Hello and welcome to Deep Thoughts.

I am Chris Handy.

It’s episode zero and issue zero of this newsletter that is going to be coupled with a personal podcast here called deep thoughts.

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You are getting an early look at an inside view into my brain and I invite you to enjoy the insanity that lies within.

What’s amazing about the Internet these days is it there’s all kinds ways to connect and go out to Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and all these places and you can broadcast and it all that’s great.

But there’s just nothing like a one-on-one connection and that’s the kind of thing that’s is lacking in what’s going on on Facebook and Instagram especially.

I think that there’s a better way to connect with people.

I think that that’s here in our one on one email format so I want to send you an update once a week.

I’ll be sitting down Sunday afternoons to finish it off and record and write this introduction and share some of the things that have been going on over the last week.

There’s a lot of personal and business type things that I’ll be talking about in issue number one, but for the crowd is here for issue zero.

I want to just welcome you and say thank you for giving me an early try.

I want to invite you to shoot me back a note and to ask me a question and tell me what you been doing. Also let’s just get a little dialogue going because it may have been a while since we’ve talked. I would love to catch back up with you.

I know the way that a lot of the folks that I talk to ends up being the iMessage or some other direct one on one medium versus this huge canvas of the social network so let’s get back to basics shall we?

…and I’ll share what I’m learning week to week with you and if you have any commentary, corrections or anything you want to share with me please hit me back.

I’m excited to begin this journey with do you and I think we can go pretty deep together.

Look for an audio update most times. I believe an important part of the process is that you and I get to share a few minutes together.

I’ll try and keep it less than 5 or 10 minutes every time and just gonna tell you what’s been going. I’ll give you a personal update next time you know where it where we where is the fam, what’s going on and how’s everything going and what are we got cooking over at all for ClosedWon you know if that’s your thing. I’ll talk with you soon, and don’t forget to shoot me back at reply.

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