What would we do in the world without hosts at restaurants?

    Have you ever been to a restaurant and no one worked the host or hostess stand?

    It seemingly takes forever to get anyone’s attention – because everyone’s running around busy doing their jobs.

    Deep Thoughts #0 - The World’s Largest Quarter

    Hello and welcome to Deep Thoughts.

    I am Chris Handy.

    It’s episode zero and issue zero of this newsletter that is going to be coupled with a personal podcast here called deep thoughts.

    Dan Pink Interview - Ideas To Go

    Sales and the Art of Motivational Interviewing Itg 101 I recently had a conversation with Dan Pink for Inbound To Go.

    We spoke about:

    • Motivational Interviewing
    • The NEW ABC's of Selling
    • The "problem finding" sales method.
    • The importance of ambiverts on your sales team.
    • Crowd Control

    Have a listen…