Hypothetically… if this young man were to become my son… what should his name be?

Fill in the blanks: ______ ______ Handy

Showdown!!!! Quilting vs. Knitting: It don’t get much betta than this.

If you find yourself typing “Fwd:” in the subject line of an email (mass or 1-1) just STOP. It’s a lie. You know it. They’ll know it. And it can break their trust indefinitely.

Spotted an Alice Cooper fan.

Dad tip #1066: Pirates of the Carabiner

Keep at least one on the backpack strap.

So they can see the swimmers…

10x Björner

Customer Journeys are Out of Order

The problem with “customer journeys” has been that marketers think about them as a single long linear path that one goes on.

The truth is that a prospect or customer will be experiencing many journeys at once, out of order.

Admitting that, and using it as fuel, can’t we make better journeys designed to coexist and complement each other?

Wouldn’t adjacent-aware mini-journeys do better work in this out of order world?

Couldn’t that help to reduce confusion, get stuck people unstuck, help confused people understand, and create more successful customers along the way?

Copy > Crayons

Controversial Opinion:

The greatest work in marketing can be written out on a napkin. It’s plain ol’ text.


Not pictures.

You can draw as eye catching a picture as you want, but if the headline isn’t right…

It won’t sell. 👀

Every word has to sell your eye to move to the next word…

… and every line has to sell you to read the next line. 🧐

If you want to prompt action, you have to ask for it…

…. with the right words.

#copywriting #demandgen

Despite past experience, and many signs. I’ve never broken my 100% fail rate to reach the lobby on the first go. #designfail