I’ve run more than 500 🎬 webinars.

Here are some surprising, counterintuitive, and hard-earned truths I’ve learned along the way… 👇

One. They don’t have to be an hour.

Can you pack all the insights into 15 minutes? Do it. People will stick around to ask questions In the Q&A

Two. These people who arrive on time are your best leads.

People like to hear their own name. Welcome everyone by name while you are waiting for everyone to join. No one wants to hear you say, “We’ll get started as soon as some more people join.” and then go off mic. Engage the audience that is there now with questions they can answer in chat.

Three. Your audience CAN read too.

Don’t read bullets from slides. Use the slide notes to reference and keep the slide tidy with an engaging visual. If you can’t deliver it without the bullets on the slides; you aren’t practiced enough.

Four. People actually want to be sold to.

Some folks attending the webinar are actually already on their path to purchase. Help them act faster with a special webinar exclusive offer. They might be here just for that alone.