I miss the old days when we could get together in crowds!


New Home Screen

New Home Screen.

The struggle is real.

On my fridge currently

66 smart people (and also me) share thoughts in this article on the @databoxHQ Blog

Cleanup Your Bad CRM Data Like the Pros Do a.handy.link/3ieSq1v

How come we had caller ID in the 90’s for landlines but not in 2020 for “smartphones”?

You are only limited by the stories you tell yourself about yourself.

Thank you Siri. #sleepingin

People in B2B often act like B2C or local business marketing is something entirely different and that the same exact things wont work. But they’re all wrong. Marketing a local business well is just marketing with better segmentation than most people use.

Big moon tonight

skynet is online

Winners never chase results.

Winners drive action.

Action drives results.

Just organized the switch and accessories.

Should I use days, hours, or minutes as a unit for the Over/Under on total chaos?

Weston nominates all his delegates for Puppy.

Enthusiasm, curbed.

The view right now in Texas.

Blew right past two hundred days without realizing

Spotted in Fort Worth.

Turn Texas Blue.

Just overheard the 5 year old saying “Today must be Wednesday!” and I honestly have no evidence to dispute her claim.

When there are only 1-2 pieces of new content per month. This regular feature becomes much easier to write. Just list ‘em all.

If you are a tinkerer and entrepreneur, you might consider something besides Wordpress for your website. There are too many distractions in there. Constantly testing plugins and tweaking things is usually a big waste of time.

Netflix is pushing this one hard. Ads everywhere.

Just went in and turned some domains off of auto renew and I feel lighter than air. #letitgo

Thanks to @macgenie for my new micro.blog sticker!