I used to struggle every time I sat down to create a product marketing asset. I needed HELP. Now I use The HELP Method for creating product marketing content.

HELP = Hook, Emotion, Logic, Proof


“Not just anybody.”

Get their attention. Speak to a specific audience here. You have just one shot to get this right, but this is where you can experiment the most.


“Help me if you can, I’m feeling down.”

Show you understand their problems and why they should care. If you’ve been in sales or marketing for any length of time, you know that people choose emotionally and justify their decisions with logic.


“Help me get my feet back on the ground.”

Show how it can solve their problem. Show them how it works in practice with their workflow, systems, and daily habits. Is it easy to use? Automatic? How much work is it?


“I feel so insecure.”

Has this worked for anyone before? People fear a road less travelled. Their jobs are on the line after all. Show that others have seen results.


Use this lens to evaluate and enhance all your product marketing assets.

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