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Get Boston Butt (Pork Shoulder) 5-6 lbs.

Place in bowl, Soak in Claude’s Fajita Marinade.


Salt & Black Pepper

salt and pepper

Put in fridge overnight. Go to sleep.

Wake up.

Heat egg to 275

Throw it on. …

This is my salsa. I usually make a batch with no serranos and lighter on the jalapeños for folks that like “medium” salsa.

Group A

A #marketing framework for deciding how to treat any given person who comes to your website.

➚ nothing new in the world

Wisdom in this post by @nickusborne.

“Most of the “new” copywriting and marketing techniques are little more than old techniques with fresh coats of paint.“

Read more: How to Keep Your Copywriting Skills Fresh - Copyblogger ➚

The Daily Scorecard.

A daily report on the inputs and outputs that lead to success.

I’m making some adjustments to what I’m tracking for my business and it got me thinking.

I need a personal scorecard too.

What inputs and outputs would you track?

High Velocity outbound sales teams have made a habit lately of using apps that sit on top of their CRM like Salesforce to smile and dial all day.

Here’s how it works.

They often have an in-app …