I was listening to a podcast recently, and I heard Simon Sinek say something that everyone needs to hear.

I jotted it down on Twitter so I wouldn’t forget it:


I, like you, still struggle with it all the time. We wait. “It’s not ready.”

Nothing is ever perfect. No one is judging us so harshly as we judge ourselves.

When I started podcasting, I was really uncomfortable with the sound of my own voice, especially when wearing monitoring headphones while recording. (You do this to make sure you are capturing the sound properly.)

It took a while for me to get used to hearing my voice inside my head like that.  It sounded weird. We are used to hearing what our voice sounds like from the inside. But, with practice, I got more comfortable with it over time.

Now, I don’t mind at all. Bethany might even tell you that I am “fond of the sound of my voice” at this point. ?

I didn’t get there overnight. It took lots of reps of just putting my stuff out there. I learned to create an environment where I felt comfortable with the outcomes of what I had produced, and I let it fly.

I knew that it might not be perfect, but that I had made something that day. This furthered my mission.

I haven’t gotten it all figured out, but I am less likely to polish my content before shipping it in hopes of it being perfect.

I can’t stress enough how many times remembering that this is “a fool’s game” has helped me.

That’s bullshit and we know it. If it’s 80% there we need to get it out into the world and see what sticks. Seth Godin tells us to “Ship it.”

I hope this post inspires you to do the same. Because you have important things to do in the world, and if you hold back your work in hopes that it will be perfect someday… it will never get launched, and ideas will die on the vine.


In case you missed Simon’s Ted Talk. Spend a few minutes (18 of the most important minutes) watching this. It could change your life.