Just saw an ad for a “Product Led Email” platform.

The whole X-Led-Y messaging has completely lost its meaning at this point.

While I still believe in making the principles of product-led growth a core part of business today, the name for it needs to change.

my LinkedIn strategy

On what i share on LinkedIn: I used to be all in with just sharing updates about the company I worked for and found that I lost my audience entirely. My strategy has now been to share company updates (minus Tier 1 launches) as examples of the product marketing or GTM strategy when I share professionally, but that the topic should be helpful to people in my field. Which helps with relationships, recruiting, and more.

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While others zig, there’s a way for some customer-centric companies to zag and not seek to “replace” customer service, but augment it.

Sam Altman: OpenAI plans a pro-copyright model for ChatGPT

Two ears. One mouth.

Two ears. One mouth. I led a Product Positioning workshop this morning with a startup I advise. When you are on a virtual meeting whether it’s sales call, or doing internal brainstorming, or a positioning workshop with startup founders…. … act as a conversation facilitator (not a lecturer). That means fighting the urge to talk, and taking a beat whenever it feels like it’s your turn because most of the time, the other party has more to say.

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The marketing team when the third CMO in a year rolls in.

Innovative product marketing is about putting words into your potential customers mouths. Discover this, a whole new world of opportunity opens up. Train prospects to yearn for the outcome you deliver, and make sure your product just happens to solve for that outcome.

Closing the sale NOT THE FINISH LINE. If you offer true value to your customers, you know this to be true. You know that ClosedWon is when the real work begins.

“Finally, you can replace this thing that you despise” is a powerful marketing message. “Finally, you can replace this thing that you love” is not.

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let me ai that for you.

We have all worked with people who don’t know how to use Google for basic things, am I right? In fact, being great at Google has been a superpower for many folks in the workforce today. Remembering this is the key to the next unlock… In short order, the people who don’t know how to use basic AI (in whatever form that takes) will be the new “why don’t they just Google that?

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free ebook

Most marketing I see is mindnumbingly boring and completely devoid of soul. What do you STAND for? I get it. It’s easier to just go with the flow and not ruffle any feathers. But no one ever built a lasting business tricking people into filling out forms with a shitty ebook no one actually wrote (outsourced the thinking to interns or DuJourGPT) and no one is expected to read (emailing a link to a pdf).

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cog in the machine

Ok I’m ready share a bit more about my learnings in #AI. Most people are getting it wrong. Most people are being conditioned by headlines to think of the major use case as a content generation tool. And, while that is certainly true. It isn’t where the real value lies in the long run. Most content generated by GPT isnt very good. That’s not to say that you can’t get better results by becoming better at “prompt engineering” as the industry is starting to call it.

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one pagers

See Frank in the photo there. He is in product marketing and just got asked for another one pager. “We need a one-pager for this.” Is that something you hear a lot? (Feeds and Speeds) If so, it’s really important to get back to basics and understand why people are asking for this. Is it that you haven’t given them a compelling story to tell? Is it that your story isn’t that compelling in the first place?

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Lifetime Value

“They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.” In a world of subscriptions and SaaS, it’s easy to forget that some of the best products are built to LAST and you pay up front for a lifetime (or many, many years) of value. I was reminded of this when I ran across a Wirecutter article by the The New York Times called: “What Are the Best Buy-It-for-Life (and Beyond) Products?” There are many products in my life that I’d put into this category (Le Creuset being one of them).

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With all the tools to help people crank out undifferentiated text; it’s probably a good time to double down on video/audio content.

Product Marketing in Reverse

A list of Questions 👇 I’ve found that if you work backwards from what success looks like you will end up identifying gaps in your Go-to-market strategy. Without clear answers to each of the questions starting from the bottom up, it’ll be a tough road ahead. Never skip steps. Are customers buying multiple products? Are our customers advocates? Are customers renewing? Are customers expanding their usage? Are customers paying/upgrading? Are customers happy?

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Maybe Boston will have some halfway decent tacos now?

Getting internal buy-in for your feature.

#productmanagement #productmarketing

I guess it’s bedtime.

slides don’t sell

No slide deck in the world can help you sell if you can’t do two things: Listen: Understand their world before you tell them about yours. Ask human questions (not just BANT) that reveal the real life stakes if things don’t improve. No one wants to be put through the qualification process. Tell a compelling story: Tying the company mission back to the old way/new way story is the only way to break through for real buy-in and impact.

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Helpers, not chasers.

I guarantee that this is the future of SaaS selling. Good companies have understood that chat as a sales channel on a website should be embraced. Many have already started launching impromptu zoom calls while a prospect is on the site itself. New tools will be introduced to facilitate this.