You don’t do long division by hand. You use excel. To eliminate the possibility of errors and save time.

You don’t manually send emails to everyone. You use email marketing tools. To errr… reduce the possibility of errors and save time.

But compare it to your open rate. How much time are you really saving? Designing the template. Rounds of revisions. Approvals. Oops mistakes. Redos. Spam filters. Just to have a handful open it and even fewer respond.

For a lot of companies, aren’t you better off just sending one offs for a really important message? Unless you have a list in the tens and hundreds of thousands.

Weight the real cost.

Now think, “what if I sent them each a customized video?”

How many would it make sense to send out?

Can you afford the time?

Can you afford not to cut through the noise to get this one through?

The medium is the message.

If this one is really important, think about how you get it through.