The only thing more fun in #copywriting than writing 30 headlines in really short period of time is blasting back through fo the second pass to find and assemble the good stuff.

Nap futures are up.

Unpopular Opinion:

People who post “Hot Takes” on Twitter have never realy thought it through. Period.

Nuff said.


Camille played Pretty Pretty Princess with #harpershashtag

If you’re looking to improve your Overcast experience.

Love all the companies in my emails burying their privacy policy updates.

Maybe it’s finally time.

I got one of these Brydge keyboards for my iPad Pro 11 and it makes me want to yell at all of the #B2B #SaaS apps and websites that just don’t play well with the iPad and/or Safari. Very close to not needing my MacBook anymore.

I was told to “get ready” for some assembly on Christmas Eve. If last year’s all nighter toy fest is any indication, something tells me I better pick up an IPA or a red bull.

Oven Bacon 🥓 > Pan Bacon


When writing marketing copy, every line’s job is to get you to read the next line. To get you more invested in reading the piece.

So much so that in the end you want to take action.

A lot of attention is paid to headlines. But not sub heads. The second line is often more important than the first.

This story from the Atlantic is straight up mastery. Even though it’s not copywriting, it should be copied.

The real litmus test for “Kid Friendly” is if the place have a changing station in the Men’s Bathroom. It could be a makeshift table for all I care. But it’s gotta be there.


If you know anyone with a MacBook or iPad Pro… they need this USB-C Hub in their stocking. Just got mine and it’s fantastic.

Thank the makers for real time amazon delivery notifications. Need this bad boy as soon as it comes off the truck.

Frank the dog is at the office with me today. Ask him anything.

This amazing piece of kit is on sale for Black Friday. Maybe the most valuable thing in my bag. : Osprey UltraLight Padded Organizer, Shadow Grey, One Size : Sports & Outdoors

Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?

No way. I’m immediately calling on all brands who are advertising on Facebook to stop until this policy is lifted. End of story. I’ll start calling out a brand a day starting tomorrow who hasn’t.…

In any market, there are always the two top brands vs everyone else.

And for everyone else, they have to answer “What can YOU do for ME?”

All this y’all about WeWork.

Check out the happy tenant in our webinar studio.

You know the game is getting harder when you see the trades start to stray from their beat…

These Gemini Man (Today Will Smith v 90’s Fresh Prince era Smith) trailers have turned my suspicion into a prediction. There will be no new movie stars in 10 years. Only existing IP will prevail for on air talent. Only manufactured/“on point” personas will emerge for mass market.

They always talk about age discrimination. (For the record, not for it.) However, could some extra measure of safety be put in place say… around 150 years old? Could be Thomas was totally ready to take out tourists though.


The Struggle is Real.