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  • Well, I’m not halfway through my first article of the day and I can’t figure out how to X out your pop up, The New Yorker. So I am afraid for that reason, I must reject your offer, with no qualms!

  • Dear diary, Went to the Zoo tonight. Met an emu and a few giraffes. Hung with an 80’s hair band and I also saw a gator from a distance.

  • Behind every warning sign, there is a story. This one sounds like it was written by David Allan Coe.

    (at the dealer service department in Fort Worth, TX.)

  • So many scary things in the world. But this is way up there… The president is clearly building an email marketing list of scorned people that actively declare extreme views… to whom he can segment by bias/emotion and call to action when he needs, out of public view.

    ➚ The White House launches tool to report censorship on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter - The Verge

    “The tool, which is hosted on Typeform, asks users for screenshots and links of the offending content, and provides a text field where users can describe the enforcement actions taken against them. The user is also asked to choose between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or “other” as the platform where the offense took place. (Facebook and Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

    The tool also collects significant personal information from the user, and near the end invites users to opt into email newsletters from President Trump, “so we can update you without relying on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.” A separate question points users to an extensive user agreement, and makes clear that “you understand this form is for information gathering only.”“

    Read more: White House launches tool to report censorship on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter - The Verge ➚

  • Mark Schaefer on your corporate progress ➚ Being normal is not a point of differentiation

    Great stuff from the Schaef here. No one cares about your ability to not be terrible. As consumers, we expect that to be tablestakes.

    “What we really want is to see you.

    Come into our city. Show up in our meetings, in our neighborhoods, in our celebrations. Make a difference in a way that is tangible and believable.

    Today, you can’t just promote your progress. Show us. Don’t be in our community. Be of our community.“

    Read more: Being normal is not a point of differentiation | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow} ➚

  • The Daily Scorecard.

    A daily report on the inputs and outputs that lead to success.

    I’m making some adjustments to what I’m tracking for my business and it got me thinking.

    I need a personal scorecard too.

    What inputs and outputs would you track?

  • I’ve been doing a lot more work from my iPad. Keyboard Shortcuts are the key. The biggest ones?

    Cmd-tab to switch apps; space and shift-space to scroll down, and up respectively.

    I will be overjoyed when supports scrolling with space bar and some of the others.

  • The new @WeWork Commerce in #FortWorth opened today and they did a great job. Overlooking Sundance Square, It’s nice to have the studio be downtown funkytown.


  • ➚ Shane Parrish on How Our Brains Lie Because we love a good story

    Our brains are stubborn…

    “ Nobel Prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman offers an example of how our brains look for, and assume, causality:

    “After spending a day exploring beautiful sights in the crowded streets of New York, Jane discovered that her wallet was missing.”

    That’s all you get. No background on Jane, or any particulars about where she went. Kahneman presented this miniature story to his test subjects hidden among several other statements. When Kahneman later offered a surprise recall test, “the word pickpocket was more strongly associated with the story than the word sights, even though the latter was actually in the sentence while the former was not.” 1“

    Read more on Farman Street: The Lies We Tell ➚

  • What’s the formula to put my 18 month old to sleep?

    Ingredients list: - 1 Son - 1 Dad - 1 Baby Bjorn (laces out) - 1/3 of a Record on the Alexa (Repave by Volcano Choir OR Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd) - 1 Dad Sway (stopping is forbidden)

    Cooking time will vary.

  • Data is noise. Information is interesting, Knowledge is power. Insight is invaluable.

  • Everyone distracted by streaming services, device share, social dominance, etc.. is forgetting that Bezos now owns their corporate bathroom’s share of wallet too.

  • What would we do in the world without hosts at restaurants?

    Have you ever been to a restaurant and no one worked the host or hostess stand?

    It seemingly takes forever to get anyone’s attention – because everyone’s running around busy doing their jobs.

    The folks in the restaurant are cooking, serving, working on the expo line, talking with customers, and just generally running the restaurant as it stands today – Serving the current customers, they’re too busy to look up and see the brand new customers waiting at the front of the store.

