Hey there. I want to share some thoughts I’ve had this week on change. These are based on things I’m seeing in the market and how quickly the world is changing due to AI.

You can view the video below.

I actually used a tool to help me summarize the thoughts I share in this video for your notes as well below.

Recent Events

OpenAI Event

  • OpenAI had an event showcasing their updated ChatGPT model.
  • They demonstrated live demos and took questions from the audience.
  • The event was not highly produced but felt very tangible and immediate.
  • Some features are not yet live to the public but were demoed live.

Google I/O

  • Google discussed future updates to their AI and large language models.
  • The keynote was more about forecasting and imagining future possibilities.
  • The contrast between the two events was stark; OpenAI felt more immediate and actionable.

Key Takeaways

Tangibility of OpenAI vs. Google’s Forecasting

  • OpenAI’s event felt more tangible and actionable.
  • Google’s keynote was more about future possibilities and less about immediate changes.

Implications for Business Models

  • Google’s upcoming changes to search results will impact business models significantly.
  • AI-generated content will be more prominent at the top of search results.
  • This shift will affect businesses that rely on Google for traffic.

Need for Change

  • Businesses will need to adapt to the new search dynamics.
  • Building direct relationships with the audience will become crucial.
  • It’s not just about collecting emails but delivering real value and building a positive brand image.

Challenges Ahead

  • Websites that rely on traffic from Google will face challenges.
  • Direct relationships with the audience will be more important than ever.
  • Traditional channels like Google Ads and SEO will still be relevant but will require new strategies.

Personal Reflection

  • These changes have me thinking about how I need to adapt my work, products, and personal projects.
  • It’s important to stay ahead of these changes and think about new approaches.

Final Thoughts

  • Change is coming, and it’s essential to be prepared.
  • I’m curious about what others think will change with these new updates and changes to large language models and search results.