Caption this. 🤣

Here’s a copy of the Open Texas Plan PDF.

Good reminder from Jonah Berger

How to Persuade People to Change Their Behavior

Frank & Weston (left to right) on a 😎 afternoon.

#westonshashtag #frank

COVID-19 Dashboards for North Texas

Last Updated 4/28

The state dashboard did not provide enough granularity for proper decision-making locally.

So I put these together using the official data powering the state site.

You can thumb through different comparisons by touch on your device or with the little paginated dots at the bottom.

These views are unique because you can actually see the lag time between cases and the first deaths.


Got a new app.


The Westworld “previously on”s are exactly like the Mad Men “next time on”s in that they are incoherent montages and also that they definitely lie to you.

Nostalgia is a powerful drug. The biggest pushers are going to lean on it hard with all this going on. Don’t let them fool you.

The Twitter app has surprisingly robust keyboard shortcuts on iOS. Well done.

Somehow it feels more real when I see the spring events getting removed from the calendar.

tfw someone is on the cell you need in Google Sheets.


Alexa, play Joe Cocker

My favorite Bill Withers song #RIP

Ok I think we’re good on the Zoom tips. Got it.

I would get up but…

Sick 🎵 needle drop on last night’s “Devs” on FX on Hulu.

Free - Oh I Wept

If Apple launched FaceTime for Android (with Group FaceTime) it would change the landscape of this zoom//webex/hangouts situation.

We went ahead and busted out the Christmas mat. Moving the holidays up a few months because why the hell not.

“It’s the same old story T-Rex, five after and they still haven’t started the @zoom_us meeting.”

Welcome to the rest of your life kid.

It’s never been more apparent how the world isn’t just small. It’s tiny.

And we’re all just a bunch of dudes and gals wandering around trying to make it work.

Cool to see @notarize on this list of work apps in the App Store. Great service and people.