I would get up but…

We went ahead and busted out the Christmas mat. Moving the holidays up a few months because why the hell not.

“It’s the same old story T-Rex, five after and they still haven’t started the @zoom_us meeting.”

Welcome to the rest of your life kid.

Heed my daughter’s warning.


“Berkeley” Awesome ad #copywriting for one of the neighborhoods I grew up in in Fort Worth. #marketing

I did it!

Finally setting up the real version of the home office. #boomarm


Camille does not seem to mind all this hanging around the house.

All y’all can keep hoarding your toilet paper. Just got me a Tushy Classic for less than the price of TP on Amazon.


Got this Poang chair for the kids so they’d have a chair Camille wouldn’t want to sit in.

Life finds a way.

Pulled Pork Carnitas on the Big Green Egg

Get Boston Butt (Pork Shoulder) 5-6 lbs.

Place in bowl, Soak in Claude’s Fajita Marinade.


Salt & Black Pepper

salt and pepper

Put in fridge overnight. Go to sleep.

Wake up.

Heat egg to 275

Throw it on.

first on



Pour a little more marinade on. (Optionally cook small bites)

Halfway Home with Poppers

Wait to 160 degrees internal temp and wrap in FOIL

More waiting


Wait to 195 degrees internal temp and pull out to rest.

Wait a half hour and dump into bowl. Toss with forks.


Put in Tacos. Enjoy.

Smart intent keyword targeting from the Bloomberg Campaign. I have tried variations and he’s always there.

Frank has really been enjoying this week at the office. #frank

Google Maps got a new do and I don’t recognize it.


Watch your six.

It happens like clockwork every 25 yrs.

Live chase. Then, OJ. Now, cow.

Nap futures are up.

Camille played Pretty Pretty Princess with #harpershashtag

If you’re looking to improve your Overcast experience.

Oven Bacon 🥓 > Pan Bacon


When writing marketing copy, every line’s job is to get you to read the next line. To get you more invested in reading the piece.

So much so that in the end you want to take action.

A lot of attention is paid to headlines. But not sub heads. The second line is often more important than the first.

This story from the Atlantic is straight up mastery. Even though it’s not copywriting, it should be copied.

If you know anyone with a MacBook or iPad Pro… they need this USB-C Hub in their stocking. Just got mine and it’s fantastic.


Thank the makers for real time amazon delivery notifications. Need this bad boy as soon as it comes off the truck.