Want to be able to predict the future of America? Futurists always say to look to Asia.

Not one. Not two. But THREE porch/driveway parties spotted on my neighborhood walk tonight. Not a mask in sight. People overheard talking about their pedicure before. These people have just gone back to normal in the span of a week.

An important lesson for #marketers. The traditional channels have changed, and it sometimes extends your reach beyond to go an unorthodox route.

“All 32 NFL teams unveiled their schedules for the 2020 season yesterday. However, the Detroit Lions got a little more creative in how they did it, announcing their entire schedule through Animal Crossing: New Horizons.“

Read more: Detroit Lions reveal schedule through Animal Crossing: New Horizons - The Verge ➚

My two children have had multiple zoom calls with both Spider-Man and Ariel. We live in weird times.

Leaders need to stop in their tracks. Right now. And spend some time in their own customer experiences or ignore it at their own peril.

😷 The Apple Watch should unlock the FaceID iPhone/iPad the same way it unlocks my Mac.


100 days with no booze so far.

Not near as bad as I thought it’d be.

I’ll keep going and see how it goes.

I took Frank for a walk through the neighborhood tonight and then OMG Bonkers birthday party crowded in someone’s garage and driveway with dozens and dozens of people.

Good lord.

no question the best flavor

Hot take: Panic at the DIsco! Should be removed from the Frozen 2 soundtrack because it is the worst.

The world may end. You’re right. But that’s not a reason to be scared. None of us know what will happen. Don’t spend time worrying about it. Make the most beautiful thing you can. Try to do that every day. That’s it. You know?

Nobody knows anything


Caption this. 🤣

Here’s a copy of the Open Texas Plan PDF.

Good reminder from Jonah Berger

How to Persuade People to Change Their Behavior

Frank & Weston (left to right) on a 😎 afternoon.

#westonshashtag #frank

COVID-19 Dashboards for North Texas

Last Updated 4/28

The state dashboard did not provide enough granularity for proper decision-making locally.

So I put these together using the official data powering the state site.

You can thumb through different comparisons by touch on your device or with the little paginated dots at the bottom.

These views are unique because you can actually see the lag time between cases and the first deaths.


Got a new app.


The Westworld “previously on”s are exactly like the Mad Men “next time on”s in that they are incoherent montages and also that they definitely lie to you.

Nostalgia is a powerful drug. The biggest pushers are going to lean on it hard with all this going on. Don’t let them fool you.

The Twitter app has surprisingly robust keyboard shortcuts on iOS. Well done.

Somehow it feels more real when I see the spring events getting removed from the calendar.