why I was late to our zoom

sorry not sorry

Captain Toad is maybe the best game of all time.

My sons.

I get up for five minutes

found this on the walking trails near my house and there is no way pennywise isn’t in there

Life moves pretty fast…

5pm. My House. Can anyone relate?

The team that designed the craigslist website should get a design award. The damn thing still works great.

This is my friendly reminder for you that you too can make great salsa on this Fourth of July.

Spider-Man wears a mask to protect the ones he loves.

I have to say that I didn’t expect this throwback on Sonos Kid’s Rock Radio; but I’m glad it came up.

Trolls World Tour

ok apple tv remote now you are just trolling me

Husbands everywhere searching for android phonez.

150 days so far. Might as well keep it up a while longer.


Super Mario 2

Hey is coming out strong.

Yeti in my spaghetti.

Bad take. This is like saying “I ran shitty ads for a week and they didn’t work so no ads will ever work.”

The Results Are In for Remote Learning: It Didn’t Work

We got to check out the International Space Station as it went over Texas tonight. The “Night Sky” app is amazing to help you find anything in the sky. I’m told it’ll be back tomorrow night too.

The entire story of me napping through a space rocket launch in one image.

Flipping between channel this Saturday morning there is nothing but bad news. I stopped to escape for a bit on #theocho.

This morning I found myself looking up the definition of “presidential”.

The truth is that it’s about acting in a such a way that is WORTHY of the highest office.

The truth is ANYONE can decide to act presidential even if our American President will not.