: Thrilling times at the CB.

: Just hit the east side of the ESP

: More!

: Flashes of ‘Wet Hot American Summer’


: It’s so bad.



: Tacos



: Some Assembly Required

: Paper St?

: Choices



: Please steal me



: Old media.



: Good Morn


: Oui




: Game table




: Mane




: Harvey Dent

: Culture

: Jazz Fest.





: Timothy

: Swamp

: Crunch


: Bear

: Ro-Ads

: Tron

: Downturn





: Dedication.

: Cartography

: Chicken…

: Gator Tamer