There are three Slack channels every marketing team needs. (We set it up this way at Crux.)

  1. #marketing

This channel is for anyone and everyone at the company to see announcements from marketing and see when things ship. They can also come and share info or ask questions. It’s the internal Twitter account for the marketing team.

Status: Public Invite: Everyone

  1. #marketing-team

This is the channel for the in the weeds collaboration. People who care a lot about what’s happening inside the inner workings of projects can dip in to check out what’s happening. Working on a project? It mostly happens here.

Status: Public Invite: Marketing team and key stakeholders

  1. #marketing-team-internal

This is just for team members to communicate about internal logistics like: “here’s the new zoom link” or “I’m running late, can you start the meeting without me” or “here’s a relevant meme”.

Status: Private Invite: team only.

There’s actually a fourth channel that I’ve found helpful, but that’s for another post! (It’s a feed channel that rolls up notifications from Zapier.)