Pulled Pork Carnitas on the Big Green Egg

    Get Boston Butt (Pork Shoulder) 5-6 lbs. Place in bowl, Soak in Claude’s Fajita Marinade. Salt & Black Pepper Put in fridge overnight. Go to sleep. Wake up. Heat egg to 275 Throw it on. Wait… Pour a little more marinade on. (Optionally cook small bites) Wait to 160 degrees internal temp and wrap in FOIL More waiting Wait to 195 degrees internal temp and pull out to rest. Wait a half hour and dump into bowl.

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    Handy Roasted Salsa Recipe & Ingredients

    This is my salsa. I usually make a batch with no serranos and lighter on the jalapeños for folks that like “medium” salsa. Group A Tomatoes (10) Poblano Peppers (10) (Not Very Spicy) Hatch or Anaheim Chile Peppers (10) (Medium Spicy) Jalepeno (10) [Hotter Spicy] Serrano Peppers (1 or 2) [Very Hot Spicy] Roast all these until black on the grill or smoker. De-seed and peel. (I like to leave some of the skins on and a little black to keep that roasted look.

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    A #marketing framework for deciding how to treat any given person who comes to your website.

    ➚ nothing new in the world

    Wisdom in this post by @nickusborne.

    “Most of the “new” copywriting and marketing techniques are little more than old techniques with fresh coats of paint.“

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    The Daily Scorecard.

    A daily report on the inputs and outputs that lead to success.

    I’m making some adjustments to what I’m tracking for my business and it got me thinking.

    I need a personal scorecard too.

    What inputs and outputs would you track?

    All the Prospect Dialer SAAS Apps You Use Are In Trouble

    High Velocity outbound sales teams have made a habit lately of using apps that sit on top of their CRM like Salesforce to smile and dial all day. Here’s how it works. They often have an in-app VOIP dialer that you can have appear as any number you like. To set it up, you usually just have it ring your phone to authenticate, then enter a few digits, and now you can have many reps appear as if you are calling from that number all day, at scale.

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