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Nostalgia is a powerful weapon.

It can stir emotions that change minds, sway opinions, even win elections…

Use it for good. Not evil.

Active listening is such an important topic. I have tried to work on it and get better over time. I’m convinced it’s a skill everyone needs to get better at.

Especially in product management, where …

The “break-up email” in this SDR sequence is sure to at least get some replies. But I’m not sure it works as they intended.

It would be much better as the first message to get the back and forth going.

Relationships FIRST, business second.

Product-led vs. Sales-led isn’t a mutually exclusive choice. See this example from Toggl, who understands that different buyers have different needs. They signal that if you want to engage sales, you need to be considering the teams version (with 10+ seats). This page is very well executed.

Problem Marketing > Product Marketing

People don’t wake up in the morning excited to buy tools. They wake up in the morning excited to solve problems.

Looking to start a @shopify eCommerce store after being out of the game for several years.

My thought is that it should serve a specific audience with curated products for multi-faceted lives, not a just be category of products.

Pros, where do you look for inventory? Do you drop ship or keep stock?

The best reps KNOW THEIR CUSTOMERS. Those reps? Restaurant servers who bring the kid’s meals out ASAP and drop the check with the meal. How can we learn from these geniuses?

Product marketing is about giving your customers a clear story and the words to use to describe your product. How are we feeling about this clarity?

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