Product-led vs. Sales-led isn’t a mutually exclusive choice. See this example from Toggl, who understands that different buyers have different needs. They signal that if you want to engage sales, you need to be considering the teams version (with 10+ seats). This page is very well executed.

Problem Marketing > Product Marketing

People don’t wake up in the morning excited to buy tools. They wake up in the morning excited to solve problems.

Sales-Led or Product-Led? Why not both?

Looking to start a @shopify eCommerce store after being out of the game for several years.

My thought is that it should serve a specific audience with curated products for multi-faceted lives, not a just be category of products.

Pros, where do you look for inventory? Do you drop ship or keep stock?

Do as I say, not as I do.

Do as I say, not as I do. 🚴 🪖 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Every day I ride my bike along the Trinity River in Fort Worth, TX. Every day I see inevitably see a family out riding together where the child has a helmet on, but the parent(s) are riding without helmets. What kind of message does this send for the children? Helmets are something that you can outgrow. Helmets aren’t cool.

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The best reps KNOW THEIR CUSTOMERS. Those reps? Restaurant servers who bring the kid’s meals out ASAP and drop the check with the meal. How can we learn from these geniuses?

Product marketing is about giving your customers a clear story and the words to use to describe your product. How are we feeling about this clarity?


Prediction: the frontier of the web is “Identity”.

Twitter used to be a de facto standard for ones online identity.

They blew it.

The next big battle and opportunity for value creation will be how and where I am able to prove that I am who I am.

The implications are enormous.

Some good ideas here for replicating the impromptu real-time mentoring missing from distributed workforces.

Is Forcing Employees Back to the Office Wise?

A Company’s Single Store of Knowledge

The best thing a product marketing team can do for a sales team is give them ONE PLACE TO LOOK & SEARCH for the things they need. When you have a single source of truth, things become so much easier, and it’s easier to fill in the gaps. Bonus thought: Ideally, each page would have a comment section so you can gauge the vailidity and helpfulness of each document. This is why good wiki software is such a good solution, but it has to be adopted across the WHOLE team.

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On buying software:

I’ve been on so many calls with robot SDR’s who probably mean well but their incentives don’t allow them to have human conversations.

It’s Beep. BANT. Boop. MEDDPICC.

Sales leaders need to do better for their teams.

Copywriting and StoryTelling

I found my love of copywriting and storytelling way back when I worked in an eBay store making $6.50 per hour. It’s my view that if you can write great copy and tell a great story, you can change the world. In that eBay store, I would help to sell things on other’s behalf. It was my job to maximize the value of the product. Rather than just pasting product descriptions and generic specs, I learned that I had to write compelling headlines & hooks, and lead people toward a click.

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How to Craft Better ChatGPT Prompts

I was asked a question on LinkedIn about how to craft better prompts for ChatGPT. There are A LOT of thread people on Twitter sharing nonsense tips. It’s hard to find the signal in the noise. But… I have learned a few things that have helped me. Most people ask it a question, ask it to produce an answer, or ask it to compose content. That’s fine. But they miss the most important thing, The System.

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🪜 The Product Marketing Ladder

Feature ⬇️ Product ⬇️ Platform ⬇️ Market ⬇️ Category ⬇️ Mission ⬇️ Vision

Everything has to ladder back down to the vision. If it doesn’t. Maybe you shouldn’t have built it?

The Least Bad Path

The hardest (well, one of them anyway) part about product marketing is choosing how to spend your time to make the most impact. Everyone wants a little piece of your work, and you ultimately have to find a path that’s the least bad in serving them. And sometimes, not giving them what they want is what you need to do for the business. A practical example: You get a slack message:

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How things work around here

Something I’ve learned over time (and it’s something i should have learned much earlier). “How things work around here” should be very evident in the values and leadership principles set out by the company. Anyone ought to be able to understand how decisions are made by looking at these kinds of guardrails before they join a company. If they aren’t in place, it means the company will struggle to move fast.

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If you are in product marketing at a company that has apps, you are going to want to check this out. If you aren’t, you still are. Apple is likely to set the standard for in-the-moment customer education.

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Apple mentioned that the Vision Pro is their first 3D camera. Stands to reason that a yet to be released iPhone Pro will be the second 3D camera.

I’m over there now too.