Ok I’m ready share a bit more about my learnings in #AI. Most people are getting it wrong.

Most people are being conditioned by headlines to think of the major use case as a content generation tool.

And, while that is certainly true. It isn’t where the real value lies in the long run. Most content generated by GPT isnt very good. That’s not to say that you can’t get better results by becoming better at “prompt engineering” as the industry is starting to call it.

But that’s the same as learning to be a better googler. You search, then you refine your search with another word, then you -subtract a phrase from the results. And all that just generally gets you CLOSER to where you want to be. It doesn’t deliver you a magic answer to your questions. Google just gives you results that can help inform you to come to your own conclusion. You flip through several points of view and then you are more informed to carry on with your day.

Content generation with AI is pretty similar. If you just take the first draft and post it online, you aren’t creating anything that’s much worth sharing.

But if you use it (with several refinements) as one input to a rough draft. You can probably get to a first draft a whole lot quicker.

But I started this post by saying content generation isn’t where the real value is with AI.

So what is it?

The real value is when it’s used alongside and informed by your data. Applications will be built to help trigger automations that you didn’t have to design in a workflow builder or similar canvas type tool with boxes and arrows. They’ll work a whole lot more like ProfitWell by Paddle ‘s “Retain” service. Where emails are sent automatically by the system at the right moment to lower the churn caused by credit card expiration. It’s a “done for you” service that has in the past been pretty manual. So manual in fact that many companies tend to ignore the problem entirely. I’m not sure that that has any AI component, but imagine a similar leaky business problem and how “just in time detection” and automation could help.

That’s where AI will have the most impact in the short run. At least before we’re all a cog in the machine. 🤖😬