    How many times have you left in a situation like this where you couldn’t get noticed fast enough. Now think back to the last time you went to a business to business type website. Were you met with a host or were you met with the wall of friction… with the wall of waiting… with a company too busy to look up from what they were doing to give you the time of day – and how many times have you left that experience because you couldn’t get an answer.

    Even the times you pushed through how many times have you not gotten a response either in time (or ever)?

    It’s these considerations we need to make as we design our own customer experiences and it’s time to consider how we can have a better host like experience with every customer interaction.

  • Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.2 | WebKit ➚

    This will change how #martech and #adtech for the better. Important read here…

    As of ITP 2.2, persistent cookies set through document.cookie are capped to one day of storage when both of the following conditions are met:

    1. A domain classified with cross-site tracking capabilities was responsible for navigating the user to the current webpage.
    2. The final URL of the navigation mentioned above has a query string and/or a fragment identifier. The rest of this blog post explores this in detail.
  • James Holzhauer: Why the ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Is Bad TV (Column) – Variety ➚

    James is only the T-1000 of Jeopardy. There will be more T-1000s of many things from “before”.

    “He is simply a more advanced player, a perfect one, seemingly sent from the future to dominate the show, and his personality as a TV character is frustratingly difficult to know, even by the standards of the breezily quick thirty-minute game show. More than most contestants, he is there to complete a mission. (His shout-outs to family and friends, written on each Final Jeopardy card, are the only real glimpses we get of the Holzhauer who existed before he took the “Jeopardy!” stage.)”

  • how to get more work done in less time ✅

    Make Do Not Disturb work for you! Watch this #minutetutorial

  • I don’t know what this is trying to say, but I do know it is indicative of the decline of the movie theater.

  • Her last invitation didn’t have a Google “meet” link, and Bethany didn’t change settings. It has a business feel, and seems to have shown up after the @zoom_us IPO. Google getting nervous?

  • Ending Robocalls. Game changer right here. My phone rings 1/10 of the time now. And I can see who it doesn’t let through.

    RoboKiller: Spam Call Blocker by TelTech Systems

  • Why isn’t Amazon turning Audible into the best podcast app? Half of podcasts feature Audible ads, and/or authors talking about their book. Seems like an easy win.

  • Wise words from John Bonini on Twitter

    Don’t blog. Write. Don’t promote. Share. Don’t post. Publish. Don’t blast. (Ever.) Don’t sell. Listen/help. Don’t report. Update. The way in which we describe the work matters.

  • YouTube TV isn’t grandfathering the early customers in (I’ve been sitting at an early price of 35 and the current plan has been 40.) Now it’s 45. It would be cool of YouTube to leave the 5 dollar discount in for me as long as I don’t cancel. It might even help with retention. Now, with no price loyalty, I can go lookin’ again.

  • Rarely can anyone or anything actually jump straight to 10x improvement in reality. How about trying to 2x it before we go for 10xing it? You only have to 2x it four times before you leave the 10x’ers in the dust.

  • Hey, I Have A New Business Podcast: Dialog

    What I want to tell you about today is a new podcast we have over on

    Now Dialog is a podcast about marketing in the age of the customer and anything that goes along with those kinds of things. So, if you are in a B2B sales or marketing role you will probably find this useful. If you’re in an executive leadership role of a B2B company then you definitely will want to check this out there are there a lot of things like #ConversationalMarketing, account-based marketing that we’re going to touch on because sometimes they get reduced to a tip or a tactic that is just so granular. But there’s a lot more to these kinds of concepts and we’re going to break them down.

    We’re going to understand a little bit more together about why one might want to apply some this to their business; and even go through some mini courses on how to actually do it (and not just from the tactical marketing ops perspective). It’s about how are we going to execute a new way of doing business together so if that is up your alley you’ll be able to find a link to the show here

    …and since you’re on the inside here if you leave a review for the new show and send it to (that’s my email) then you will get a special something from me 👌🤖…