Curriculum looks like:

  • Make the Logo Bigger 101
  • Advanced Clip Art
  • How to Ignore Kerning Minimester

Lazy Sunday so far. I’m trying to learn to recharge and slow down every now and then.

Make sure the Wet Bandits are accounted for.

Resolutions don’t have to start on January 1st.

They can, but resolve means nothing without commitment.

Any DisneyWorld tips?

Sunset tonight in Fort Worth, TX.

Do you put stickers on your device?

Ready for the AirTag

A prison of our own making.

Why did we do this to ourselves?

When do we bust out?

Shoutout to all the other inmates of cell block “Elf on a Shelf”.

Currently re-reading: Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz πŸ“š


Are you making presentation slides and wondering if you need that much text?

No. The answer is no.

Currently re-reading: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience by Carmine Gallo πŸ“š

So many amazing takeaways and I learn something new every time I dip back in.

Hangin with the big guy. AMA.

I keep thinking about this trend of people talking about logistics and customer experience. I’ve heard it a lot lately. People just want their stuff (physical, digital, informational) fast.

I had never seen this setting before in Zoom. Allow others to advance slides in Keynote & Powerpoint. Could be a gamechanger for team meetings, webinars, and all-hands. (But where are Google Slides?)

What would you choose?

Cold Calling Finally Dead For Real

Why do we think this is and what are the implications for go-to-market teams?

The reality is that if you aren’t in a person’s contacts, your call is likely not getting answered.

We’ve talked for a long time about cold calling being less effective and this is a great example of how other industries are looking to adapt.

How should we as marketers and sales pros adapt? Build relationships. Get in their contacts list. Be a wanted call, instead of an unwanted call.

Find the channel they want to speak with you on, but don’t just spam through every channel. In the end, an unwanted message on any platform is likely getting ignored.

For #Dadcember, I’ll share some ways to level up your Dad game. This smart outdoor plug makes your Christmas lights (or a bounce house, or anything) a Google, Alexa, Apple Homekit/Siri compatible device you can switch on with your voice or across town with button on your phone.

If the question is “Does my internal presentation have enough GIFs?”…

The answer is probably not.

Next time you feel the need to say “can you hop on a quick call?”…

Try @SlackHQ’s audio message feature. Sometimes the thing that would take you 10 minutes to try to figure out how to type can be a 30 second audio clip.

Agree or Disagree?

Remote work is great but it’s always good to have some FaceTime for a productivity boost.

It’s a great time to re-read a classic.

Currently reading: Crossing the Chasm, 3rd Edition by Geoffrey A. Moore πŸ“š

I highly recommend this HomeKit/Alexa garage door opener conversion kit. Takes 20 minutes to easily install and then you can open the garage door with your phone, voice, or even via automation.

Love this insert Morning Brew added to the newsletter. Just because people don’t click, doesn’t mean they don’t read.

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