or How to Stop Worrying and Love Social Media and the Fact That Nothing We Say Is Ever Private

I often speak with folks who are afraid of social media. They are afraid people will say bad things about them or share bad things or leave bad comments.

My take on this, is that if you run your business as if your Grandmother were in the room; you should have nothing to fear.

You can't control others behavior, you can only control yourself. If a man on a bus says lewd remarks to you about women outside, you can either participate, or decide to not participate. It's up to you. But do assume that your choice will end up on the national news one day.

I approach social media and business situations (and life for the most part) as if my grandmother were in the room. I was taught "Yes sir, No Ma'am" type chivalry and do not consider it a burden to hold the door open for people.

I also try my damndest to stay out of disparaging conversations unless something really needs to be stood up for. Because it is important to be polite in most cases.

Though I can be direct, I try not to be hurtful or rude. Businesses who can take a similar course have nothing to fear on social media.

Hi Grandmother! Thanks for the chicken dinner the other night.