What would we do in the world without hosts at restaurants?

    Have you ever been to a restaurant and no one worked the host or hostess stand? It seemingly takes forever to get anyone’s attention – because everyone’s running around busy doing their jobs. The folks in the restaurant are cooking, serving, working on the expo line, talking with customers, and just generally running the restaurant as it stands today – Serving the current customers, they’re too busy to look up and see the brand new customers waiting at the front of the store.

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    Deep Thoughts #0 - The World’s Largest Quarter

    Hello and welcome to Deep Thoughts. I am Chris Handy. It’s episode zero and issue zero of this newsletter that is going to be coupled with a personal podcast here called deep thoughts. You can subscribe to the podcast in your favorite player using this feed You are getting an early look at an inside view into my brain and I invite you to enjoy the insanity that lies within.

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    Dan Pink Interview - Ideas To Go

    Sales and the Art of Motivational Interviewing I recently had a conversation with Dan Pink for Inbound To Go. We spoke about: Motivational Interviewing The NEW ABC's of Selling The "problem finding" sales method. The importance of ambiverts on your sales team. Crowd Control Have a listen…