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If your cold email/call starts with “I was just hoping to…”

Start over.

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➚ Ryan Deiss on Dan Kennedy’s Impact

A really nice tribute to a marketing legend. I’ve read a lot of both Ryan and Dan’s work and it’s influenced many of the things I’ve done. But I need to go back to both for refreshers often.

“If you have been around DigitalMarketer for any length of time, you’ve heard me parrot Dan, you just probably didn’t realize it.

It is the phrase that inspired the first 5-step sales funnel, the “Million Dollar Napkin,” the “Customer Value Optimization Methodology,” and most recently, “The Customer Value Journey.”

“He or she who is willing to spend the most to acquire a customer wins.”

More times than not, I give Dan credit for teaching me that, but all too often, I don’t.

I’m sorry, Dan. I’m sorry I don’t give you the full credit you deserved. I’m sorry that I sometimes forget who taught me this craft.

So thank you, Dan.“

Read more: Thank you, Dan Kennedy ➚

Does any person think to themselves they want to become a lead from your campaign?

Probably not.

But I still see people and brands posting links to their landing pages at domains like “LEADS.brand.com” and “CAMPAIGNS.brand.com”.

This is a failure to recognize the #customerexperience and it is hurting your conversion rates. But, it can be fixed.

I’ve seen great sub domains used. Clever ones even that incorporate the brand voice in some way.

But to give you something generic to use that works every time. Try “HELLO.brand.com”.

If that’s too edgy for you. Try “LINK.brand.com”.

Just don’t make the visitor feel like they are going to become a #marketing “campaign lead”.

Has anyone else noticed album art “video?” on Spotify? Well, I have and it reminds me of the Winamp visualizations from back on the day. But clearly customized by the artist for the album. Here’s Bob Iger’s latest album. Just kidding, here’s Bon Iver’s latest album.

Is there a #raspberrypi area of Micro.Blog?

Franklin L. Ocean Cheerio Handy

Big day for Camille+Frank. Shoutout to all those who said hello.

I wonder how the newsletter team would feel if they experienced this. The subscribe box is covered up by the ad. I wonder if an ad click is more valuable than a subscriber. I bet not. Perhaps they don’t visit the website at all. You can always spot a pub that doesn’t read their own site. #ux