Thanks to @macgenie for my new sticker!

Writing in books is cool.

If you plan to have children, say goodbye to your algorithms.

it’s Thursday and it’s about to be turned up

Frank and I


Switch trends for July

Wow. Strong move.

‪Trying to get the two year old to sleep. He’s just exclaiming “moo goo gai pan” over and over.‬

There is now a law where everyone has to be a restaurant server for a year before they work in an office.

The world is now… { fill in the blank }

Frank & Camille

social distancing


sometimes all cylinders are firing at our place

why I was late to our zoom

sorry not sorry

Captain Toad is maybe the best game of all time.

My sons.

I get up for five minutes

found this on the walking trails near my house and there is no way pennywise isn’t in there

Life moves pretty fast…

5pm. My House. Can anyone relate?

The team that designed the craigslist website should get a design award. The damn thing still works great.

This is my friendly reminder for you that you too can make great salsa on this Fourth of July.

Spider-Man wears a mask to protect the ones he loves.

I have to say that I didn’t expect this throwback on Sonos Kid’s Rock Radio; but I’m glad it came up.