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I’m no expert, but I do have some product marketing experience and I’ve never seen the “shame customers into buying a product they don’t want” strategy work out so well.

Every Product Maketing hire should go through onboarding as a sales rep before (or concurrently with) anything else. ⬇️

You need to understand their world as it exists today before you can level it up.

What else should be on every PMM’s 30/60/90?


Amazon’s packages aren’t “easy-open”.

They are “frustration-free”.

Lead with the problem, not the benefit.


Launching any product without social proof is ill advised.

Giving early adopters a “backstage pass” to how the product is made, and giving them a voice in the product’s direction in exchange for a customer testimonial is a pretty big win for everyone.

The best product marketing teams need to drive three things:

  1. Help the product team build what sells.
  2. Help the sales team sell what we build.
  3. Help customers get the outcome we promised.

Just saw a product reposition themselves as:

“The all-in-one platform for businesses, Now with AI”

It may sound good in the echo chamber of your zoom meetings but this is literally meaningless to the potential customer.

It could also dismay your current customers, who might perceive that the app they love has now lost focus.

Nostalgia is a powerful weapon.

It can stir emotions that change minds, sway opinions, even win elections…

Use it for good. Not evil.

Active listening is such an important topic. I have tried to work on it and get better over time. I’m convinced it’s a skill everyone needs to get better at.

Especially in product management, where …

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