Franklin L. Ocean Cheerio Handy

Big day for Camille+Frank. Shoutout to all those who said hello.

I wonder how the newsletter team would feel if they experienced this. The subscribe box is covered up by the ad. I wonder if an ad click is more valuable than a subscriber. I bet not. Perhaps they don’t visit the website at all. You can always spot a pub that doesn’t read their own site. #ux

What if Twitter changed this to “Let’s create your first moment.”?


Move over Plan 9 from Outer Space…

I submit to you for the worst 🎥 movie ever made:

The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. #terrible

Say hello to Camille & Frank..

This will be good for product managers and product marketers to work together.

Unifying app and web measurement

#B2B marketers should stay tuned to what’s being celebrated here at the @Digiday Technology Awards

“Now in their fifth year, the Digiday Technology Awards recognize the technology modernizing media and marketing.“

Read more: Roku, Nielsen, Twitch and more are nominees for the Digiday Technology Awards - Digiday ➚

Alexa stop. 🛑 That is not at all what I wanted. You’ve disappointed me greatly.

Now, let’s try this again…

Play Hootie & the Blowfish.

Gave the ol’ chatbot for @ClosedWon a makeover.

Meet Otis.