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Apple mentioned that the Vision Pro is their first 3D camera. Stands to reason that a yet to be released iPhone Pro will be the second 3D camera.

Just saw an ad for a “Product Led Email” platform.

The whole X-Led-Y messaging has completely lost its meaning at this point.

While I still believe in making the principles of product-led growth a core part of business today, the name for it needs to change.

On what i share on LinkedIn: I used to be all in with just sharing updates about the company I worked for and found that I lost my audience entirely.

My strategy has now been to share company updates …

The marketing team when the third CMO in a year rolls in.

Innovative product marketing is about putting words into your potential customers mouths. Discover this, a whole new world of opportunity opens up. Train prospects to yearn for the outcome you deliver, and make sure your product just happens to solve for that outcome.

Closing the sale NOT THE FINISH LINE. If you offer true value to your customers, you know this to be true. You know that ClosedWon is when the real work begins.

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