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Study Human Behavior and you won’t need to focus on hacks, tips, or tricks anymore. The best part is that the syllabus is all around you. At the store, on your street, in your org. Decisions are made everywhere all the time. Your #marketing superpower is learning how to notice.

We really are all living in the world of Franchise IP.

The Rehearsal on HBO Max is a singular experience.

Your job as a product marketer is to gather and share knowledge.

Of course there’s more to it, but in the end you have to be a journalist working a beat; who translates the information you collect for a non-technical audience.

Almost no one published podcasts on Saturday morning. But that’s the day I have the most free time.

11:35 AM. On a Tuesday. Put in the work early on what you know works so you can spend the rest of the day experimenting and creating new value.

There’s a #marketing lesson in here somewhere

Best laundry basket I’ve ever known. It’s the right height to fly under the dryer door. It’s light and easy to stow away. And it reminds me of table side 🥑 guacamole.

The best stuff isn’t always positioned correctly.


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