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  • Why isn’t Amazon turning Audible into the best podcast app? Half of podcasts feature Audible ads, and/or authors talking about their book. Seems like an easy win.

  • Wise words from John Bonini on Twitter

    Don’t blog. Write. Don’t promote. Share. Don’t post. Publish. Don’t blast. (Ever.) Don’t sell. Listen/help. Don’t report. Update. The way in which we describe the work matters.

  • YouTube TV isn’t grandfathering the early customers in (I’ve been sitting at an early price of 35 and the current plan has been 40.) Now it’s 45. It would be cool of YouTube to leave the 5 dollar discount in for me as long as I don’t cancel. It might even help with retention. Now, with no price loyalty, I can go lookin’ again.

  • Rarely can anyone or anything actually jump straight to 10x improvement in reality. How about trying to 2x it before we go for 10xing it? You only have to 2x it four times before you leave the 10x’ers in the dust.

  • Hey, I Have A New Business Podcast: Dialog

    What I want to tell you about today is a new podcast we have over on

    Now Dialog is a podcast about marketing in the age of the customer and anything that goes along with those kinds of things. So, if you are in a B2B sales or marketing role you will probably find this useful. If you’re in an executive leadership role of a B2B company then you definitely will want to check this out there are there a lot of things like #ConversationalMarketing, account-based marketing that we’re going to touch on because sometimes they get reduced to a tip or a tactic that is just so granular. But there’s a lot more to these kinds of concepts and we’re going to break them down.

    We’re going to understand a little bit more together about why one might want to apply some this to their business; and even go through some mini courses on how to actually do it (and not just from the tactical marketing ops perspective). It’s about how are we going to execute a new way of doing business together so if that is up your alley you’ll be able to find a link to the show here

    …and since you’re on the inside here if you leave a review for the new show and send it to (that’s my email) then you will get a special something from me 👌🤖…

  • Here is a picture of me in a hat with my son and it is his hat and he wants it back like pretty much as soon as I’m done.

  • iOS 12.2 has huge implication for enterprise marketers and advertisers.


  • Deep Thoughts #0 - The World’s Largest Quarter

    Hello and welcome to Deep Thoughts.

    I am Chris Handy.

    It’s episode zero and issue zero of this newsletter that is going to be coupled with a personal podcast here called deep thoughts.

    You can subscribe to the podcast in your favorite player using this feed

    You are getting an early look at an inside view into my brain and I invite you to enjoy the insanity that lies within.

    What’s amazing about the Internet these days is it there’s all kinds ways to connect and go out to Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and all these places and you can broadcast and it all that’s great.

    But there’s just nothing like a one-on-one connection and that’s the kind of thing that’s is lacking in what’s going on on Facebook and Instagram especially.

    I think that there’s a better way to connect with people.

    I think that that’s here in our one on one email format so I want to send you an update once a week.

    I’ll be sitting down Sunday afternoons to finish it off and record and write this introduction and share some of the things that have been going on over the last week.

    There’s a lot of personal and business type things that I’ll be talking about in issue number one, but for the crowd is here for issue zero.

    I want to just welcome you and say thank you for giving me an early try.

    I want to invite you to shoot me back a note and to ask me a question and tell me what you been doing. Also let’s just get a little dialogue going because it may have been a while since we’ve talked. I would love to catch back up with you.

    I know the way that a lot of the folks that I talk to ends up being the iMessage or some other direct one on one medium versus this huge canvas of the social network so let’s get back to basics shall we?

    …and I’ll share what I’m learning week to week with you and if you have any commentary, corrections or anything you want to share with me please hit me back.

    I’m excited to begin this journey with do you and I think we can go pretty deep together.

    Look for an audio update most times. I believe an important part of the process is that you and I get to share a few minutes together.

    I’ll try and keep it less than 5 or 10 minutes every time and just gonna tell you what’s been going. I’ll give you a personal update next time you know where it where we where is the fam, what’s going on and how’s everything going and what are we got cooking over at all for ClosedWon you know if that’s your thing. I’ll talk with you soon, and don’t forget to shoot me back at reply.

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  • All the Prospect Dialer SAAS Apps You Use Are In Trouble

    High Velocity outbound sales teams have made a habit lately of using apps that sit on top of their CRM like Salesforce to smile and dial all day.

    Here’s how it works.

    They often have an in-app VOIP dialer that you can have appear as any number you like. To set it up, you usually just have it ring your phone to authenticate, then enter a few digits, and now you can have many reps appear as if you are calling from that number all day, at scale.

    This is great for companies who want to have all their people appear as if they are calling from the same line. In this case, people call their main line back instead of an extension.

    However, there is the reverse possibility too. Where thousands of numbers across the country are deployed and used to appear as if the company is calling from a local number every time. No matter where the person may happen to be.

    And we know this is a problem. Not just from legitimate salespeople but also from robocallers. Literally ALL OF US get robocalls.

    But its these bad actors like robocallers that give good sales reps a bad name, and spoil the whole thing for everyone.

    Now here’s the news: AT&T and Comcast announce system to combat robocalls

    The protocol lets consumers know when a call they’re receiving is actually being placed by the displayed number listed on caller ID. AT&T and Comcast said they hope to have the system up and running for customers later this year.

    That could be a problem for the dialer apps posing as local numbers, huh?

    The system has some limitations for the time being. It can only be used to identify legitimate calls — not to detect spam ones. Robocalls will still come through; they’ll just show up as unverified. For now, since only two companies are involved, phone calls originating with any other provider won’t be validated. Until every other carrier deploys SHAKEN/STIR and links their systems together, it will be impossible to identify every legitimate call.

    If this gets adopted by every carrier, the everyday person will have an even better way to file away unknown callers as spam, and well-meaning people will be even harder time reaching their prospects.

    Best be adjusting now, cold-callers!

  • Life finds a way…

    The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is Google Docs - The Atlantic

    Chatting via Google Docs doesn’t just fool teachers; it also tricks parents. When everyone logs on to do homework at night, Google Docs chats come alive. Groups of kids will all collaborate on a document, while their parents believe they’re working on a school project. As a Reddit thread revealed in February, chatting via Google Docs is also a great way to circumvent a parental social-media ban.

  • When Corporate America Joins In the Podcast Craze, ‘It Gets Boring Fast’ - WSJ

    You can’t fake it.

    from When Corporate America Joins In the Podcast Craze, ‘It Gets Boring Fast’ - WSJ

    Gino Matias, who works part time at a Home Depot Inc. store in New Jersey, likes episodes of the company’s “Give Me An H” podcast that profile executives who started out retrieving shopping carts from parking lots. He has discussed episodes he enjoyed in the break room with other employees who also like the podcast. That personal touch is important in convincing people to spend their own time listening to stories about their employer, he said. “Keep it real,” he said. “People smell the BS.”

  • Can you move all the old tweets to I’m loving having this as home base!