Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated.

Connecting marketing to revenue is the white whale for most companies.

If this is really in play, it would be a super smart move, and a well deserved payday for the folks at Mailchimp.

One last gift from Ed Asner. πŸ™

You can’t even read a single article on the Dallas Morning News without paying.

Maybe marketing strategy this is working for them, but I suspect that they could learn from the Product Led Growth folks on Twitter.

I love this huge sign on the inside of my garage door.

I challenge anyone to look at this every day for a year and say that they won’t be looking for the “Red Ribbon Logo” next time they shop for a garage door.

It forces you to either rule it out or go with it.

How do Apple and Twitter introduce features to current customers?

These two in-app prompts are for two very different apps, but they both share one thing in common. They follow the product marketing rule of three. When introducing a feature to customers, you want keep it simple.

“Work from Home” is a bad term.

We all work online. Show me your “home workstation”.

I have decided to pursue 501 days next.

Dad hacks vol 1.

Have a great day!

This email from my daughter’s kindergarten teacher proves that emails to an audience don’t need to be overthought.

The subject line is succinct, but still entices the click, and you can get the gist from the preview text. Clear, compelling, succinct, enticing, entertaining.

I can do 99 more. Might as well.

I miss the old days when we could get together in crowds!


New Home Screen

New Home Screen.

The struggle is real.

On my fridge currently

66 smart people (and also me) share thoughts in this article on the @databoxHQ Blog

Cleanup Your Bad CRM Data Like the Pros Do

How come we had caller ID in the 90’s for landlines but not in 2020 for “smartphones”?

Thank you Siri. #sleepingin

Big moon tonight

Just organized the switch and accessories.

Should I use days, hours, or minutes as a unit for the Over/Under on total chaos?

Weston nominates all his delegates for Puppy.

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