Lifetime Value

“They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.” In a world of subscriptions and SaaS, it’s easy to forget that some of the best products are built to LAST and you pay up front for a lifetime (or many, many years) of value. I was reminded of this when I ran across a Wirecutter article by the The New York Times called: “What Are the Best Buy-It-for-Life (and Beyond) Products?” There are many products in my life that I’d put into this category (Le Creuset being one of them).

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With all the tools to help people crank out undifferentiated text; it’s probably a good time to double down on video/audio content.

Product Marketing in Reverse

A list of Questions 👇 I’ve found that if you work backwards from what success looks like you will end up identifying gaps in your Go-to-market strategy. Without clear answers to each of the questions starting from the bottom up, it’ll be a tough road ahead. Never skip steps. Are customers buying multiple products? Are our customers advocates? Are customers renewing? Are customers expanding their usage? Are customers paying/upgrading? Are customers happy?

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Maybe Boston will have some halfway decent tacos now?

Getting internal buy-in for your feature.

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I guess it’s bedtime.

slides don’t sell

No slide deck in the world can help you sell if you can’t do two things: Listen: Understand their world before you tell them about yours. Ask human questions (not just BANT) that reveal the real life stakes if things don’t improve. No one wants to be put through the qualification process. Tell a compelling story: Tying the company mission back to the old way/new way story is the only way to break through for real buy-in and impact.

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Helpers, not chasers.

I guarantee that this is the future of SaaS selling. Good companies have understood that chat as a sales channel on a website should be embraced. Many have already started launching impromptu zoom calls while a prospect is on the site itself. New tools will be introduced to facilitate this.


A company’s memory is typically very short. That’s why you need to build a team of documentarians. Slack messages drift off the screen, emails get archived. But a company wiki lives on for people who join in one month, one year, one decade. It should be tablestakes to document your workflows, processes, and knowledge. Especially when it comes to product marketing. We touch so many areas of the organization, it’s essential to build a “culture of docs”.

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Seems like a reallly good time for bootstrapped startup innovation.

The night before launch for a product marketer.


Leadership is not a title.

Leadership means clearing the path.

Leadership means rolling up your sleeves.

Leadership means celebrating wins in public.

Leadership means having your team’s back.

Leadership means supporting your team.

Leadership is not a title.

If you meet with people virtually, it’s important to consider THEIR experience. Are you hard to hear ? I’ve met with people with really nice and fancy webcams that still sound like they are in a tin can. Focus on the audio first. Then the video.

Inside the Slack DM’s of a Product Marketer.


Thinking about making a coffee table book with the hundreds of these pictures I have.

If it isn’t working…

Are we following the process?

  • If so, change the process.

  • If not, why not?

“Still Open” and “Ready to Ship” are important differentiators in times like these.

Pro tip: Be yourself.

Three Slack Channels Every Marketing Team Needs to Make Now

There are three Slack channels every marketing team needs. (We set it up this way at Crux.) #marketing This channel is for anyone and everyone at the company to see announcements from marketing and see when things ship. They can also come and share info or ask questions. It’s the internal Twitter account for the marketing team. Status: Public Invite: Everyone #marketing-team This is the channel for the in the weeds collaboration.

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Study Human Behavior and you won’t need to focus on hacks, tips, or tricks anymore. The best part is that the syllabus is all around you. At the store, on your street, in your org. Decisions are made everywhere all the time. Your #marketing superpower is learning how to notice.