This is why I have to get the iPhone pro. Because they removed the zoom lens from the base phone. I’m across the room and it is acceptable, but would be not possible without a 2x cam

tfw you actually have purple glitter on and in everything in your life


There’s so much bullshit out there.

Most of it really.

Figure out where you are riding with the herd.

Step off for a minute and look at that seemingly “dusty trail”.

Heading a different way might be the best route to your goal.

It’s the little improvements you make every day that push you forward.

Never let today go undone.

If tomorrow never comes.

That’s why I got this goat.

Hot take: The majority of people don’t care about super awesome cameras. If they put the “Ultra Wide Angle” Lens on the Selfie Camera (on either model) , these things would fly off the shelves. Make the selfie camera better. Make gimbals unnecessary. #iphone

Apple really wants you to use their music app and not to bal to “airplay 2” other sources on the Sonos it seems. If you’ve used volume up or down in your pocket this matters.

“Following Sonos version 9.0, if you have an AirPlay capable device in your household with AirPlay enabled, it will no longer be possible to control your Sonos system from the lock screen of your iPhone or iPad when using the Sonos App to initiate playback. This includes use of the hard volume buttons from the lock screen. It is still possible to use the hard volume buttons to adjust Sonos volume from within the Sonos app.”

“If you aren’t using AirPlay, you have the option to disable third-party AirPlay endpoints and continue using lock screen control on Sonos. We recognize this isn’t an ideal solution for those who use AirPlay regularly at home, but if you prefer to continue using lock screen controls, refer to the device manufacturer’s instructions for disabling AirPlay.“

Read more: iOS Lock Screen Control | Sonos ➚

Missed it again!

Hey Google. We need “Verified” checkmarks for news sources that are legit. “The Washington Examiner” is not. But showing up in results and on Twitter, Jack. Luckily, we know what publishing tool they use and they can be held accountable, Huh? Waiting for Socialflow CEO response.

It’s so interesting that Medium kind of didn’t really (i know it was popular, but follow along…) take because the iPhone allows screenshots of Notes.

Although everyone knows the frisbee was invented at Camp Longhorn, there hasn’t been a Sal-O like this one. Aerobie is my favorite flying disc company. Customer Lifetime Value for me is 200+

Sadly, I believe that this is likely. Sad, but true.

“Trump is more likely to be reelected than anyone realizes” - Rolling Stone…

Drift’s new Automation product is a great way to scale your ability to HOLD conversations. But it still does not help you START more conversations. That will come down to copywriting, and targeting based on who a person is, what their situation is, and what their mission is.

The value of using Voice Assistants like #Alexa, #GoogleAssistant, or #Siri to play music is in “time to music”.

Listen to the Sonos CEO on this.

Take your daughter to work day.


How will the EU’s Strong Customer Authentication (#SCA) Law’s affect #SAAS #Retention?

It might be alright. Depending on… The bank.

This is actually a time when banks can help consumers hit the “No más.” button. But I doubt many will.

Some might though. So expect some unexpected (perhaps from both sides) churn in September.

“What about subscriptions?

SCA applies to subscriptions, too. After September 14, 2019, your customers will have to authenticate the first payment on their subscription. Exemptions will be granted for recurring charges in many cases, including those that began before September 14, though it is the customer’s bank that determines whether to require SCA or accept the exemption.“

Read more: Introducing Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) - WooCommerce ➚


Must have looked more comfortable than the bench seat. #camilleshashtag

Frank looking on… #franklinshashtag

“I expect to find the information I need to make a buying decision readily available.“

Read more: @ClosedWon: B2B Consumer’s Manifesto

➚ Online marketing vs. marketing online | Seth’s take on Clouds and Dirt

The strategy needs to drive the tactics, which you can absolutely make a solid attempt to measure.

“Careful not to get stuck focusing on the wrong one. You need both, but one drives the other.“

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🥺 tfw the app “has not yet built an integration on Zapier” and you can’t automate the thing.

Remember when you only had 2 kids and scoffed at the idea of an au pair when doing Dad alone with the kids night? Remember when you added two puppies and are ready for the au pair?

This just in: 14% of your prospects Love Forms!

“’I hope I can spend a lot of time asking this business question,” is a sentence no one’s ever uttered.‘“

Read more: [New Research] Just 14% of People Would Prefer Filling Out a Website Form Over Using a Chatbot ⤳ The ClosedWon Blog ➚

the insanity of definition

Do you remember the good ol’ days when ______ #marketing worked like it was supposed to?

They’re gone and they’re not coming back.

(Nostalgia is a powerful drug.)

Or that thing has now moved into being a part of a necessary mix of activities required to acquire customers.

Do you ever feel like you are executing on the last decade’s norms and expecting the same result?

What’s something you used to do that no longer has the impact it once had?

All Eyez on Weston

how to lose your audience with bad push notifications.

I just sent in this feedback to the DFW NBC app team

NBC Dallas Fort-Worth (Mobile App) Feedback

The push notification camel has scoliosis at this point.

  • local murders/rapes/violence every day? (If it bleeds, it leads?)
  • “dog on a roof, how did he get there”? Did I need to know that? (How fast can I unsubscribe from ‘Offbeat’? Oh wait. It’s an all or nothing fire hose.)
  • the location based weather updates when I’m not in the Area. Vacationed at the Great Lakes in MICHIGAN recently and was getting local weather for there. That is not what I signed up for when downloading the NBCDFW app. It made it clear to me that the forecast wasn’t coming from a local source, just some API somewhere. Why would I want that when i have Carrot Weather and Dark Sky for that?

The NBC5 app doesn’t have to do everything. It certainly shouldn’t beat LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook in the number of push notifications I get. But if that were the goal, they should at least be tailored. The algorithms of the social networks are terrible, thy lead to divisive angry culture; but they usually send push notifications that are relevant.

I came for “The Tornado” Rick Mitchell hijinks/weather (and actual local news) and it’s like someone got hold of the push notification button that doesn’t even have the app installed.

This is your notice. You have till the end of the week to shape up or I’m shaking the apps and hitting the X.