How Sheryl Sandberg negotiated for a position as a negotiator

In this HBR article, you learn a little bit about how Sheryl Sandberg, of Facebook, negotiated her first package. My takeaway is to always consider what the other person is expecting to see on the negotiating table.

Check out the quote and then read the rest of the article, which is very much worth reading.

First, you want to explain to your negotiating counterpart why — in their eyes — it’s legitimate for you to be negotiating (i.e., appropriate or justified under the circumstances). Sheryl says that in her negotiations with Facebook, she told them, “Of course you realize that you’re hiring me to run your deal team so you want me to be a good negotiator.” Sandberg wanted Facebook to see her negotiating as legitimate because, if she didn’t negotiate, they should be worried about whether they’d made the right hire.

Second, you want to signal to your negotiating counterpart that you care about organizational relationships. After pointing out that they should want her to be a good negotiator, Sheryl recounts saying, “This is the only time you and I will ever be on opposite sides of the table.” In other words, “I am clear that we’re on the same team here.”

Source: Why Women Don’t Negotiate Their Job Offers