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If you meet with people virtually, it’s important to consider THEIR experience. Are you hard to hear ? I’ve met with people with really nice and fancy webcams that still sound like they are in a tin can. Focus on the audio first. Then the video.

Inside the Slack DM’s of a Product Marketer.


Thinking about making a coffee table book with the hundreds of these pictures I have.

If it isn’t working…

Are we following the process?

  • If so, change the process.

  • If not, why not?

“Still Open” and “Ready to Ship” are important differentiators in times like these.

Study Human Behavior and you won’t need to focus on hacks, tips, or tricks anymore. The best part is that the syllabus is all around you. At the store, on your street, in your org. Decisions are made everywhere all the time. Your #marketing superpower is learning how to notice.

We really are all living in the world of Franchise IP.

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