What I want to tell you about today is a new podcast we have over on dialog.fm.

Now Dialog is a podcast about marketing in the age of the customer and anything that goes along with those kinds of things. So, if you are in a B2B sales or marketing role you will probably find this useful. If you’re in an executive leadership role of a B2B company then you definitely will want to check this out there are there a lot of things like #ConversationalMarketing, account-based marketing that we’re going to touch on because sometimes they get reduced to a tip or a tactic that is just so granular. But there’s a lot more to these kinds of concepts and we’re going to break them down.

We’re going to understand a little bit more together about why one might want to apply some this to their business; and even go through some mini courses on how to actually do it (and not just from the tactical marketing ops perspective). It’s about how are we going to execute a new way of doing business together so if that is up your alley you’ll be able to find a link to the show here

…and since you’re on the inside here if you leave a review for the new show and send it to Chris@Chrishandy.blog (that’s my email) then you will get a special something from me 👌🤖