Many folks I speak with insist on their business being a superhero with no flaws to speak of.

They are always on-time, on-target, mobile, social, and with the best customer service of all time.

It’s hard to connect with something like that. The invincible nameless faceless entity.

Sometimes, connecting with customers on an emotional level requires opening up about your own mistakes.

I discovered Dave’s Killer Bread in our pantry this morning.


Who is Dave?

Dave has a story. But his and his brothers’ story are what drives the mission of Dave’s Killer Bread.

This mission seems like a noble one, and one that I can get behind — importantly though, there are many folks that might not get behind it at all.

You never know who you will connect with. My wife doesn’t typically bring ex-cons into our home, but she is a compassionate person. This bread connected with her. She mentioned that she could really get behind that and planned to continue to buy Dave’s.

Sometimes you have to choose who your customers are and invite them in. You may find that while some will vehemently reject the invitation, there are likely a lot more that will accept it.

It’s when you get no RSVP at all that you may be doing something wrong. Your message may not be striking any emotional response at all — and that’s the worst place to be.