No way. I’m immediately calling on all brands who are advertising on Facebook to stop until this policy is lifted. End of story. I’ll start calling out a brand a day starting tomorrow who hasn’t.…

In any market, there are always the two top brands vs everyone else.

And for everyone else, they have to answer โ€œWhat can YOU do for ME?โ€

All this y’all about WeWork.

Check out the happy tenant in our webinar studio.

You know the game is getting harder when you see the trades start to stray from their beat…

They always talk about age discrimination. (For the record, not for it.) However, could some extra measure of safety be put in place say… around 150 years old? Could be Thomas was totally ready to take out tourists though.


The Struggle is Real.

Today’s lineup.

This is why I have to get the iPhone pro. Because they removed the zoom lens from the base phone. I’m across the room and it is acceptable, but would be not possible without a 2x cam

It’s the little improvements you make every day that push you forward.

Never let today go undone.

If tomorrow never comes.

That’s why I got this goat.

Missed it again!

Hey Google. We need “Verified” checkmarks for news sources that are legit. “The Washington Examiner” is not. But showing up in results and on Twitter, Jack. Luckily, we know what publishing tool they use and they can be held accountable, Huh? Waiting for Socialflow CEO response.

Although everyone knows the frisbee was invented at Camp Longhorn, there hasn’t been a Sal-O like this one. Aerobie is my favorite flying disc company. Customer Lifetime Value for me is 200+

Sadly, I believe that this is likely. Sad, but true.

“Trump is more likely to be reelected than anyone realizes” - Rolling Stone…

Take your daughter to work day.



Must have looked more comfortable than the bench seat. #camilleshashtag

Frank looking on… #franklinshashtag

All Eyez on Weston

I go to Carrot Weather for the jokes. Plus, Bonus Weather!

CARROT Weather’s forecast for Fort Worth ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Frank + Camille want to be your friend.

Franklin L. Ocean Cheerio Handy

Big day for Camille+Frank. Shoutout to all those who said hello.

I wonder how the newsletter team would feel if they experienced this. The subscribe box is covered up by the ad. I wonder if an ad click is more valuable than a subscriber. I bet not. Perhaps they don’t visit the website at all. You can always spot a pub that doesn’t read their own site. #ux

What if Twitter changed this to “Let’s create your first moment.”?


Move over Plan 9 from Outer Space…

I submit to you for the worst ๐ŸŽฅ movie ever made:

The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. #terrible