I think it's really a shame when people’s voices aren’t amplified by their company.

An article I read exemplifies the problem:

Unlike Facebook and Google, which let employees publish their scientific breakthroughs in scientific journals and on blogs, Apple prevents its staff from talking about their research both online and offline.

Is secrecy worth the stifling of innovation and employee growth-stunting?

I see it happen all the time in business that merits no secrecy. Small business owners often decide to limit the voice of their employees for no good reason.

If this is you; think about the fact that you already choose to put your employees in front of flesh and blood customers in the real world. Why should the digital world be any different? Is there a difference anyway?

Facebook’s AI director explained why some of the world’s brightest minds might not want to work for Apple (FB, AAPL) - Business Insider UK